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Publication numberUS812256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1906
Filing dateJul 31, 1905
Priority dateJul 31, 1905
Publication numberUS 812256 A, US 812256A, US-A-812256, US812256 A, US812256A
InventorsGeorge F Black
Original AssigneeGeorge F Black
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Apparatus for cooling liquids.
US 812256 A
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{IPLIGATIOH TILED 113L281, 1905.

AA 5/} a 7 NY ZZ qvi twebac a UN rrnn STATES nATEuT OFFICE.

APPARATUS FOR co umnsmourns.

Specification of I lettera Patent.

1 Patented Feb. 13*1906.

Applioxtiun filed July 31.1mm. emu rs, 272,087.

To all whom; it minty con/Jerri..-

Be it known that LGEonon F. Bmox, a citizen of the United States, residing at Baltin1ore,Stute of Maryland, hnve invented hertrain new and useful improvements in Apparates for Cooling liir uids; and 1 do declare the following to he a lull, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it'nppen' tains to make and use the some.

. My invention relates to improvcments in apparatuses for cooling liquids, such as heer,

' and has among its ob'ects to provide a device whiehmay he placed in an ordinary ice-hex r5 supplied with ice to chill the coils thereof, and thereby cool the liquid in the coils, and which may he readily removed from the ice- 1 box, readily cleansed, which ellects economy in the use of the ice, and which is adapted to he placed either horizontally or vertically in 1 the ice-hex; and my invention consists in the construction, combination, and erran 'ement al devices hereinafter described and claimed. In the accompanying drawings, Fi re 1 is a perspective view of my improve liquidcoolin apparatus. Fig. 2 is an end elevation ol the some, and Fig. S5 is a top plan view of the some. i i

My invention comprises a pair of core- 3opieces l and pipe-coils 2 and 3. Each of the core-pieccs is in practice made of sheet or :othcr suitahle metal ol tubular form open {from curl to end, and said core pieees-nn'. hero Tshown as of substantially ovoidel form in cross-section,with their pointed sides 4 op- I posed to each other and nprmipriutely spaced apart. The said ure-pieces have outwardlyprojecting hinges 5 at their ends. A suit-- able length of pipefi is first hcnl rcvl-rscly around theeorr-picces to form the inner cells 2, which cross one enothr, as at '1, in the space between the core-pieces. The said pipe after the inner coils 2 have been thus hrmed is then hunt to form the outer coils 3, each of which embraces dhd connects both of the corepieces, so that the inner crossed coils serve to space the core-pieces apart, and the outer coils, each of which embraces both of the core-pieces, are disposed intermediate of the adjacent inner eoilsfand form at their central portions s aces between themselves and the inner coils. Hence the inner coils are spaced apart by the outer coils the letter are also spaced apex-t and their lfllSBI-L 5 3- Hlfillltltfi portions are spaced 2: art from the crossed connecting portions oft inner 00115.1

One end of the pipe is upturned to form the intake 8, which is adapted to be connected to the cash, and the other endof the pipe is upturned to form the outlet 9, to which the faunot 'or spigot is adapted to be eonnectcd'by a suitahle coupling device. The outlet end 9 extends upwardly above the intake cnd'S.

The core 7 pieces may he of any suitable sire, and any suitable or desirable number of the coils may be provided, according to the size of the ice boig in which my im" roved cooling is paratus is to be used, Pro erably and usua 1y :1: improved cooling apparatus tom of an ice-box, (indicated at a in Fig. 2,)

coils, so that the lower portions of t e coils and the lower sides of the submerged in the water resulting from the melting of the ice, while air-spaces are formed in the upper portions of the core-pieces and between the upper portions of the coils. The

pieces of ice to get between them, and by thus disposing my cooling-coils horizontally'in the bottom of the ice-box even a minimum quantity of ice placed directly on thecoils is sulficient to cool the hear or other liquid drawn through the coils to the required tern eraturc. It will he understood that if it be esired to do so my improved cooling apparatus mag be laced in a vertical position in the iceox. It will also he understood that in improved cooling apparatus me be readi y removed from the ice-box at w' l and that whn sorcit in a vessel of hoilin r water, so as to cause the coils and the inte e end 8 thereof to'be submerged, while the ,outlct end 9 projects shove the :iurface of the boiling water, which will be caused to enter the coils through the inlet 8 to circulate entirely through the coils. Hence both the interiors and'the exteriors of the coilsjwill' hc thoroughly and very expeditiously cleansed.-

lluving thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire'to securehy Letters Patent, is- I 1 1. A liquideoolingapparatus comprising tubular core-pieces apipe having inner coils extending around; e core-pieces and crossed between Said core-pieces, and outer coils also extending around the core-pieces and dissed intermediate the inner coils.

2. A liquid-cooling apparatus com rising tubular core pieces having outwar y ex is placed in a orizontal position in t e botand the ice used is placed directly u on'the core-pieces become open spaces between the coils enable small moved it may he readily cleansed by placing tending flanges at their ends, 0. pipe having innercoils extending around the core-pieces and crossed between said oore ieoes, and outer coils also extending aroun the corepieces and disposed intermediate the inner coils, and having their intermediate portions opposite the crossed portions of the inner coils spaced therefrom.

In testimony Witnesses;


whereof I have hereunto Se my hand in presence of two subscribing wit-

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