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Publication numberUS80745 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1868
Publication numberUS 80745 A, US 80745A, US-A-80745, US80745 A, US80745A
InventorsWilliam H. H. Jones
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William h
US 80745 A
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l witnessaes.

@lutte-h tatrs gement, @ffice WILLIAM II. H. JoNRS AND EDWARD SHARRIS, 0F MORRISON, ILLINOIS.`

.Letters Patent No., 80,745, dated August 4, 1868v IMPROVEMENT IN TBRRETS. l


. Be it known that We, WILLIAM H. H. JONES and EDWARD S. HARRIS, of Morrison, in the county of White sides, and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Terrets; and we do herehy declare that the following is a. full, clear, and exact description of thesame, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making part of this speeication, in which- Figure 1 is a side elevation and section.

Figure 2 is a. vertical section.

The same letters are employed in-both figures in the indication of the same parts. 1 1

Our improvement relates `tothe arrangement of the spring and hingedv section of a'terret, whereby the line may be carried into the terret, on the side thereof, instead of' being inserted into the terret from the end ofthe line.

` In the annexed drawings, A is tlie hase of the' terret, which is screwed into the saddle in the ordinary mauner. The ring is composed of two pieces, B and C. The former entends from the base about three-fourths of the circumference the circle. The section C is hinged to the base, at the bottom, in such manner that it may be swung inwardly` It is pressed outwardly by a spring, D, which is eountersunk in the terret, yielding to pressure from without, so as to permit the line. to be passed into the -eyc o f the ferret, and immediately spring outwardly to eoniine theline. l

In order to` enahle the hinged section C to resist thc strain against it sideways, or in the direction of the length-ot` the line, a dove-tail is formed on the end thereowhich is received into a corresponding` groove in the end of the permanent section B.-

What we claim as our invention, and ldesire to secure by Letters Patent, is- 4 A terret, iriwhich the spring D niets upon the hinged section C, and the latter and the section B are tted intoone another at the ends, said parts being constructed and arranged in rclationto one another, substnntially as described. i

In testimony whereof, 4we'have signed our names to this specification in the presence oftwo subscribing WILLIAM H. H. JONES, EDWARD S. HARRIS.



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Cooperative ClassificationB68B5/00