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Publication numberUS808596 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 26, 1905
Filing dateDec 21, 1904
Priority dateDec 21, 1904
Publication numberUS 808596 A, US 808596A, US-A-808596, US808596 A, US808596A
InventorsEdward E Blakeslee
Original AssigneeEdward E Blakeslee
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US 808596 A
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No.808,596' PATENTED DEG.26,1905. E. E. BLAKESLBE.





Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Dec. 26, 1905.

Application filed December 21, 1904. Serial No. 237,864.

lb all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EDWARD E. BLAKES- LEE, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, and State of New York, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Display-Cards, of which the following is a specification.

My invention refers to a novel construction and arrangement of a display-card for exhibiting and presenting articles of various kinds, and more particularly penholders and pencils.

The objects of my invention are to provide a display-card simple in construction, durable, of light weight, and adapted to hold penholders, pencils, and the like with sufiicient firmness, but without unduly resisting detachment of the articles displayed thereon.

In the accompanying drawings, wherein corresponding figures of reference refer to corresponding parts throughout the different views, Figure 1 is. a front view of a displaycard embodying my invention, while Fig. 2 is a section along line 2 2, no holder, however, being shown in the right-hand portion of said Fig. 2; and Fig. 3, a section along line 3 3 in Fig. 1 looking toward the left.

In said drawings, is a front view, partly in section, of a card made of heavy paper or of pasteboard, pulp-board, or other suitable and preferably flexible material, which may be provided with a hanger 11 for suspending it when desired. Underneath the top portion of card 10, usually occupied by the name of the firm displaying the goods, I produce flexible tongues 12 by cutting the main body of the card, the cuts 13 so produced being of U-shaped configurations, and I bend said tongues forward from the face of card 10, so as to make the same assume positions substantially parallel with but slightly forward of the main body of said card. In the rear of card 10 and opposite said tongues and extending beyond the cuts so made in said card I attach strips of paper, cardboard, or the like, as 14, preferably by pasting the same close to and beyond the edges of said U-shaped cuts, so as to fill out the spaces created by the bending forward of tongues 12 and to make the same portions of the body of the display-card so as to reinforce the latter where it has been so weakened.

15 15 are devices for embracing and partly surrounding and for holding the articles to be displayed. They consist of pieces of tubes cut open lengthwise and spread out to some extent, so as to leave a space, as 16, be tween their edges 17 17, which were originally joined together, the edge portions of the holder thus forming elastic branches extending forward from tongues 12. The inner diameters of said tubes are originally smaller than the diameters of the articles to be inserted therein, and I make these holders 15 of elastic material and preferably of a series of thicknesses of paper wound one upon the other and pasted together, so that the elastic tension residing within said holders will cause the same to cling to the articles to be inserted therein. However, before inserting such articles in said holders I slip in each case that portion of the holder which is central between its longitudinal edges underneath one of the tongues 12, so that said tongue will confine said holder close to card 10 and between said tongue and strengthening-piece 141. and when afterward an article, such as a penholder 18 or a pencil 19, is inserted in the correspondin holder the longitudinal edge portions of sald holder will force the article toward said tongue, while at the same time contacting with said article and holding it under elastic tension. When the article is to be detached from the card, it is only necessary to slip it, together with its holder 15, along and from contact with its tongue 12 and to afterward detach the holder from the article itself.

As shown in the drawings, one or more holders 15 in alinement with each other and with corresponding tongues 12 may be employed to secure a single article, such as a pencil, to card 10, according to the length and weight of such article.

I do not wish to confine myself to the details and detail combinations herein set forth, as it will be seen'that the same might be varied materially without departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim-- 1. In a display-card, the combination with its body 10, of a tongue integral therewith and formed by cutting said body, and means for reinforcing said body along its out portions.

2. In a display-card, the combination with its main body, of a flexible tongue extending forward therefrom, and a flexible holder confined between said main body and said tongue.

3. In a display-card, the combination with IIO its main body, of two tongues extending forward therefrom, and two tubular holders, one interposed between said main body and one of said tongues and the other interposed between said body and the other tongue, said tubular holders being in alinement with each other.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, this 20th day of December, 1904:. v




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Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/02