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Publication numberUS814286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1906
Filing dateMay 11, 1905
Priority dateMay 11, 1905
Publication numberUS 814286 A, US 814286A, US-A-814286, US814286 A, US814286A
InventorsWilliam J Harris
Original AssigneeJames H Glass, William J Harris
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Hospital or invalid's bed.
US 814286 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

MWMWM No. 814,286. PATENTBD MAR. 6, 1906. W. J. HARRIS.




` lmmmlmll- Clttoz mm3 No. 814,286. PATENTBD MAR. 6, 1906.




2 sHnETs-SH'EBT z.


.WILLIAM l.I-.i'IniRaIs, or K NoXB'oR. Naw YORK, AssIGNoR on oNE-f naar ro .I AMEsn. Gnass, or KNoXBoR'o, NEW Yoan.

HosPrraL on mwmnsA BED..

' No. 814,2586. l -l Bpeciiication of Letters 1l-"atout- Patented March 6, 1906.

Appunti ma lay-11,1906.. serai no. 'zsaaam To all whom it may conserva ciated parts of the bed furnishings, so -that 55 Be it known that I, WILLIAM J. HARRIS, a the same may be raised and lowered with the citizen of theUnitedStates,residi` AatKnoX- bod -of the patient. '4 boro, in the county of Oneida an State of' T e side bars 3 are' ivotally connected at 5 New York, have invented certain new and their inner ends, as in` icated at 6, to the side Beds, of which the following is a specification. adjustablehead-frarne' to swing from a hori- This invention relates to an improved h'os-- z ontal to a vertical position, and vice versa,

pital or invalids bed, the object of the invenand said side Ibars 3 'are also ivotally con- Io tion being to provide sim le and effective nected adjacent their outer en s by means of bek easily and conveniently raised of lowered carried by a transverse shaft 10, journaled in from a reclining to a sitting osture, and vice be -hangers 11, dependinglfrom the side versa, and vto any interme 'ate position, as railsfo the main frame. On t e shaft 10 isa 15 may be desired `b the patient or patients gear 12, which'v meshes with a worm 13, carattendant.

The invention in one of its forms of organextends longitudina y of and below the main zation Y is illustrated in the accompanying frame and is journaled at its, ends 'in hangers drawings, inwhich j, or-bearing-brackets 15, depending `from the 4zo Figure 1 is a top plan view of a bed-frame head and oot rails ofthe main frame.

ame of the latter being shown 1nA `Its shaft, preferably that end disposed below the lowered position. Fi 2 is a side elevationai foot of thei main frame, is an actuating crankview of the sam'e, s owing the adjustable handle 16,"whereby said shaft may be turned head-frame elevated. Fig. 3 is a vertical -in one direction or the other to raise and head-frame at the/limits of its move'nents 1n the intervemng ge `above described. wIt full and broken lines. Fig. 4 is la. vertical will thus be seen that t e body of the'patient transverse section taken. on the plane indimay be easily and conveniently raised or low- .13o cated bythe line 4 4 of Fi 1 and loolng ered from areclining tha sittin posture, and toward the head of the bedame, and Fig.v 5 viceversa', and to any interme v"is aperspective'view of the elements of the as ma be desired by thepatient or patients invention disassociated from the bed-frame. atten ant also that the adjustable headi Referring no w more particularl to the 'framewill beheld securely in any of its ad- 35 drawil'lgs, wherein like reference c aracters just-ed positions through the self-locking ac- .denote corresponding parts throughout the tion of the worm-gearing, thus obviat the' 9o several i'riev'vs, the numeral 1 designates a necessity of auxillary fastenings.- -`It lbe main frame, shown in the `conventional form. further seen that the a ar bearing bracket 'of the frame of ahospital orinvalids bed, and or hanger' 15, attached to the head-rail of the 4o which may be made of any approved matemainframe,has itshorizontal arm so arranged rial and construction. Arranged to fold or as to form a support for the adjustable head- 95 turn down within the head ortion of thisframe when the latter is lowered. main frame 1, so as to lie ush therewith The adjustable head-frame may be pivotwhen lowered, is an ad'ustable head-frame 2. ally mounted to rest when in lowered posi- 45 This frame 2 is ofb form and comprises tion upon the main frame, and the hangers 15 ends of the side bars, said side bars and crossparting from the spirit Aof the invention.

parallel with the side and h .'for raising and lowering the lower extremi- 5o main-frame when the head-frame -is lowered ties of a atient and also upon surgicalchair's l and a cross-brace 5 connecting the side bars 3 and tables for obvious uses.' at a substantially intermediate point. In Ha thus described the invention,'what practice thefram'e 2 lies beneath the head is clainie asnew is-f portion of the mattress, the pillow, 4and a device-ofthe character described, 'the useful ImprovementsinHospital or Invalids rails ofgth'e mainframe, so as to permit the 6o means whereby the body o vthe patient may 4curved dependinglinks 8 to crank-arms 9, 65

ried by an operat' U-shaft 14, which shaft 14 7o lcui ed with the'invention, the adjustable Attached to one end of the operating- -7'5 'longitudinal section, showing the adjustable lower the headframe through the medium of 8o ate position, 85

side bars 3, across-bar 4 connecting the outer may be made of different `form without deroeA ``bar bein'g so disposed as to spevelfy llie T hcdevicem'aybe used at thefoot of abcd -r- Ao t le combination of a main frame, an elevatingl brackets fixed to upon the mam frame pivotally mounted frame, said elevatln -rame being substantially of bail form an( comprising side pieces ately by cross-bars, said side pieces heilig journaled at their inner ends frame to adapt the said elevating-frame to swing from a horizontal position between and substantially Hush with the sides of the main frame to a substantially vertical position, and vice versa, bearing-brackets depending from the sides of the main frame, a transverse. shaftajournaled insaid bearings, a gear on said shaft, crank-arms attacheda to the shaft, l

arcuate links connecting said crank-arms l with the side pictos of the elevating-frame l' ets havin g port for t connected at their outer ends and intermedig nal shaft journaled in said brackets, a worm upon the main j ing) Il' su stantially as described.

the ends of the main frame and depending therefrom, one of said bracka portion arranged to form a supe outer eross-barof the elevatingframe when the latter is lowered, a longitudicarried by said shaft andmeshing with the gear on the transverse shaft, and an operat- 25 device applied to said longitudinal shaft, In testimony whereof I alix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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