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Publication numberUS814205 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1906
Filing dateJul 21, 1905
Priority dateJul 21, 1905
Publication numberUS 814205 A, US 814205A, US-A-814205, US814205 A, US814205A
InventorsCharles Arthur Hawes
Original AssigneeCharles Arthur Hawes
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Pocket-case for mileage-books, baggage-checks, &c.
US 814205 A
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PATBNTBD MAR. 6, 1906.


./////////`\"\` fmwnmwffmfmf Immun' nu..

w imlllll" Mifunne-asses. C w


APOCKET-CASE` Fon. minier-Books, AGGAGE-ascxa te. i

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES ARTHUR vHAWEs, a citizen of the United States, residn to hold'several of such mileage-books and expose also baggage-checks and single railroad-tickets and which is so constructed as to be compact and easily carried in ones pocket.

The pocket-oase comprises a backin -strip of pliable material which can be fo ded-- such, for instance, as leather-and which is arranged to fold on itself in sections, one end of said strip being shaped to form a flap which is provided with fastening means. On the inner face ofthe end section adjacent the iiap is formed 'a plurality of pockets, which preferably extend transversely to `the strip and are of a size to receive baggage-checks, ordinary railroad-tickets, &c., and on the inn er face of each of the other sections is a mileage-book-receiving pocket which extends toward the end of the strip, said latter pockets having a depth less than the Width of a mileage-book so that when the mileage-book is in the ocket a portion of said book will be d, thus facilitating the selection of a proper mileage-book.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a view of my improved pocket-case unfolded,

' thus providing access to each of the pockets.

Fig. 2 is a view showing the case partially unfolded to expose the bagga e-check-receiving pockets, and Fig. 8 shows t e pocket-case entirely folded.

3 designates the backing-strip, which may be of anyV suitable pliable material, such as` leather or cloth, which can be folded on itself. This backing-Strip is arranged to fold on subspecincatibn of Letter. Patent.

Application lled July 21, 1905. Serial No. 270,669.

portions between the lines of thefolds constitute sections 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. On the inner face of each of .the sections 9, 10, 11,

and 12 is formeda mileage-book-'receiving pocket .14, which pocket extends toward the end of the strip and the opening or mouth 15 of which pocket extends transversely of the strip. Each pocket ma be conveniently formed by sewing three si es of a piece of material 16 onto the backing-strip. I have herein shown said pockets as arranged in pairs-,that is, the pockets on the sections 9 and 10 have their openings directed toward each other, the pockets on the sections 11 and 12 similarly opening toward each other.

On the section 13 I have provided a plurality of baggage-check-receiving or ticket-receiving pockets 18, which pockets extend transversely of the strip. These pockets may be all of the same depth or of different depths, as desired. rihe end o'f the strip beyond the section 13 is shaped to present a iap 19, which is provided with one member 2 0 of a fastenin device, the-complemental member 21 of W 'ch is secured-to the outer side of section 12.

When the pocket-case is opened out, as shown in Fig. 1, all the mileage-books and also the contents of each of the pockets 18 are exposed to view, and a person can readily select the particular mileage-book or ticket he desires to use. If, however, a person merely wants to use his baggage-check or ordinary railroadticket or any other article contained in one of the pockets 18, it is simply necessary to unfasten the flap and open up the section 13, as shown in Fig. 2. When the pocket-case is closed, the various sections are rolled up, as will be obvious, thus making a very compact case.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

A pocket-case comprising a backing-strip of pliable material adapted to fold on itselr1 in sections, the outer end of -said strip being shaped to constitute a flap, the inner face of the section adjacent the flap having a plurality of overlapping transversely-extendmg re- Patented March 6,1906.

stantially the lines 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and the ceivin -ilocketg hmfing open mouths, and In testilnony' whereof I have signed my each o t e other'sectlons heymg on 1ts lnner name to tlnsfspeclcation in the presence of face a .mileage-book-recelvmg pocket protwo subscrlblng Witnesses.

vided with an o en mouth and which extends CHARLES ARTHUR HWES. entirely across t e backing-strip, the mileege- Witnesses: book-receiving pocket on adjacent sections LOUIS C. SMITH,

opening in opposlte directions. l BERTHA F. HEUsER.

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Cooperative ClassificationA45C1/06