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Publication numberUS812175 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1906
Filing dateJul 3, 1905
Priority dateJul 3, 1905
Publication numberUS 812175 A, US 812175A, US-A-812175, US812175 A, US812175A
InventorsIsaac J Marcuse
Original AssigneeR A Patterson Tobacco Co
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Sheet-metal pocket-box.
US 812175 A
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PATENTED FEB. 6, 1906.






SFiEETr-WlETAL PDCKET-"BOXL Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 8, 1908.

Application filed July 3, 1905. Serial No. 268,079

.To alt whom, it may concern:

.Be it known that I, ISAAC J. MAnoUsn, a citizen of the United States, residing in Richmond, in the county of Henrico and State of Virginia, have invented a new and useful improvement in Sheet-Metal Pocket-Boxes, of

which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in Uri o'r-sheet-metalboxes designed to be car wed in the hip, breast, or other pocket for .containing tobacco, cigars, or other articles.

The object or my invent on is to providea sheet-mctal pocket-box of a neat, strong, and

simple construction having. a thin flat body cu'rved-or'renifo'rm in cross-section to adapt it to conform to the person and fit convenlentlv .inthe pocket and provided witlna hinged cover at its upper end of similarlycurved or reniform shape.

M y invention consists in the means I em: ploy and herein shown and described to practically accomplish this object or result that is to say, it consists in a sheet-metal pocket-box comprising a curved or reniform bottom furnished with a flange for soldering, seaming, or.otherwise' securing it to the body, a curved or reniform' body provided at its outwardly-curved back portion, at the upper end thereof, with'a notch or recess to receive the hinge-lips of the cover, and with an integral hinge-lip. to receive the hinge-pivot and at its concave or inwardly-curved portion, at the upper end thereof, with a stifieningrib,- preferably of wire, soldered thereto to stre then and stiffen the concave or inward y-curved front portion of the body at the upper end thereof and form a'stop for the frontportion'of the flange of the hingecover to engage, and a curved or reniform cover having an integral flange adapted to fit over and embrace the upper end of the curved or reniform body and rovid'ed at the convex or outwardlycurve portion of its flange with integral hinge lips to receive the hinge pin or pintle, the lower edge ofthecoverflange at the back. or outwardly-curved portion thereof beinginclined or cut away to ac commodate the outwardly-curved or convex; portionof the body of the box to which the cover-fie e is hinged when the cover is o ned add the cover-flange is at right ang es to the curved body of the box, thus enabling the hinged cover to open and close and properly cooperate with the curved or reniforrh body of the-box.

My invention. also consists in the novel construction of parts and devices and inthe novel combinations of parts and devices herein shown and described. 7

\ in the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a front elevation of a tin or sheet-metal pocket-box embodying my invention. Figp2 is aback or rear elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is vertical section on line 3 3 of Fi 1. Fig. 4 is a top view showing the hinge cover open and in horizontal section. Fig. 5 is a partial vertical section on line 5 f Fig. 3, and Fig' integral flange a soldered, seamed, or otherwise .secured to the lower end of the boxbody B and being of a curved or reniform outline.

B is the curved or reniform body of the box,the same being preferably formed in one piece of tin-plateshaped and united at its meeting edges b'y alock-seam or other seam b, which may be soldered or not, as desired.

The body of the box is made curvedor reniform in shape and comparatively thin or flat in size to conform to the body. and adapt it for being conveniently carried in. the hip, breast, or other pocket.- The rear or back wall or portion 1) of the box-body is convex or outwardly curved, and-its front wall orv portion 6 is concave or inwardly curved and I preferably substantially parallel to the back wall or portion 1), and the intermediate or side walls or portions 0 b of the box-body uniting. the back and front wallsb b are rounded the curvature of the portions I) being preferably substantially .circular 'arcs and mergin with the curvature of the back wall 5 and. 'ont wall 6 Without forming any corners or sharp. angles, thus giving the boxbody a curved or renifori'n outline in crosssection and a thin flat shape with rounded side portions 'suitable for fitting or being car-' ried in the pocket. 7

The curved or reniform body 3 is provided at its upper end and at its back or convex wall I) with a notch or-recess b to receive the hinge lips or ears of. the cover-flange and with an integral hinge lip or'ear-b which is folded on bent'in to'cylindrical form to receive the Ipintleor ivot 0. f the bin e which'unites d is'furnish'ed with inte a1 hinge ips d curved ,prfolded'into cy indricalform to re .ceive the hinge pin or fpintle C, and the back.

an incline or cut-awaylow'er edge commodate the convex or outwardly curved back will b of the b ox-body when the cover is swu'ng o ilen and itsfiange. thus aused'to' 1 stand atrlg the cover to the body B.

ing to the cross-sectional outline of. the 'ody, and is r'ovided. with an integral flange d,

r end "of the, box-body. The cover:-

' dz-at'its back or convex curv I, portion orgconv'ex ortion d-'o he eover-flanfeflias 3 to act angles to the convex backwaill away construction -of the back or convex wall rectly hinged to the. convex oroutwardl curved backwal l 'b ofvthe box-body and tlie curved or reniform hin e-cover to. cooperate with the curved or re orm body of the box..

' The curved or reniform boxj-body B is pro vided near its upper'end,. at its front inwardly:

curved or concave wall bZ'With-a stiffening rib' bf, greferablyiof wire, sol'deredthereto ,1

and Whic serves not only tofflstiffen: and

v strengthen the inwardly-curved or -concave front wall of the body, but'also to form a stop or fastener for the front of the cover by its en-- 4 strengthened =by'its union with thebott'om ble spring sheet metal; the hinged cover may be readily opened, as external. 1preissure upon gag'ement with the front concave portion-d,

j of-thecovert-flanged, the lower edge at of the concave-portion d of the cover-flange d: prefb y tio'n'of the b0 y. Atits lower'end'the in- "wardl'y-curved or' concave front "wall' b of I 1 the rib B on the concave porthe box-body- 'is adequately stifi'ened'fand headAof-thebox. I I As, in my sheet metal. pocket box the curved or reniforni body-is made, as before stated,-of tin-plate-o r otherequivalent flexithe concavefro'n-t wall' of the y tends to contract or loos'enit withinthe flange of the cover.

1. The sheet-metal pocket-jbox herein shown and described, and comprising a a curved or reniform bottom head, a curvedior 'reniformv bod secured at its lower end to ead and havin an inwardlyandan, outunded side walls uniting said front and back walls, said outwardly curvcd or convex back wall having at the upper end thereof'an integral hin e-lip and a recess to receive the hinge-lips 0 the coverflange, and said -concave or inwardly-curved front wall having a, strengthen ng-rib neartheiupper end 111 ere I he hinge-cover; D s of cur'ved orrenlform outlme corres ondw of, .and'a curvedorreniform hinged cover having an integral flange'su'rrounding' and snu 1y fitting the up er end of the box-body toold the cover c osed, the back convex curved ortion of said cover-fiangfl-lhaving an integra hinge-lip andb'eing inc ed or cut away" toaccommodate the convex or outwardly-curved'b'ack wall of the bodyand per-- n'iit the hinged cover 'to.'.open, the concave front wallof thebody being free to spring in-v ward under external; pressure thereon and thus contractor loosen, the body the surrounding cover flange 'to facilitate the opening of the hinged cover, substantially as specified.

T2. form body with'a' convex back wall and. con- I I icave front w.a11, a'nd a hingedcover-having'a' b of the box-body; It is. thisinclined or cut-' f concave front flange and convex 'back flange fhiiiged convex portion of the" cover flange being inclined or cut away to permit thenover to open, the flange of the cover surroundingwnd snugly fitting the upper end'of' and the the body to hold the cover close I concav e front wall of the body-being free to spring inward and this contract or loosen the '.upper endof the body within the cover-flange to facilitate the openingofthe hinged cover,

substantiallyas specified. v I I 3; In a sheet-metal pocket-box,--the-:com&

-'bination with a curved or renifornlbody; having'a convex back wall; and concave front 'wall, of aj' hinge d cover having-a flange concavegat its front portion-and convex at qits rearportion, the flange of the cover surround tting=the upiper end of the ing andsnugly I 'body' to hol thecovef-close and-the conto facilitate the opening of the substantially as specified;

' 4. .In a sheet-metal pocketbox,fthecombination with acurvedor'reniform body', hava convex back walljandponcave' front wall; of ahinged co ver having a flange-com cave at its front-portion and...convexat its "rearportionthe-convex wall of the bodyhavin'g' an integral hinge-lip at the 11 per end thereof, and the convex portionof t e coverflange havin lintegralhinge lips; for pivotaily.

connecting-t e same to the-body of. the box; the flange of the oover'surro'unding and snugly fitting. t e upper end of the bod to hold the 7 cover closed, and the concave ont'w'allof the body being free to springinward and thus contract or loosen the uppe end of the body within the-cover-fiange to facilitate the openingof the ,fied. r I

5. lnjafsheet-metal pocket-box; the com- A sheet-metal pocket-box a reni-- I ed to the-convex back wall of the body,. of the cover-flange which adapts it'to be di-. san

hinged cover, subst antiallyas specioo i caveafront' 'wall- I- of the body being free to 4 spring inward and thus contractor loosen the upper end of the'body within the cover-flange.

hinged cover,

binationw'ith a eurved-or-renifonnbody, having a convex back-Weill concave front of, and the convex portion of the cover-flange having integral hinge-lips for pivotally conody o nedting' the same'to the the box, said convex portion of the cover-flange being inclined or cut away to accommodate the convex curvature of the back wall of the bed the flan e offithe cover'surrounding and snu fitting t e u per end of the bodtyrto hold t e, ont wall of thebodybeing free to spring inward and thus contract or loosen the upper end of the body the cover-flange to facilitate the open-' of the hinged cover, substantially as specified having a concave front wall and convex ack "cover-close and the concave In. a sheet-metal pocket-box, the combination with a curved orreniform body, havconveX back wall and concave front wall, of a hinged cover having a flange concave at. its front portion and convex at its rear. portion, the convex wall-of the body having. an integral hinge-lip" at the ugper end thereotjand the convex portion-of t e coverflange havin integral hinge-lips for pivotally connecting t e same to the body of the box,

said convex portion-of the cover-flange being inclined or cut away to accommodate the convex curvature of the backwall of the body, the

concave front wall of the body being, provided with .a stren -thening-rib at the upper; end thereof, the flange 0 the cover surrounding and snugl fitting the upper end-of the body to. hold the cover close and the concave front wall of the bodybeing free .to spring in ward and thus contract or; loosen the upper end of the body within the cover-flange to facilitate the opening of. the hinged cover,s'ubstantially as specified.

- the cover close with a curved or remform tin-plate or other flexible elastic sheet metal and having .convex back wall and concave '7. in a sheet-metal boxbthe combination front wall, 0 a hinged cover having a flange concave at its front portion andconvex at its back portion, and surroundin and snugly engag ng the upper end of the ody to hold the inward sprin of the concave front wall 'ofthe body un er. res sure servingto contract or loosen the ody vvithinthe cover-flange and permittin the hinged cover to swing open, substantially as specified.

8. In a bination with a reniform body of tinlate wall, of. a hinged cover having a flange con-l ody composed of- Slieet-Inetal pocket-box,- the com cave at its'fron't portion and convex at its rear portion and surrounding and engaging the up or end of the body, the concave front I wall 0 the tin-plate body being free to spring inward under external pressure to contract or loosen the upper end of the body'within the cover-flange, substantially as s ecified;

9. In a sheet-metal pocketox, thecombination with a curved or reniform body composed of flexible spring shee'tmetal and having a concave front wall, of a never having a flange surroundin anden'gaging the upper! end of the body, t e cover-flange being con;

' cave at its front portion, the inward spring of the concave front wall of'the body serving to contract or loosen the body within the coverflange to facilitate the opening of the cover, substantially as specified.

ISAAC J. MARCUSE. Witnesses:


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