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Publication numberUS815502 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1906
Filing dateMay 17, 1905
Priority dateMay 17, 1905
Publication numberUS 815502 A, US 815502A, US-A-815502, US815502 A, US815502A
InventorsJulian Chandler Anderson
Original AssigneeDuplex Envelope And Printing Company Inc
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Coin-holding card.
US 815502 A
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815,502. PATENTVED MAR. 20, 1906.




' 'make 'and use the same.

' ducedapapercard erably inte' al, one-r b0 JULIAN CHAN R ANDEnsoN,

To allvizhbnt it may concern.-


oo|N'-'H'o|.o mecAnb.f

J Be it'knownthat I, JULIAN CHANDLER Arrmmson, a citizen of the United States residat Richmond, in the county of Ilenrico and State of Vir f a, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Coin-Holding Cards; and I do hereby declare the followof the .inventlon, we

as will enable others skilled in the art'towhich it appertain's' 'to a device for carrying coins I haveproof two eqtilial parts, reft bounde around bya esive material for unitingtheiredges, including the folded edge, and one part havmg an opening or openings be introduced through said ferent slzes 0 L Figure blan from which the coin holdingcard is folded parts are cemented 'to ether.

nicating-with a space between forming thereby a stifi a whereby a vcoin or coins of the, 1n ne'rwal1s, er receptacle, erent sizes max 0 emngs an e aratedpwalls of the card within the space. bounded 1b the united d margin bein caus' arated walls, to render the be reinforced by a transverse adhesive bar .divi coin-recei confined between the sap mg continuous is advantageous upon both sides of the coin an space for'the reception 0 difso as to produce a raised surfaceoneach around and within thespace bounded by the 35 I stiffness and the clamping function of both adhesive material, and thereby increase the,

raised walls upon the'coin, and in the claim" ppended hereto I will point out the parti culax-features. wherein my invention resides, in

connection with wherein+ g 1 v 1 shows the .two part embossed the accompanying r g produced, one of the parts being Sprovided with a:cementing-border; Fig. 2 owe the embossed holding-cardas a coin-carrier. .Fig. 3 is alongitudinal section of the same Fig. 4 is a cross-section of the same befmfighe 5 is a like section with thefolde parts secured commu-..

thickness of thecoin,


I coins. A feature of improve ment resides in embossing these united parts,v

resent d-m1: 20, 1906.

to ether. di erent form of open n v The blank from which-the cardispreferably formed is of stiff a imate square of fill lieagainst' each other when the arts are oined. The front side is provided wlth open;

ofjany form'thatwill permgs 6,"one or more, mit of the introduction and hol' between the inner walls of the surfaces'of the" folded parts, and-to allow-the parts to be secured together the embossing 1s made within-- the area of the card so 7 all around the'yedges of thecard,a'nd t marginal surface by suitable adhesive material 1s the uniting medium for the folded "arts, "leaving'therebytheraised surfaces c oselys 1 4 8 the ralsed surfaces -w1ll be forced apar the hold it with a elampin function, so t at-it cannotfreely slide m .t espace betwe n the walls. .I prefer an opening in the fo of a slot, 7 as 'it gives free the coinand revents it from fa f embossing a so adds stifiness to the. card, and both parts being of the same material renders .6 shows a coin-carrier having as to provide a marfir;

, but sol-that when the coin is inserted.

and thereby cans d to I o1 morn/1on1); VIRGIN IA. Asslcivon TO THE rnm'rme- COMPANY, me, or. RICHMOND,

er, preferably an a prom able front and bad parts 1 2', s parated by a mediate folding-hue 3 ing tobe a full, clear and exact description E h formed thereby within the'lines 5'will dlng, ofa coin om for the insertion of eut. The

the back and front'of equal stren hand stifl' n'ess, with a, cemented, margina 1 round the card,v 'ving eater stre hto-its edges and lesseni i ig the abilit to t g brokeni a For mailing coin prefer to 'vide the coinreceiving space by a transversesbar 8 ofadhesive substance, and thus adapt the card for different sizes of coins and prevent the smaller coins from mo about or'rattling between the walls. This 1s especially advantageous when itisdes'ired to send a fifty-cent coin and 'a-twenty-five-cent or'dime coin in the same card; but in cards for church or sinfilar collections the division-bar may be dispensed w1th, making the card a tithe-gatherer. For

this purpose my improved coin-'oarrieris advantageous in allowing'nickels and dlmes or fifty and twenty five cent coins to be sent in the same card, providing thereby a convening of the parts at the fold. The advantage of making the blank of stiff paper is that it cannot be bent without breakm it, and there fore the unauthorized remova of the coin cannot be effected .by bending the carrier at the opening. The advantage of usin the adhesive material along the folded e ge is that it forms an unbroken cemented border surrounding an embossed or raised panel, between the walls of which the coin is confined, and this is a feature of my invention in a coincarrier of two equalparts closed by one fold and in which each part has a raised surface standing toward each other, making them thereby both the same. stiffness around the inclosed space and giving each a clamping function upon the com.

I claim- .w A coin-carrier ofstiif paper, square form 'and folded in two equal parts, one part rovided with an adhesive substance aro'un its 1 edges including the edge at which the fold 1s made forming thereby a continuous united border; inclosmg a space, one of said folded arts having one or more openings adapted fbr the insertion of a coin, and 'both to ded parts having an embossed or raised surface standing toward each other and bounded by said adhesive border thereby giving each fold the same stiffness and clamping function upon the coin.

In testimony'whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses MARY L. NORTHERN, ARCHER G. J onus.

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