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Publication numberUS797548 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1905
Filing dateApr 25, 1904
Priority dateApr 25, 1904
Publication numberUS 797548 A, US 797548A, US-A-797548, US797548 A, US797548A
InventorsEmma F D Bates
Original AssigneeEmma F D Bates
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Record or tally sheet.
US 797548 A
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No.. 797,548. PATENTED AUG. 22, 1905.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug'. 22, 1905.

Application iiled April 25,1904. Serial No. 204,717.

To a/ZZ whom, t may concern/ Be itknown that I, EMMA E. D. BATES, a citizen of theUnlted States, residing at'Worcester,

. in the county of Worcester and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Record or Tally Sheets, of which the following is a specification, accompanied by drawings forming a part of the same, in which- Figure 1 is the obverse and Fig. 2 is the reverse side of a record-sheet designed as a game tally-card embodying my invention.

Similar reference-figures refer to similar parts in both views.

My invention relates to a sheet for keeping' a score or record; and it consists in the combination of marking and erasing devices with a record-sheet, as hereinafter described, and pointed out inthe annexed claims.

In the drawings my improvement is shown applied to a single tally-card 1 for the game of bridge; but the game in which my invention is used is immaterial, and the card may be marked with the appropriate ruling and lettering for any desired purpose. When my invention is applied to a single card 1, it must be of some weight and thickness, so that it may be written upon on whatever surface it may be placed; but I do not confine myself to a single tally-card, as it may be equally well applied to a block consisting of a number of printed sheets.

To one corner 2 of the card 1, as shown in the drawings, I attach a cord 3, preferably by a hole in the card or block itself; but any other convenient method of fastening the cord 3 to the score-card may be used. The cord 3 may also be fastened to any other portion on the card 1; but I prefer to attach it to one of the upper corners.

, Attached to the end 4 of the cord 3, which may consist of one or more separate cords farthest from the tally-card, is a pencil 5 for recording the score upon the card 1 and which by this means is united to the tally card or block and is always ready for use. Before attaching the pencil 5 I stringthe cord 3 through an erasing-block 6, preferably of rubber. In the drawings I have shown the cord 3 inserted through an opening 7 in a small rectangular piece of rubber; but the eraser 6 may be of any convenient size or shape and may be attached to the cord 3 by any method which will allow longitudinal movement upon the cord. Thus when the eraser 6 is not in use it may be slipped close to the card 1, where it will not interfere with the use of the pencil 5. When an erasure is desired, the position of the eraser 6 may be reversed to the other end of the cord 3 ready for use.

The advantages of my invention are the union of the pencil 5 with the tally-card 1, so that the pencil and the tally cannot be separated; the similar security of the eraser 6 with reference to the tally-sheet 1, so that it, too, is always ready for use, and the method by which the eraser 6 may be disposed of when not needed near the card 1, from which position it may be instantly removed to the farther end 4 of the cord.

The operation of my device is obvious. The score is entered upon the card or tally sheet 1 with the pencil 5, which is attached to the cord 3, the eraser 6 remaining on the cord 3 close to the tally-sheet 1. If a correction is necessary in the record and use of the eraser 6 is desired, it' may be slipped to the pencil end 4 of the cord 3, where its use is most convenient.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. The combination of a record-sheet, means for entering a record upon said sheet, a fleXible connection between said means and said sheet, an eraser held on said flexible connection and capable of longitudinal adjustment thereon.

2. The combination of a record-sheet, apencil, a iexible connection between said pencil and said record-sheet, and an eraser capable of longitudinal adjustment on said flexible connection and held thereon by said pencil.

3. The combination of arecord-sheet, a pencil, a cord connecting said pencil to said sheet, an eraser provided with a hole, said cord be ing inserted through said hole before said pencil is attached, the removal of said eraser being thereby prevented, yet said eraser being capable of longitudinal movement along said cord.

4. The combination of a record-sheet, a cord attached to said record-sheet, an eraser capable pencil on the end of said cord, thereby preot' longitudinal adjustment on said cord and Venting the removal of said eraser. means on the end of said oord for preventing Dated this 16th day of April, 1904.

the removal of said eraser. EMMA F. D. BATES.

5. The combination of a record-sheet, a cord Witnessesz attached to said record-sheet, an eraser capable HENRY VooD FOWLER,

of longitudinal adjustment on said oord and a PENELOPE COMBERBACH.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B71/0672