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Publication numberUS806602 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1905
Filing dateMay 20, 1905
Priority dateMay 20, 1905
Publication numberUS 806602 A, US 806602A, US-A-806602, US806602 A, US806602A
InventorsRussell Uhl
Original AssigneePerfection Glass Company
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US 806602 A
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Amman-Ion FILED MAY 20. 1905.


' wherein- 'jar neck, and a central vertical sectionof the 25 glass cap attached thereto, shown in aclosed" PATENT: OFFICE; j RUSSELL UHL, or WILKEA'SBARRE, PENNSYLVANIA; assienon'ro PER- FECTIQN GLASS 1 COMPANY, or WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, A


' Mai-"cu shas no. 808,602. Y

To all whom: it may concern: Be it known that I,- Russ'nLn UHLJI. citizen of'the United .States residing at Wi-lkesbarre,. 1 in the State-of Pennsylvania, have'invented ticularly to scaling device's designed, to dis-- pense with metallic parts and attach a glass cap upon a glass jarneck." The objects of the invention are, to provide a tight seal between the glass parts without using metallic fastening means, and to so design the glass cap as to render the attachment more operobjects and advantages will hereinafter appear. I have shown a preferred form of the construction in the accompanying drawing,

Figure 1 is a sideview of .a common Mason position; I l

Figures 2'and 3 are central vertical sections taken at right angles to ,"each other showing the positions of the engaging lug and the.

thread when the cap is first placed on and before it has been revolved inorder to engage I the same;

I that by designing the parts in certain proportions and operating them in a certain way this result maybe accomplished. Thus, it will be The common Masonjarhaving a rounded glass thread is a standard article in the market, and various unsuccessful attempts have been made to apply closing caps to said jars without the use of metal which is readily corroded by the contents of the jar and is otherwise,

objectionable. The principal difliculty has come from the impossibility of making threads upon a glass cap whichl'will fit the jar and at the same time will notbindwhenthe thread happens to bc'so'mewhat irregular in size or.

shape. The fitting of glass upon glass in such a closure has been generally regarded as an impossibility. I have discovered, however,

seen by the, drawing that the jar neck 4 has I the usual half-round raised ridge or thread 5 which extends a little over one circumference Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed'Hay 20,1905. Serial No-BBLSIQ.

Patented Dec, 5, 1905,

of the-neck, and the jar-'has a shoulder to receivethe rubber gasket 6. The cap as well as the jar is made of glass, and it"will be seen that on the flanges of the cap 7 I have pro-- vided an annular bead 8, to properlyengage the gasket 6. Inside of the cap is provided a spiral ledge 9 which extends a little over onecircumferenc'e of theinside of-the cap. This ledgeis made of an inside diameter of the thread 5, but a gooddeal larger than from the figure. It has a sloping surface (in top and is arranged as shown in, Figures .2

and 3 so that when-the cap is .in a certain pdsitionas there shown the cap may readily slightly less than the extreme outer diameter the diameter of theneck itself, as will be plain portion of the ledge 9, marked '9 in Figure 2, is above the thread 5-and the end portion marked 9* may therefore be slid under the end of thethread 5. The cap thenbeing given about a half a revolution-it will be seen that the ledge 9 will engage about half or a little 4 more than halfofthe circumference of the thread 5 andlock the jar in place; but since I 'it is not necessary'to engage the entire circumference, the closure will be made whether the threads fit'each other or not; and this is the essential thing in my invention:

In operation when the cap ispu't on in the position shown in Figures 2 and 3, which are sections taken'in planes at right angles to each other 'in order to show the initial position, the cap may begiven aturn moving the ledge 9" on the cap for about half a revolution.- It

will not make any greatdiflerence Whether this ledge'touches the thread all the distance or only at occasional points, and in a certain position thecombined action of: thecontact of the top of'the ledge with,the thread 5 and the" seating ofv the cap upon the shoulder of the jar will cause a downward pressure of the cap upon the gasket, even though the cap should touch the thread of the jar at but one or two points; all of which will beevident,

from the drawing. Various advantages of v this'device will readily occur to those familiar ,with the art, as I have by this arrangement enabledthe use of a glass cap upon a stand- 'ard glass jar found in the market, without the usual difficulties in. the'way of fitting the two TOO together, and notwithstanding the customary irregularities of the thread.

0 Having thus described my invention and illustrated its use, what Iclaim as new, and

desireeto secure by Letters Patent, is the fol- 'one circumference and large enough to slide a over the thread when in one position and to lock with the thread on the jar when in another position, substantially as described.

3. The combination with a jar neck having a spiralglass thread, of a glass cap having a spiral glass ledge thereon of a slightly less diaineterthan the thread on the neck and arranged substantially as shown whereby the cap may be seated 'upon the jar without engaging the thread and then by a turn of the cap the said ledge will engage the thread about half a. turn, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof-l have hereunto signed my name in the presence of the two subscribed witnesses. i

- RUSSELL UHL. Witnesses:


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