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Publication numberUS8041 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1851
Publication numberUS 8041 A, US 8041A, US-A-8041, US8041 A, US8041A
InventorsS. S. Putnam
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Window-curtain fixture
US 8041 A
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i Specification of Letters Patent No. 8,041, `dated April 15, 1851.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, S. S. PUTNAM, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Window- Curtain Fixtures, and that the following description, taken in connection with` the accompanying drawings hereinafter referred to, forms a full and exact specification of the same, wherein I have set forth the nature and principles of my saidimprovements by which my invention may be distinguislied from others of a similar class, together with such parts as I claim' and desire to have secured to me by Letters Patent.

The figures of the accompanying plate of drawings represent a window` frame with my improved fixtures arranged therein.

Figure 1 is an elevation of the same and Fig. 2 is a horizontal section taken in the plane of the line A-B, Fig. l.

My `improvements have for their object firstly the `superseding of the usual balance weight on the raising cord, by friction pro` duced on one journal of the curtain roller by means of a spiral spring arranged aser plained in the sequel, and secondarily `the `fastening of the top of the curtain to the roller by an expeditious mode, without tacking it thereon, so that it can `be easily changed for the purpose of being cleaned.

o; a a a represents the windowframe and l) l? Z) b the curtaininade in the usual way, the former havingtwo stepsor bearings for the insertion of the outer ends of the journ nals c Z of the curtain roller e e. The curtain roller e e isof the shape shown in Figs.

l and` 2 and has ateach end a cap fig, one` or both of which may be so arranged as to be easily taken off. A groove It 7L is formed along the whole length `ofthe roller, into which is fitted along fastening bar z' t' said fastening bar having at each end a proper rabbet or shoulder which slides and lits under said caps f g," as shown in'Fig. 2 and by dotted lines in Fig. 1. By this arrange. ment, when the upper end of the curtain` is fitted over the groove in the curtain roller and one rabbet of the fastening bar passed under the corresponding cap (the other cap being removed) the said bar may be pressed down into the groove aforesaid with the cloth beneath it, and then by adjusting the other cap f over the corresponding rabbet of the fastening bar the whole will be held firmly together as will be readily understood by inspection of the drawings.

On the side ofone of the caps g is the usual gi'ooved pulley 7c on which the raising cord Z Z is wound in the usual way.

One end of the curtain roller is bored out to the extent shown in Fig. 2 for the in# y sertion of the spiral spring m mi, the outer end of which spring presses against the inner end of the movable journal c of the curtain roller e e. This journal c plays freely in a lateral direction through a proper hole formed at the cent-er of the cap and the pressure of the spiral spring upon said journal will create sufficient friction upon its bearing end to hold the curtain stationary in any position in which it may be arranged.

It will be seen that by making the caps of the curtain roller movable and arranging y one ournal of the same with a spring as described, the apparatus may be adapted to `windows of different widths, which is very convenient where parties move about from y house to house. y

Having thus described my improvements in window curtain fixtures, I shall state my claims as follows: I do not claim generally confining one end of the curtain to the roller on which itis wound and unwound by means of a groove in said roller and a confining strip, but

that I do claim and desire to have secured to mefby Letters Patent is-- The method or means 4hereinabove described of fastening the conlining bar in the groove of the roller in which the cloth is pressed; that is, by having the ends of said bar rabbeted as described, and fitting the caps at the ends of said roller over said rabbeted -ends of said bar, as above set forth, this arrangement of the caps andbar (the said caps to move laterally but not to revolve the sides of the rabbeted ends of the `bar operating as shoulders to prevent a revolution) enables me to adopt myfimprovedxture to windows of different widths.



or one of `them being loose so as s. s. PUTNAM. y

Cooperative ClassificationE06B9/46