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Publication numberUS802145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1905
Filing dateJun 5, 1905
Priority dateJun 5, 1905
Publication numberUS 802145 A, US 802145A, US-A-802145, US802145 A, US802145A
InventorsJohn E Hill
Original AssigneeAmerican Roll Paper Company
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Roll-paper holder.
US 802145 A
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PATENTED OCT. 17, 1905.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented. Oct. 1'7, 1905.

Application filed June 5,1905. Serial No. 263,739.

To all whom it may concern:

forming part of this specification.

My invention relates to a roll-paper holder constructed for the mounting of the roll of paper in a vertical position, the device being more particularly intended for use in connection with the larger sizes of rolls of paper which it is inconvenient to mount in a horizontal position.

Figure I is a top or plan view of my rollpaper holder with a roll of paper mounted therein. Fig. II is a side elevation of the holder. Fig. III is a top view of the central portion of the base of the holder. Fig. 1V is a perspective view of the forward end of the upper paper-roll-spindle receiving-arm and the spindle-retaining yoke carried by said arm.

The base of my roll-paper holder consists of a plurality of radially-arranged arms 1, that extend from a central hub 2, provided with a socket 3. Mounted upon the hub 2 is a lower bearing-plate 4:, that contains a circular raceway 5 in its upper side which receives bearing-balls 6. The lower bearing-plate is provided with a central aperture.

7 is an upper bearing-plate that is mounted upon the lower bearing-plate and fitted thereto. This upper bearing-plate is provided at its lower side with a downwardly-extending spindle 8, that passes through the aperture in the lower bearing-plate and rests in the socket 3 of the base-hub 2. At the upper side of the upper bearing-plate is a socket 9.

10 is a turn-table secured to and surmounting the upper bearing-plate and preferably of greater dimensions than said plate. This turn-table receives the roll A of paper, which is seated thereon in upright position and is held in such position by the usual rod B, passing longitudinally through the roll of paper and resting in the socket 9 of the upper bearing-plate.

11 designates an upright bar secured to one of the base-arms 1 and extending vertically in alinement with the roll of paper.

12 is an arm fixed at its outer end to the upper end of saidupright bar. This arm 12 extends horizontally across the upper end of the holder to a position directly above the axis of the turn-table 10, and it has in its forward end a notch 13, adapted to receive the upper end of the rod B, passing through the roll of paper. Projecting upwardly from the upper side of the arm 12 and located at the sides of the notch 13 is a pair of wings l t.

15 is a retaining-yoke of U shape that is swingingly connected to the wings 14 by a pivot bolt 16, which passes transversely through the arms of said yoke and said wings. This yoke is adapted to be elevated into the vertical position seen in dotted lines, Fig. IV, to permit of the introduction of the rod B into the notch 13 of the arm 12, and then it is lowered into the horizontal position seen in full lines, Figs. I, II, and IV to retain the rod in in said notch.

17 designates the cuttingknife,which is carried by arms 18, movably connected to the upright bar 11 for swinging movement relative to the axis of the roll of paper. These arms are actuated by springs 19, which serve to hold the knife 17 pressed against the roll of paper.

When my roll-paper holder is in service, the roll of paper is supported by the turntable 10, and this turn-table rotates freely as the roll of paper is revolved in withdrawing paper therefrom, due to the turn-table having the central bearings furnished by the upper and lower bearing-plates on which it is supported.

I claim as my invention 1. In a roll-paper holder, the combination of a base, aturn-table mounted upon said base, an upright secured at its lower end to said base, a horizontal slotted arm secured to the upper end "of said upright and arranged to receive a rod passing through the roll of paper, and a yoke pivoted to said arm and arranged to be swung over a rod passing through a roll of paper mounted on said turn-table, substantially as set forth.

2. In a roll-paper holder, the combination of a base, a lower bearing-plate surmounting said base, an upper bearing-plate fitted to said lower plate, a turn-table carried by said upper plate, an upright secured to said base, a slotted horizontal arm at the upper end of said upright adapted to receive a rod passing vertically through a roll of paper, and a yoke slotted horizontal arm secured to the upper pivoted to said arm and arranged to be swung end of said upright and adapted to receive the over said rod, substantially as set forth. upper end of a rod passing vertically through 3. In a roll-paper holder, the combination a rollof paper seated on said turn-table, and I5 5 of abase having a hub provided with asocket, a yoke pivoted to said arm and arranged to a lower bearing-plate mounted on said hub, be swung over said rod, substantially as set an upper bearing-plate seated on said lower forth.

bearing-plate and having a spindle extending JOHN E. HILL. through the lower plate into the socket in said In presence of 1 hub, a turn-table carried by said upper bear- NELLIE V. ALEXANDER,

ing-plate, an upright secured to said base, a BLANoHE HOGAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65H16/06