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Publication numberUS80071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1868
Publication numberUS 80071 A, US 80071A, US-A-80071, US80071 A, US80071A
InventorsEgbert Heneage
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Egbert heneage
US 80071 A
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' .gleiten tetra getauft. `ftyitz;

,Inn n. AMSDE'N.

Letters Patent No. 80,071, date/July Q1, 17868.

' Inrnovrn Insonn ron Boers AND sirens.

@te dgemlt tefmh tu in tten sttas @that mit. mating part nf tige. time.


`Be it known that I, ROBERT HENEAGE, of the city of Bualo, county of Erie, and State of New York, have invented a. certain new and useful Improvement in Insoles for vBoots and Shoes; and Ido herely declare that the following isa. full and egr-actideseription' thereof, referenceebejng had .to the accompanying wdravviugs, l

making part of this specification. i

Figure is a. plano-f my improved sole. .Figure 2, a. cross-section. l

Figure/3, a .view in detail of the several parts. Like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in allfthe gures. My invention consists of an insole, constructed with a perforated metallic stiifener or other suitable material,

vits equivalent containing nn aircushion or bag,`the said -parts being' cemented or glued together, and covered with cloth or other suitable covering, `as'hereinat'ter set forth.

In the drawings, a indicates the plate, b the air-cushion,` und c the outer cloth-lining.

The'stitfener extends thewhole length of thesole, and forms the base. It is made very light and thin, and lled with perforations,ff. v l

j The air-cushion is simply a iiat Indiarubber orviiexible bag, overlying the stiiener the whole length land width. .The cushion andlstiener nre united by means 'of cement or glue, lwhich, passing throughthe perforations and holding onth'e opposite side, Veil'ectually and securely retain 'the parts in place.

The outer lining forms a cover to the sole, also a support to the cushon'or air-chamber.

In use, the cushion islled with compressed air, whielrextends under the whole ft in a layer so thin as? net to form an obstruction-'or impediment, and yet serve as a spring to case the'foot in walking, Itis particularly eifective in cities where the pedestrian has to walk on hard pavements, in which case it acts notonly asa. spring, but also to break the shock or concussion', by interposing a soft and/elastic body underthe foot.

The special construction ns above set'forth is also essential to its value. -Were it not for the base-plate or stiffener, the air-bag could not be made to retain its -'f'orm `and position. 'From'its estreme lightness, this plate' adjusts itself exactly to the form ot' the foot and boot.

The peri'rations not only lighten the weight ofthe plate, and make it more exlble thanvit otherwise would be, but, most important, it furnishes the means by which'the cement is made to adhere thatfastens the rubber cushion in place. 4 v i 4 l By this means, the -attnchingl'of the rubberY cushion tothe plate is accomplished without diiiicul'ty or expense, and in a moments time, and the whole surfnce'is iirmly and continuously united.

I intend this sole more particularly foruse asa, removable insole, but, if desired, it may form the regular l attached insole to the hootL or shoe.

lVhat I claim as-my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent',is

vu insole for boots and shoes, attachcdor otherwise, consisting of an air-cushion or chambewith suitable attachments, as o. new artclergtl manufacture. f

I also claim, constructing the sole'with,a.perforated base-platoorstiffener, ,.an overlying air-cushion, b,

, and an outer covering, c, the cushionfbeing united withtherp'lnte by-cement er glue that passes through theA perforntions and holds on'the opposite side,the ivhole arranged as described, and operating substantially in the ma-nner and for the purpose specified.

Iifvvitnoss whereof, 'I have hereunto signed my. name the presenceof two subscribing witnesses.


R. Qseoon, J. RJ DRAKE.-

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Cooperative ClassificationA43B13/20