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Publication numberUS802623 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1905
Filing dateMay 6, 1905
Priority dateMay 6, 1905
Publication numberUS 802623 A, US 802623A, US-A-802623, US802623 A, US802623A
InventorsWalter Chauncey Camp
Original AssigneeCharles Cross Goodrich, Walter Chauncey Camp
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Device for use in playing the game of golf.
US 802623 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED OCT. 24, 1905.



WALTER onaencnr cane,

sTATns PATENT onnion.



l no. enanas.

Specification of' Letters Patent.

Patented. Oct. 24., 190%.

. Application filed May 6, 1905. Serial No. 259,154.

To all whom it mag/orwern:

. Be it known that l, WALTER CHAUNCEY CAMP, acitizen of the United States, residing at New Haven," in the county of New Haven and State of Connecticut, haveinvented a new and usefulY Improvement in Devices for Use in llllaying the Game of Golf, of which the following is a specification.

Many golf-players in swinging a golf-club in the act of striking the ball develop a tend ency to bend the arms at or about the inoment the ball is struck, thus preventing the club-head from traveling in the exact direc tioii of the line of flight in which lthe ball is to beprojected, rendering the direction uncertain, and making it impossible for the player to attain the accuracy and precision of stroke and smooth follow-through which are necessary to successful play. 'lhe faults resulting frombending the arms in the inanner described may become manifest in a nunn` ber of wayswas, for example, in the common vfault of drawing the club-head across the surface of the ball at the moment of impact, thus imparting a side twist or slice and dedecting the ball from the direction in which it is intended to go and also causing a loss of distance by reason of the curved line of flight, or in the fault of topping1 the ball, due to the drawing up of the arnis and consequent lifting of the club-head. lt is to correct and rprevent these faults and others which arise from improper bending of the elbow-joint that my invention is designed.

My invention relates to a device to be worn upon the arm while playing the game of golf, it being intended to be worn upon the left arm of a right-handed'and upon the right arm of a left-handed player.

rllo accomplish the desired result, l construct an elbow-wrapper of stiff material or material stiffencd in any desired manner to prevent the player from bending the elbow t0 any great extent, and having' means. for

fastening the said wrapper about the arm of the player, and preferably having a pad or guard constructed to receive the point of the elbow-joint, the pad serving the double purpose of assisting in maintaining the device securely in position and preventing injury or discomfort to the elbow of the player. ll preferably construct the meansof attachine'nt to the arm in the form of buckles and straps, which may readily be adjusted at any required tension, thus enabling the player to maintain the arm in a more or less bent posh tion, if desired.

In the accompanying drawings, in which l have illustrated the best form of the invention now known to me, Figure 1 represents the device attached to an arm. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the device, and Fig. 3 is a crosssectional view of a form of elbow cup or pad.

v `Like characters signify like parts in the drawings.

A is the elbow-wrapper, which l preferably construct of double layers of canvas.. leather,

or other material.

B E are stidening-strips inserted between the layers and held in place in any suitable manner.

S S S S are straps of any suitable material for fastening the device to the arm.

'i0 is a wire inserted between the layers of material in the lmain portion M to give the device the requisite stiffness, and it protrudes between the points 1 and 2 to form a means for attaching the elbow pad or cup. l pref erably construct the elbow pad or cup of rubber and having an annular pneumatic ring T with an annular air-spacca@ and fastened to or made integral with base c, which entends beyond the outer periphery of the ring fr in the form of, a dangef, the flange being adapted to be inserted under the protruding wires between the points l and 2. With this construction the cup or pad is held securely in place and may be readily removed for purposes of repair or renewal.

l preferably make the main portion ll/l slightly curved lengthwise of the arm, as shown in Fig. l, in order that it may more readily be adapted to the shape of the arm.

The materials and the details of construction may be diderent from those specified above without departing from my invention, and

1What l claim as new, and desire to secure as my invention, is the following:

l. A device adapted for use in playing the game of golf consisting of a stiff support adapted to entend lengthwise of the arm from above to below the elbow, a pad for the elbow carried by said support and means for fastening such device to the arm.

2. A device adapted for use in playing the game of gohc consisting of an arm-wrapper havingastiif portion adapted to extend lengthwise of the arm, means for fastening the said IOO 4and adapted to receive the point of the elbowjoint, and means 'for securing the device to the arm of the wearer.

4. A device adapted for use vin playing the game of golf, consisting of a stii strip adapted to extend lengthwise of the arm, means car- Y ried thereby for supporting the elbow, and means for securing the device to the arm` o the wearer. r

5. fin arm wrapper or stiiener adapted to be used in playing the gerne of golf, comprising e. central sti portion provided with a wire extending about and secured te the same, a cup or pad mounted upon the sti portion adjacent to the center thereof., stiening members secured edjecent to the outer edges of the wrapper, end Ineens for fastening the wrapper to the arm of the wearer.

atente' 6. A device adapted for use in playing the posed stiii portion, a cup or pad mounted npcn said stiff portion at a point substantially central thereof, and means for securing the device to the arm of the wearer.

8. A device adapted for use in playing the gerne of gol'l2 having the stiff portion M.' a yielding paid carried by said stili' portion, end

gerne of golf, having a centrally-disposed, f

means for securing the device to the arm o1 the wearer.

ln testimony whereof l have signed my name to this specification, this 28th day of April, f

1905, in thepresence of two subscribing witnesses. p v


l l/Vitnesses:


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