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Publication numberUS812187 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1906
Filing dateJul 5, 1904
Priority dateJul 5, 1904
Publication numberUS 812187 A, US 812187A, US-A-812187, US812187 A, US812187A
InventorsHarry Del Mar
Original AssigneeHarry Del Mar
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Mailing-tube sheet and wrapper.
US 812187 A
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No. 812,187. PATENTED FEB. 13, 1906. H. DEL MAR.



IV 71V JESSE 5' Jtl/ 0@/1VV% 0R ,20 M g? I 4 v ATTORNE K' HARRY DEL MAR, OF NEW YORK, N. Y...

FilAiLlNG-TUBE SHEET AND WRAPF'E Specifieation of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. is, race.

Application filed July 5, 1904. Serial No. 215,283.

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, HARRY DELMAR, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Mailing-Tube Sheet and Wrapper, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

My invention relates to improvements in mailing-tube sheets or Wrappers for articles which are to be sent by mail or express, and especially to wrappers or tubes which are adapted to be used in'the transmission 'of drawings, photographs, music, light merchandlse, and other articles which can be conveniently rolled or folded into small compass. The usual form of mailin -tube is bulky, so that it is hard to handle arge quantities of the tubes, especially in shipping and storing them, and, moreover, they are not easily ad- }ustable as to size, and so it is difficult to get things into them and sometimes much more difiicult to get them out.

The object of my invention is to produce a cheap and simple form of wrapper which can be made to lie flat, andso is easy to ship, pile, and store, but which can be quickly rolled into tubular form, fastened in shape, and made to produce a tube of the necessary rigldity.

Another object of my invention is to construct my improved Wrapping device in such away that it can be adapted'to a great variety of uses, can be made to protect the articles contained in it, and can be readily and securely fastened, and as easily opened.

With these ends in View my invention con sists of certain features of constructions and combinations of parts, which will be hereinafter described and claimed.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which similar figures of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a per spective view of a modified form of the same; and Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a slightlymodiiied form of the invention, illustrating how it can be used to advantage in wrapping a bottle or similar package.

The invention is provided with a simple form of sheet 10, which can be made of paper, cloth, or any suitable material, and, as shown in Fig. 1, the'sheet 10 has on its inner side an extension 13, which is secured at one edge only and which at its free edge is connected to still another extension 14, which is pro vided with transverse corrugations, as the drawings show, and the corrugations are produced in groups, so that this part of the sheet can be adapted easily to certain articles around which it can be wrapped, and then the parts 13 and 10 will continue the tube formation and when rolled up the tube will have a smooth exterior surface, thus making it more presentable and also affording a suitable surface to receive the mailing directions and other usual matter.

In Fig. 2 I have shown another means of attaching the corrugated sheet, and in this instance the sheet extension 15 is provided with re ular transverse corrugations. If desired, his part of the sheet can be stiffened by having stri s 16 (shown by dotted lines in Fig. 2-) secure to it at its edges, and these strips may be either fabric or'metal. In fact, the reinforcing or stifiening stri s can be of any suitable material. In Fig. 3 I have shown the sheet 10 with a guinnied tongue 10 and with the side wings 18, which are ada ted to fold over and tuck into the end of the formed tube. Instead of using the extension 13 I attach to the end of the sheet 10 a strip or sheet 19 of thinflcxible metal, which is narrower than the sheet 10, as shown. The strip 19 hasone edge folded over upon'the edge of the sheet 10, as shown at 20, and the other edge is doubled over, as at 2l,upon the extension-sheet 22, part of which is corrugated, as shown at 23, so as to receive a bottle or other article, and its parts are all rolled up together to form a tube, which is held in shape by the guinmed part 12, while the parts 18 can be folded in or not, as desired.

It will be noticed that the corrugated extension of the sheet is unbackedthat is, the corrugations extend on both sides the sheet and there is no covering over them, so that in starting to roll up the device to make a tube corrugations near the free end of the extension can be fitted into any other desired corrugations of the sheet, so as to make the tube of the right diameter, and then the whole can be rolled up and fastened to form the mailingtube. It will be seen that if the corrugated part had a backing of any kind this adjustment or regulation of size could not take place,because the backing or covering would interfere.

Having thus fully described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. A device of-the kind described, comprising a sheet adapted to be rolled up and to receive the address on the back, a second sheet secured to the first sheet, and an extension corrugated on both sides secured to the edge of the second sheet, whereby the three sheets can be rolled up together to form a tube the corrugated extension carried on the inner side of the sheet and adapted to roll up therewith, the corrugations being arranged on the extension so that they shall nest one within the other when .the said extension is rolled.

a. A device of the kind described, comprisa sheet adapted to carry the address on its back, and an unbacked corrugated extension fastened to the sheet 'at a point between its end portions so that a part of'the sheet shall overlap the extension and the corrugations on the extension-being arranged so that when the sheet is rolled the corrugati nest one within the other.


Witnesses: i

WARREN B. Hu'rcnmson;


ns shall 25 I g

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