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Publication numberUS8 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1836
Publication numberUS 8 A, US 8A, US-A-8, US8 A, US8A
InventorsT Blanchard
Original AssigneeT Blanchard
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Machine for cutting scores around ships' tackle blocks and dead eyes
US 8 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 8, dated August 10, 1836.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, THOMAS BLANCHARD, late of Springfield, in the county of-Hampden and State of Massachusetts, but now of the city, county, and State of New York, have made, invented, and applied to use certain new and useful improvements in machinery adapted to cutting the scores or hollows for the reception of the rope or iron bands around ships tackle-blocks and Vdead-eyes, and that the said improvements Vare fully set forth in the following description and in the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specification, in which- Figure l, is an horizontal plan ;v Fig. 2, is a vertical front elevation, and Fig. 3, is a vertical cross section of the machine in which the same letters, figures of reference are used to denote the similar parts in all the different figures.

A, A, A, A, are four feet supporting the standards B, B, to which is attached the frame C, this is fitted to receive the friction wheel D, at one end, this 'friction wheel is fitted to be raised or lowered by the thumb screws Z), b, which` work into, and/ raise, or depress the bearings a, a, on which the wheel revolves. At the other end of the frame C, the revolving cutter wheel E, set on the arbor c, and having the hooked knives, or cutters d, d, a?, ai, secured to it, these cutters are made removable to give place to larger, or smaller, or dierent num- ,bers as required, e is a pulley which gives motion to this wheel. The upper partof the standards B, B, are elongated, and curved back to receive center screws f, f, going through them to support the swinging frame g. Over the friction wheel, and upon the swing frame in bearings h, L, is the arbor t', to which at one end is fit-ted the large hand wheel K, for the workman'to turn the arbor by, attached to the arbor, and nearly over the friction wheel D, is the flange Z, against which, and directiy over the friction wheel is the shifting form board on which is formed to regulate the depth, and shape of the score to be cut. On the end of the arbor z', and near by the cutting wheel E, is the crosshead n, made with slots to secure, and adjust the holders, or tongs O, O, made with one straight, and one pointed arm, and in front of the crosshead, is the gage stop p, and the back of the swing frame. On the lever tongs o, o, into the two sister holes t, t, for

thelaniard of the dead eye shown in the detached Fig. 4, and pushes them through until it stops against the page stop p, and vby compressing the two arms of the tongs in one hand, he forces the iiange s, on the jointed arm to hold the dead eye, or block firm, he then by they other hand depresses the spring frame, and allows the cutters to cut into the dead eye untilthe form boardm, comes in kcontact with the friction wheel D. He then by means of the band wheel K, turns the arbor, and tongs, and dead eye together causing the cutters d, CZ, to cut the score around that part of the dea-d eye which is with the grain of the wood, the form board being made so as toy raise the swing frame when the cutters come against the grain. He then removes the dead eye from the tongs 0, and turns it around, and puts it on again with the other side of the stop p, and repeating the above described motion cuts the remainder of the score, then removes it to make way for others to be operated on in'a similar manner. When it is desired to cut the score around a ships tackle block, a form on the same principle, but different in shape is used, and the block is held on the same sort of tongs which go through the` mortise of the block, and the operation of scoring is performed exactly in the same manner as that already described for dead eyes. Y

hereby declare that I claim as my invention, and improvement in the inode of scoring ships tackle blocks, and dead eyes- The dead eye or blockbeing held in a proper position by a tongs, having one fixed arm, and one pointed arm, and iianch, the f And I, the said THoMAs BLANCHARD do i motions, in which the cutters operate with much cheaper, and much better than in any the Vgratin of the wood on all sides of the other mode heretofore known to the subblock, or dead eye therein effecting this porscriber. tion of the Work in making a block, or dead THOS. BLANCHARD.

5 eye in a manner differing from any other Witnesses:

manner known or used in any other machine, S. P. STAPLES,

and whereby a block, or dead eye is made C. S. SHERMER.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25D1/16, E04H17/263, B27C7/005, B27C5/003
European ClassificationB27C7/00C, B27C5/00B