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Publication numberUS8096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1851
Publication numberUS 8096 A, US 8096A, US-A-8096, US8096 A, US8096A
InventorsW. Osgood
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Compound coupling for hose ob pipe
US 8096 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jas. w. osGOOD, or COLUMBUS, OHIO.

ooivrPoUNn oonPLINe non. Hosn on PIPE.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, JAMES W. CsGoOD,

of Columbus, in the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, have invented certain Improvements in Couplings for `Connecting Hose or Pipe; and I do hereby declare, that the followingis a full, clear, and exact description ofthe same, referencebeing had to the accompanying` drawings, forming part of this specication, in which- Figure l is a side elevation. Fig. 12 is a longitudinal section.` Fig. 3 is an `end detached view of the part marked A, seen from the inside, and Fig. 4 is a transverse section of the coupling taken in `direction of the line 0 o Fig. 2, and viewed as indicated by arrow.

`The same letters of reference denote similar parts throughout each of the several figures. y i

The nature of my invention consists in the rise of abox, into which onehose or pipe may screw or be fitted, formed with projecting lips, which enter between and lap inside corresponding lips projecting at one end from the interior of a connecting nut which has a `female screw at its" other end, into which screws a second box containing an interior box, that may smoothly turn in it being of an enlarged diameter at its outer end which serves as a collar into which may screw or be fitted a secondhose or pipe and the other endfof `the interior box having a screw cut upon it on to which screws a loose ring or collar that serves to keep the interior box from drawing out.

To enable others skilled in 'the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its;` construction and operation.

A, is one `box forming the coupling, it consists in its` length of two diameters, the part nearest the outeru end being made larger with lugs or projections b ZJ, for turning it by on its exterior, and a female screw in its interior at `the mouth into which a hose or pipe may be screwed;` the smaller end of the boxA, has lips a a, projecting from it, each lip a a, forming as it were part of a flange, and a stop pin CZ, insertednear the end of one of them, running length` wise with the box A.

B is a second box, also of different diametersV having an annular space c c, at its `mouth and lugs e e, for turning it by on its exterior, and a screw cut upon its inner o-r smaller end.`

C is an interior box, likewise of two diameters, its mouth or `larger end being of,

same `diameter as the lannular space c c, in the outer box B,` into which it lits, and a female screw within it for attachment of a hose` or pipe, and itsinner or .smaller end having a screwcut upon its extremity and being of same outside diameter as the bore of the box B.

D, is a loose ring or collar screwingon to the smaller end of the box C, and serving to keep the box C, from drawing out.

E, is a connecting nut one end of which screws on to the smaller end of the box B, and the `other end formed with lips or part flanges e c, similar to the lips a an, of the box A, but projecting inward, and of length corresponding to (or rather less than) the spaces `or distances between the lips a a, so as to enter between them; the bore of the nut E, being of same length in diameter as a chord measuring 'the distance between the outercircumferences ofthe lips a a; and the distance between the lips e e, being cor- Irun srnrnsignnr OFFICE. N

respondingto ,the external diameter of the `smaller end ofthe box A.

F, is a washer or ring of india rubber or other elastic -material' situated wlthln the `nut E, and inserted between the box A,

interior box C, and ring D' screwed upon the box C, it serves to keep the coupling tight or free from leakage when screwed up and locked. y

The operation is as follows: Separate hose Aor pipe being screwed into or otherwise attached to the boxes A, C, the two holes or pipes (one `of which if used for fire or other engines may be leading and the other the v suction branch), may be united by inserting the lips a a, of the box to which the'one hose or pipe is connected betweenthelips e e, of the nut E, andwhen inserted to the` proper depth turning the `box A, or nut E, until resisted bythe stop d, so that the lips a a, will lap within or against the lips e e, and so lock the coupling the washer or ring F, preventingI leakage or escape between the spaces left by the several lips and keeping the coupling tight which may be screwed and tightened up by turning the outer boX B, which will revolve on the interior boX C, and by drawing up the connecting nut E, will firmly unite the coupling without twisting or turning the hose or pipe, so that the coupling may be formed with little labor and loss of time, which offer great advantage where connections are required to be made and broken frequently and quickly, as for instance in coupling fire engine hose, where with the ordinary form of coupling the screws are liable to be damaged or clogged with dirt, thereby causing great delay, which is prevented by my improved construction, as the threads or screws are kept free from eX- posure to dirt or injury, and the connection quickly formed; the several screws, whether the coupling be joined orseparated, being keptv always united and hence protected; while by the screws being constantly in contact, the time consumed by the ordinary methods of attachment in establishing the coupling, will be considerably economized.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

The manner, if desired, of keeping the several threads or screws always in contact whether the coupling be formed or disconnected, for obtaining the advantages set forth, by employment of an interior boX C, situate in an outer boX B, and having a loose ring or collar D, (or its equivalent) on it, in combination with a washer F, connecting nut E, and boX A, formed with lips for locking the coupling, the several parts constructed, fitting, and operating together substantially as shown and described.




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