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Publication numberUS79814 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1868
Publication numberUS 79814 A, US 79814A, US-A-79814, US79814 A, US79814A
InventorsGeohge Dickerson
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US 79814 A
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enoaennlcunnsom 0F HARVEYSBRG, Q oHIo..

Lam Pam in). 79,814, ma .ma 14, 186s.


@te clgshlil referat tuin there ettets ttent mit nuttig pitt nt tige sante.-


Be it known ,that I, GEORGE DIQKERS'ON, -of Harveysburg, Warren county, State'otOhio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Corn-Planters; andI do herebydeclarethe following to be afull, clear,

and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, `making part of this specification. Y

- My invention relates to that class of machines in whieh'uthe seed-dropping mechanism is operated by one l of the wheels of the machine, andV consists in a'peculiar'construction and arrangement of devices for operating the seed-dropping slide, and in certain simple devices by`which`the covering-shares, the covering-roller, the` sheath and seed-tube, are properly secured and adjusted. The entire machine*` is practically efficient, :induisadapted for cheap and substantial manufacture.

.In the accompanying drawings Egure l is a perspeetive'view of a corn-pianter, embodying my invention.

Figure 2 is a view of one of thefwheels detached. l A is thebea'm,'B the sheath, C the share, D lD the covering-shares, E the covering-roller, F the hopper,

YGr G the handles, and H H the wheelsof the machine: The hopper F is vprovided with the customary slide I,

means o f the bolt S.

brush J, and seed-tube K. '.ihe slide I is perforated at i, as shown, and is' operated by means of the lever- L, which is `piv'oted tot-he axle M, at m. 'The aperture z' passes'the brush, 'and seed is deposited in the tube twice to'each revolution of the wheels H H', by the provision of' the cams h h. on the wheel'H, which are devised to move the lever L at each half turn of the wheels, and givethe required Athrow to the seed-slide The slide is 4returned after each deposit by the spring N.

The sheath and seed-tube are'both confined tothe beam by a single staybol't, P, the interiorlof the eye'of v which confines the tube, the nexterioifrigidly supporting the sheath. The coveringshares D D are hinged to the beam at d d', and diagonally supported and adjusted by the' brace-bolts e e.

The covering-roller E is hinged bythe side-straps R 12:.' te the beam atrr, and is adjusted inl height by I claim herein as new, and of my invention V l 1. Thegeneral arrangement of the bracing and adjusting-bolts P 'e e' and S, sheath B, tube K, coverers DD, and roller-E, all constructed andv employed as described. l

. 2. In combination with the'above parts, I further claim the relative arrangement of the horizontal trigger i L, retracting-sp'ringN, and cam-wheelH `L It', -vyhen constructed as specified.'

In testimony of which invention, I hereunto set my'hand.


` Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationA01C7/04