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Publication numberUS814408 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1906
Filing dateFeb 28, 1905
Priority dateFeb 28, 1905
Publication numberUS 814408 A, US 814408A, US-A-814408, US814408 A, US814408A
InventorsFrederick Albert Steele
Original AssigneeFrederick Albert Steele
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Toilet article.
US 814408 A
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No. 814,408. PATENTED MAR. 6. 1906.








Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 6, 1906.

Application filed February 28, 1905. Serial No. 247,706-

2'0 aZl whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, FREDERICK ALBERT STEELE, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New Rochelle, in the county of Westchester and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Toilet Article, of which the following is a clear, full, and exact description.

The invention relates to an article adapted to be used for cleansing and medically treating the human anus, and it is intended especially for use by persons afliicted with piles and other diseases or disorders of the rectum and anus.

In its preferred embodiment the invention comprises a packing of paper having on one side a mass of absorbent materialto wit, cotton-batting covered by a woven fabric. Preferably both the paper and absorbent material are medicated, so that when dampened the medicines will act on the anus, thus exerting a curative effect at the same time that t e anus is cleansed.

Reference is had to the accompanying drawings, which represent, as an example, the preferred embodiment of my invention.

In the drawings like letters of reference represent like parts in both views.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device, and Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the same.

a indicates the backing of the device, which is preferably of paper or some other tough semistiif material. The backing is covered with a pad of cotton-batting I), held in place by a perforated fabric covering a, the edges of which are glued or otherwise fastened to the backing. I prefer to medicate the backing and pad. Various substances may be used for the purpose. For the paper backing a I prefer a solution of one part of bichlorid of mercury to eight thousand parts of water, and as a lotion to be applied to the cotton 7) of the pad I prefer to use a mixture of Zinc oxid, boracic acid, eucalyptus oil, and thymol. It should be understood, however, that I am not limited to these substances.

The drawings show an arrangement in which two backing-sheets a are connected by an integral tongue, thus forming a unitary couple of the toilet articles, which before I intervals, so that the sheet may using may be folded together, as shown, and torn apart when about to be used. The articles, however, may be formed separately, or a large number may be connected together by a continuous backing-sheet perforated at be formed into a roll like the ordinary toilet-paper.

In the use of the invention the pad should be wetted with water, so that it may be used effectively to cleanse the anus, and at the same time the water serves to release the medicines from the pad and enable them to act. It will be seen, therefore, that the de' Vice serves the double purpose of cleansing and medically treating the parts.

Various changes in the form and minor details of the invention may be resorted to at will without departing from the spirit thereof. Hence I consider myself entitled to all such varieties as may lie within the scope of my claims.

Having thus described the preferred form of my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A toilet article for treating diseases of the anus, comprising two paper backingsheets connected to each other by an integral tongue, a mass of dry absorbent medi cated material engaged with each backingsheet, and a woven-fabric covering for each mass of absorbent material, said coverings having their edges secured respectively to the backing-sheets to hold the absorbent material in place whereby the pad may be moistened to render the medicant active.

2. A toilet article for treating diseases of the anus comprising two paper backingsheets connected by a narrow integral tongue and adapted to fold the one over the other, a mass of absorbent medicated material located on the upper side of each backing-sheet and a woven-fabric covering for each mass of absorbent material, said coverings having their edges secured to the upper surfaces of the respective backing-sheets to hold the ab sorbent material in place. I

3. A new article of manufacture for treating diseases of the anus, comprising a backing or body of sheet material, a mass of medi cated absorbent material lying against one side of the backing or body, and a thin wovenfabric covering for said absorbent material, said covering having its edges secured to the backing-sheet, to hold in place the absorbent material, whereby upon moistening the ab sorbent material and covering, the medicament will be allowed to act through the covering, and the backing or body sheet will serve to retain the form of the article and permit manipulation thereof.




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