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Publication numberUS814820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1906
Filing dateMar 28, 1905
Priority dateMar 28, 1905
Publication numberUS 814820 A, US 814820A, US-A-814820, US814820 A, US814820A
InventorsWilliam H Wood
Original AssigneeWilliam H Wood
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US 814820 A
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.im 814,820.. PATBNTED MAR. 13, 1906@ w. H. Woon;


y APPLIOATION MLnnMAmzs, 1905.

lvihwowa v l Gunning. w v

' -Be it known that I, WILLIAM H.

-.xo same.

i 35)"ing1iquid-tube 15 4o gu arpassage-Way oro enin WrLLiAM H. Woon, OF oLEvELAND, OHIO.

Ai'ownzsal q' Np. 814,320.

1T0 aZZ whomit'may concern,.-

Woon, ot

. Cleveland,in the county of Cuyahoga and State voi-Chio, have inventedcertain new and Y 5 useful'Improvements in Atomizers; and I do hereby declare the followin clear, and exact description to be a full,

which it. appertainsr to lmake and use the This invention The invention has for its object the production ofmeans whereby the relative pro- I5 portionsl of air` and 'liquid may be regulated, whereby the same atomizermay be used. for

liquids off different specific gravities and any consistency.:

f To thisend the inventionwill be hereinaf- 2o ter fully 'set forth, and particularly pointed z5 'Iteferring to the' drawings, 10 designates Vthel usual liquid-receptacle, in which the atomizer is supported by means of a stopper 11. The atomizer comprises a horizonta l a an ed casing-12, lrovided with a mixingerl), from w 'ch leads the outlet or spray pipe 14, the'latter beingdetachably connected by means of a threaded coupling. `Said chamber is also provided with a ower threaded opening through which the dependprojects, the upper end of said tube being ta ered andcurve'd, as indicated at 16, to al ow 4compressed air to act thereon from all.' sides. The-rear end'. of casin 12 is thickened and provided With'an an- 17, which communicates with 'one-'c anne 18 of the airtube, said latter being detachably connected to casing-12 and depending therefrom. The air-tubeisprovided with a nipple 19, coni y 45 nected by a'tube 2O with any suitable 'aircompressing' device, a channel 21 being pro- Avided, whereby the air from said compressor 1 enters the receptacle 1'0 to actv upon the.k surface of the liquid thereinv contained. In or- 5o der to'vary the roportions ofair and liquid,

ating-valve 22",'which is illus- Iprovideareglq eaded plug provided with a trated as a t milled head 23,` whereby .the saine may bev readily manipulated. Said valveislocated the invention, such as dll enableothers skilled in the art tol q relates tov certain new and Auseful improvements 1n ,atomizers p i Specification of Letters Patent. Patented March 13, 1906. Application nea una 25.1905. sean no. 252,521.

jus't back of the fopek close the channel 18.'

ters lnipple 19 and divides, om` portionpasspassing downwar through channel-2 1 where'- y the air within receptacle 10 is compressed.

the tube 15 into the discharge or lspray pipe 14, the air from channel 18 passing into chamber 13,/thereby causing said liquid at sulting ina corresponding increase in the pressure upon the l1( uid.

The advantages o my improved atomizer will -be at once apparent to those vskilled in the art to whichit appertains.

particularly noted that the sameis exceedingly simple in construction and that the parts ymaybe readily separated for repairs or -a vantage is that I am enabled to' regulate the relativeproportions of air and li uid, whereby'the same atomizer may be use for liquids of different specific gravities and consistcncies, thus accomplishing in one device what has heretofore re uired-a sepa-rate device for each liquid emp oyed.

I claimas my inventiona mixing.- 'chamber and'a transversely-arranged bore communicating with the` latter, saidb'casin being also vprovided with avertical air c annel intersecting said bore, a.

ward end of said alve being extendedtransversely across the top otsai'cI air-channel, and

end ofthe latter, a threaded valve working in said b ore, the-forward end lof said valve being `'ng 1". and arranged to the discharge-point to j'assume the conditionl of a spray.v Itv will be readily observed that Thus by closing the a liquid-tube communicating with said chamq 4 I c o 2. Anatomizer comprising a casing havingV provide with a transversely-arranged bore communicating with said chamber, said wall [In practice air from the air-compressor ening upward throu h channel'ls 9nd the other The effect of this is to force liquid through through' the chamberlS .thequantity of air y admitted tothe receptacle 10 is increased, re-

Itlwill be re lacement. A further and most important Y 9 1. An atomizer vcomprising a casing having threaded valve working in said bore, thefor-` extended transversely across the top of said air-channel, and a liquid-tube communicating with said chamber.

3. An atomizer comprising a casing having a mixing-chamber the front Wall of which is provided with a horizontally-arranged outet-tube, the rear wall of said chamber being provided with a horizontal bore in line with wall being provided with an air-channel communicating With said chamber, a threaded valve wor 'ng in said wall and controlling said air-channel, a liquid-tube communicatine' .with the bottom of said chamber, an airtu e communicating with said airschannel and provided With a branch pipe, and means for supplying compressed alr through said branch pipe.

5.y An atomizer com rising a casing provided with a forwardly-arranged 1111x111 rchamber and a thickened rear wall, said wa l being provided with an air-channel communicating with said chamber, a detachable outlet-pipe leading from said chamber, a liquid-tube detachably secured t0 said casing 'and projecting into said chamber, an air-tube detachabl connected to said casing and leading to sai air-channel, means for supplying compressed air to said air-tube, and means for varying the volume of air passing from said air-tube to said chamber.

in testimony whereof I have signed this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

' WILLiAM H. Woon.

Witnesses i Jesse A. FENNER, CHARLES L. STOGKER.

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