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Publication numberUS798532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1905
Filing dateNov 23, 1903
Priority dateNov 23, 1903
Publication numberUS 798532 A, US 798532A, US-A-798532, US798532 A, US798532A
InventorsIda B Sanders
Original AssigneeIda B Sanders
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US 798532 A
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No. 798,532. I PATBNTED AUG. 29, 1905.




d tion.



SCRUB-BRUSH- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 29, 1905.

Application filed November 23, 1903. Serial No. 182,422.

To all whom it 1cm/y con/cern:

Be it known that I, IDA B. SANDERS, acitizen of the United States, residing at Highbanl, in the county of Falls and State of Texas, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Scrub-Brushes, of which the following is a speciiication.

My invention relates to mops and scrubbing-brushes, the object of my invention being to combine the two so that the mop will travel in the rear of the brush and take up the water and scour what may have been passed over by the brush; and a still further object of my invention is to arrange a water-reservoir above the brush and feed the water to the brush during the scrubbing operation.

My invention consists of a brush mounted in a perforated back and having a reservoir with a perforated bottom mounted on the back and provided with means for regulating the flow of water to the brush.

My invention also consists in pivotally connecting a mop to the handle of the brush, so that when thrown in one position the mop will follow the brush and when thrown into an opposite position the brush will be liftedhereinafter described,particularly pointed out v in the claims, and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which-- Figure l isa perspective view of my device, showing same in use. Fig.` 2 is a side eleva- Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2. Fig. 4 is a section on the line4 lof Fig. 3. Fig. 5 is a detail view, partly in section, showing the manner of connecting the mop-handle to the main brush-handle.

ln constructing my device I employ the back A, to which the usual bristles A are secured in the usual manner. The upper face of this back is recessed, the sides ofthe recess being formed in steps A2, as shown in Fig. 3. A metallic reservoir B is arranged in the recess of the back, the sides of the bottom of the reservoir resting on the steps A2, whereby a space is left between the upper face of the central portion of the back and the bottom of the reservoir B. A plurality of pe'rforations A3 are formed in the back A, and a similar number of alining perforations B are formed in the bottom of the reservoir. The forward side of the back is longitudinally slotted, as at A, the said slot opening into the recess below the bottom of the reservoir, and a sliding plate C rests in the recess below the reservoir and extends into the slot. plurality of perforations C adapted to aline with the perforations in the bottom of the reservoir and the back when the plate is pushed inward, so that its rear edge will rest against the side of the recess opposite the slot; but when the plate is pulled outward by the ring C2, as shown in Fig. 4, the perforations of the plate will be thrown out of alinement with those of the reservoir and the iiow This plate has a of water therefrom will be cut oif. In Fig. 3 7o the plate is shown pushed inward, with the perforations C alining with those in the reservoir and back. A removable cover B2 is provided for the reservoir, and the latter is secured to the back by means ofthe hooks B3, which engage suitable eyes carried by the back A.

A plate D is secured to each end of the back, and each plate carries a central outwardly-projecting bolt or lug, and over cach of these bolts isloosely fitted the lower perforated end of an arm D', held in place on the bolt by a suitable nut. These arms D' extend to the rear of the reservoir and are then curved inward and at their eXtreme rear ends are bent parallel to each other, as shown at D2 in Fig. 5. A curved arm E is secured at its lower end to the rear of the backA and at its upper end is formed into an eye E', which rests between the ends D2 and serves to space them apart. The main handle F is cut out at its lower end and lits over the ends D2 and E', and the handle is also reduced on the sides adjacent the end, and a band F is secured around such reduced end, and a bolt F2 passes through said band and through the ends D2 and eye E', binding the parts together. A thumb-nut of the usual description is arranged on the threaded end of the bolt. A similar bolt and nut is carried by the handle adjacent its lower end. A wire frame G has eyes formed on its ends, the frame being formed of one piece of wire, and these eyes engage the bolt last mentioned. On the lower cross member of this frame is arranged the mop G2, which consists of suit- IOO - the licor.

able material, cloth or the like, wrapped around the wire and held in any desired manner, as Shown in the drawings. Fins H are carried by the handle F on opposite sides and arrangedat right angles to the handle and iford convenient means for grasping the han- The manner of operating the brush is obvious. Tater is placed in thc reservoir and the plate C adjusted so that it will flow as desired. l hen the brush and mop are to bc used together, they are arranged in the position shown in Fig. l, and when the mop alone is to be used the mop is arranged in the position shown in Fig. 2, the brush being carried by forward part of the mop and lifted above This change can be made readily and without detaching any of the parts.

It will be obvious that a number of minor changes can be made in this device Without departing from the spirit oi my invention, as it will be understood, for example, that the arrangement of the bristles on the back and the construction oi' the mop are not material to this invention, as any kind of brush or mop can be used.

Having 'fully described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Pat- 1. A device of the kind described comprising a back having a brush attached thereto, a reservoir mounted on the back, the back and reservoir having alining perforations, and a perforated plate adapted to slide between the bottom o't' the reservoir and the back.

2. A device of the kind described comprising a back carrying a brush, said back being perforated and recessed on its upper face, steps being formed on the sides of said recess, a reservoir the bottom of which rests in the recess on said steps, the said back having a longitudinal slot communicating with the recess, and a perforated plate adapted to slide through said Slot and rest in the recess below the bottom of the reservoir, the perforations of the plate being adapted to aline with those of the reservoir-bottom.


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