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Publication numberUS811489 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1906
Filing dateOct 2, 1905
Priority dateOct 2, 1905
Publication numberUS 811489 A, US 811489A, US-A-811489, US811489 A, US811489A
InventorsWilliam Chauncey Dunwell
Original AssigneeWilliam Chauncey Dunwell
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US 811489 A
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No:- 811,489. PATENTED JAN. 30 1906. W. G. DUNWELL.


nruoums FILED 001:. 2,1905.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 30, 1906.

Application filed (lctnber 2,1905. Serial No. 281,013.

To on whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILIJAM CHAUNCEY DUNWELL, a citizen of the United States of An'ierica, and a resident of Chicago, county of Cook, State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Card-Cases, of which the following is afull and'clearspecification, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a perspective vie w of my device, showing the case or cover folded over upon it and fastened; Fig. 2, a similar view showing the cover-flaps opened out; Fig. 3, a vertical longitudinal section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1; Fig. 4, a vertical transverse section on the line 4 4 of Fig. 3; and Fig. 5, a detailed perspective view of the metallic frame removed from the cover or case.

T he object of this invention is to provide an extremely simple'and eilectual device for holding a package of cards in such manner that they shall be protected against injury and soiling and at the same time shall be readily accessible, as more fully hereinafter set forth.

To the accomplishment of this object and such others as may hereinafter a )pear, the

invention consists of the arts an combina tion of parts hereinafter ully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which the same reference characters designate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawings by reference characters, A designates the case as a whole, which consists of a back piece a, a pair of overlapping flaps a a, connected together by a separable fastener d, a transverse pocket 0;, extending across the lower end of the casing adjacent to the shorter Fla a, and a an inner thickness of materia which forms a longer pocket at the opposite or u per end'of the casin for the race tion of tlic tongueplate I) o the card holdmg frame. The case is made of leather or other suitable material, preferably of a flexible nature.

The card-holding frame is designated as a whole by the letter B and, as shown in Fig. 5, is separable from the casing, so that a new case be attached to the frame at any time. a his card-holding frame consists of a base-plate c of substantially the same Width connected and length as the main part a of the case, side flanges 6 per end of the plate c, these flanges being and bound together by a transverse overhanging flange 5, whose ends b are folded down upon the side flanges c and fastened by solder or otherwise, thus forming a box-like holder at the u per end of the frame. The fastening-tongue l is attached to the frame at its upper end and extends downwardly substantially parallel with the baseplate and toward its lower end, so that it may be inserted in the pocket at the upper end of the casing Fastcned to the upper side of the lower end of the base-plate is a spring-plate c, which is substantially the same width and length as the base-plate and has its upper end lying between fianges c and projecting in under the overhanging flange 5, against the under side of which the free upper end of the springplate normally bears. The connected ends of the base-plate c and the spring-plate c are removably inserted in the transverse pocket c of the case, thereby securely card-frame to the case.

It will be observed that the package of cards H is attached to the card-frame by simply forcing the up or end of the package in under the hood or enge b, the spring c yielding sufliciently to permit the cards to pass under the flange and. having suflicient elasticity to resiliently clamp the cards up against the under side of the flange; By the use of the broad flat spring-actuated plate 0 and the side flanges c the cards are held socurely in place with but a slight pressure, and thus holding the cards by a slight pressure and an end flange b at the upattaching the enables them to be withdrawn one at a time without injury or dcfacement.

t is obvious that I may employ a spring under the late a to actuate it or, reinforce its action witliout departing from the invention in the least.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

I. In combination with a casing or cover, of a metallic card-frame consisting of a baseplate having a box-like device at its upper end, this device embodying side flanges and a transverse flange, a broad, fiat, spring-actuated clamp-plate attached to the lower end of the base-plate, and extending in under said ii nges and norl'naily bearing up against the J01" side uf the same, and mvuns for mtm-h- F; the (JELILLTIMHG to tile (use n um'ur.

In combination with. a iiixihic wise or 5 cover provided with a PUUiiUL across its lawmend and another pocket at its upper and, of a card-frame comprising a base-plan having 1 tongue I) at its upper and adapted to enter said pocket at who upper and of the case, the 10 lower end ofthe base-plan: being adapted to i 0mm tiiiutimr pocket carried by the case, i and czxrd-huiding means: married by the base- 1 plant In testimony uiwrnnf i iM'YGUIJiI) ail'ix my signature, in 1.510 presence 01' two witnr-sses, this 28th day of Sopt'emlwr, 1905.


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