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Publication numberUS806267 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1905
Filing dateFeb 13, 1905
Priority dateFeb 13, 1905
Publication numberUS 806267 A, US 806267A, US-A-806267, US806267 A, US806267A
InventorsJohn Staunton King
Original AssigneeJohn Staunton King
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US 806267 A
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J. s. KING.



PATENTED DEC. 5, 1905.


JOHN s TAUnTonKme, (ammo. CANADA.

' I i HooK-EY-Boor.

To mZIwh'oin it mayiconcern;

Be it known that I, J o rNIStrAnN'roN KING, of the city lpf Toronto, in the county of York,

in the Pr I ce' of Qntario, Canada, have invented ce n new and useful Improvements in .Hockey Boots, of which the following is a specification.

-My invention relates;.to improvements in hockey-boots; and the object of the invention is to devise a strong durable hoot of this class by which'the instep andtoe ofthe wearer may be eliiciei' tly protected; and it consists,"

1 essentially,'of a boot provided with a rein;

forced lacing and a supplemental lace fasteri ing or fiap attached to the outside of the ordinary facing, atoe-cap-provided with a rearwardly-extending portion, and a protecting:


Figure l ishja perspective view of a boot constructed in iaccordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a' ieng'itudinal section of the boot. Fig. 3 is a cross-section on the line my, Fig. 2.

In the drawings like lettersof reference indicate corresponding parts in each figure.

-boot, which is provided on the interior with the diagonally-arranged reinforcing strips 'of leather, canvas,-or other suitable material art.

. signed to strengthen such facing and the holes A represents reinforcing-strips secured within the ordinary lace-facing A? and de- The facing extends down to the toe therein.

' portion, as indicated.

B is my supplemental lace facings or flaps, which are suitably sewed on at the outside of the ordinary lace-facing.

C is the toe-cap, which is provided with rearwardly-extcnding portion c, which extends between the lower end-s of the mental lace-facing.

l) is asupplemental tongue, which ispadded or made pncumatic'or constructed of any suitable material which will be soft and resilient. The tongue I) when the boot is laced extends between the supplemental lace-facings B, the

supplelaces of which extend over the tongue D.

a of course provide alsoin addition tm the Patented Dec. 51905. 7

tongue D the ordinary tongue E, which extends inside'of the reinforcing-strips A of the ordinary lace-facing. I: v

- The boot is first laced up through tl efordinary lace-'facing'inthe usual manner: The tongue Distli'en dravmdown and the supplemental laiees are laced up through the supplementallace-facing B, holding the tongue D down in position, and thereby providing a soft protecting strip or pad, which'with the reinforcement-of the 'ordinarylace-facing ef--- 'feetually protects the instep of the wearer 'from abrasion or in ury by a hockey-sticker otherwise.

What I claim as my invention is 3 1. In a hockey-boot, the combination with the upper provided with the ordinary facings,

of a toe-cap and protecting strip or tongue attached to the rear of the toe-cap and extend ing in front of the ordinary lace-facings as and for the purpose specified.

; wardly -extending portion'and a protecting strip ortongue attached to the rear of such portion and, extending in front of the ordii nary lace-facings as and for thepurpos'e speci- A 1s theup'per of my improved hockey-- tied.

2- 2. In .a hockey-boot, the combination with the upper provided with the ordinary lacefacings,ofia.toe-cap provided with a rear-.

3. In a hockey-boot, the combination with t'he upper provided with the ordinary lacefacings, off-supplemental lace-facings secured at the outside of the lace-facings and a protecting strip or tongue secured to the front of-the boot and extending between the supplemental lace-facings and lield'therehetween by the laces as and for the purpose specified.

iln a boot, the combination with the upper provided with the ordinary lace-facing, a toe-cap having a projecting rearportion, a protecting .pad or tonguescaurcd to said portion and the supplementallacc-facings between which and the ordinary lace-facingsthe said pad or tongue fits. a





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