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Publication numberUS811209 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1906
Filing dateMar 26, 1904
Priority dateMar 26, 1904
Publication numberUS 811209 A, US 811209A, US-A-811209, US811209 A, US811209A
InventorsJohn H Farrell
Original AssigneeJohn H Farrell
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Knockdown support.
US 811209 A
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PATENTED JAN. 30, 1906.


gr/WM u jrrell no. e11,209.

Speccation of Letters Patent.

Patented .if an. 30, 1906.

Application ned March 20,1904. serial No. 200,155.

To zr/Z whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, J onN H. FARRELL, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois,have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Knockdown Supports, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The present invention relates to supports, such as tables or stools, consisting of parts which can be readily assembled and secured together f or use and can be separated for con venience 1n transportation, storage, or shipment.

The invention consists in the several novel features of construction hereinafter described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and more particularly defined by claim at the conclusion hereof.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective of a support embodying the invention. Fig. 2 is a central vertical section. Fig. 3 is an inverted plan of the top of the support. Fig. 4 is a perspective of the upper end of the standard. Fig. 5 is a perspective of the lockingring. Fig. 6 is a detail section of one of the latches for securing the sections of the top together.

The top of the support comprises a central section or plate 10 and a series of outer sections 1 1,fitting around section 10 to make the top of desired area for a table-top or the seat of a chair. Each outer section 11 is removably connected to section 10 by projecting pins 12, preferably formed in piece with the outer sections and fitting into recesses 13 in the central section. To more rigidly secure the outer portions of sections 11, the abutting edges thereof are respectively provided with interitting tongues and grooves 14 and 15. The sections are usually formed of metal, such as aluminium; but they may be formed of any suitable material. Each of the sections 11 is detachably secured to the central section by a latch 16, pivotally held by a pin 17 in a recess 18, formed in section 10. One end of each latch is adapted to engage anctch 19, formed in one of the pins 12, and the latch is normally pressed into engagement with the in b a spring 21. The inner end of pin 12 1s inc ined, so the pin will slip into position to be secured by the latch.. To detach the sections, the spring-pressed end of the latch is shifted to swing the latch out of engagement with the pin, and then the sections can be separated. The latches lie within recesses 18, so as to avoid projections which interfere with compact and snug arrangement of the sections when not in use.

The top is detachably secured to a standard consisting of tubular sections 23 24i,which are connected together by a screw-thread 25. Section 23 is of such diameter that it can be placed within section 211 when the standard is not in use. The lower end of standard-sec tion 24 is connected by a screw-thread to a bracket 26, Legs 27, formed of pipe, are secured to bracket 26 in angular relation to sustain the bracket at desired elevation by screwthreads 29 and are provided with feet 30, adapted to rest on. a floor or the ground.

The 'Lipper end of the supporting-standard is detachably secured to the top, which has an annular recess 32, adapted to receive said end. A lug 33 fits into a slot 311 in tube 23, and a ring 35, having a vertical groove 36 and a horizontal slot 37, is adapted to secure the top to the standard. When groove 36 and slot 34 are alined so lug 33 can be moved vertically therein, the top can be secured to or removed from the standard, and when lock-ring 35 is turned so lug 33 is held in hori- Zontal slot 37 the top and the standard will be locked together. Ring 35 is held against vertical movement by a 'flange 38 of tube and a pin 89. Stud 40, which is formed in recess 32, lits snugly into tube 23, and collar 35 fits likewise against the outer wall of recess 32, so the top will be firmly connected to the standard.

It will thus be seen that the invention provides knockdown support, such as a stool or table, which consists of small parts which can be connected together and separated for convenience in carrying, storing, or transpon tation.

Having thus described the invention, What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

In a support, the combination with a top having a recess in its under side, a central stud in said recess, and a lug projecting from said stud, of a tubular standard adapted to engage said stud and having a slot in its upper end to receive said lug, and an external rotatable ring on said standard having vertical and horizontal slots adapted to engage said stud.



Frezen Gunmen, WALTER. Scimmie.

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