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Publication numberUS815722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1906
Filing dateOct 17, 1905
Priority dateOct 17, 1905
Publication numberUS 815722 A, US 815722A, US-A-815722, US815722 A, US815722A
InventorsTimothy Lydon
Original AssigneeTimothy Lydon
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Means for filtering streams and the like.
US 815722 A
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No. 815,722. PATENTED MAR. 20,1906.




TiMorHYLYnoN, or NEw'YoRnN. Y. ,f


No. 815,722. v

Specification of Letters Patent.- Appiimion filed october 17,1905. Vserai No. 283,140.

Ik'atented lifllarch 20, 1906.

' 'provements in means for clarifying the water y of running streams, and 1s based, primarily,

upon the improvements described and claimed in my Letters Patent No. 719 ,240, granted to me January 27, 1903.

The patented invention comprehended a series of pure-water discharge-pipes arranged to carry the surface water of a running stream to the city mains and a drain-pipe extending along the bottom of the stream in the rear of a dam or within a reservoir, said drain-pipe extending along the bottom and tapering from its discharge end to itsv receiving end and being provided in lits walls with numerous intake-apertures designed to carry off slime and other impurities from the bottom of the stream or reservoir.

, The present inventi on has for its object improved means for clarifying the water of running streams, said means employing or embodying the tapered pipes of my prior patent before mentioned and consisting in addition vthereto in the novel arrangement of said pipes and their combination with supplementary dams; and it also consists in the arrangement of such pipes whereby pure water only'is insured to be discharged i-n the mains, while the partly-cloudy or impure water is directed laterally from the main stream and may be utilized for various purposes. If this impure or muddy water contains sufiiv cient sediment,'it may beinits lateral deflection utilized for filling marshes or swampy places. l

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a plan view of my invention, and Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section thereof. y i Referring tothe drawings, the referencenumeral 1 -designates a running stream of any depth or width, my inventionv being adaptable to all conditions just as they may be found. The numeral 2 designates lthe breast of a dam thrown across said stream, in its preferred structure said dam consisting of masonry provided with a strengthening portion 3, an arch 4 producing a lateral-extendying draw-off passage, and a facing-wall 5,

which is preferably inclined, as shown, and -is provided with any desired number of ports or passages 6, through which the water may gain access4 to the lateral draw-off passage and pass therethrough to the gate-house or mam.

At any desired intervals in the stream are built supplemental dams 7. Inthis instance said dams are three in number and extend across the stream from side to side thereof. It is to be understood that any number of .these supplemental dams may be employed and at different intervals apart, according to the conditions existing. In the present instance also said dams are formed of any number of rows of spiles or piling, and theyv extend in an oblique direction, as indicated in Fig. 1. Beyond each supplemental dam 7 is located one of the tapering drain-pipes 8, before referred to, said pipes being provided on their upper sides with apertures 9. The

drain-pipes 8 also extend obliquely and are of such length throughA the bank of the stream that they will discharge their contents into a branch stream or any other portion of the ground and at any desired distance from the main stream. They are located on the bottom of the main stream, and as. the stream flows toward the dam the slime and sediment will creep along the bottom andv by suc- |tion will be drawn 0E through the apertures 9 and pipes 8'to the desired point where it is intended the slime and other impurities shall be discharged. In the preferred embodiment of the invention that drain-pipe which is located farthest from the dam is provided with apertures of relatively large size, and thel apertures of the respective other drain-pipes as the dam is approached are relatively smaller. I'Ience thelarger articles, such as gravel and stone or other matter to be laterally discharged, are intercepted by the rst-named IOO drain-tube, while the others in succession instood that the branch stream may be of any length. As the stream flows toward the dam the surface Water Will pass successively over the supplemental dams and be received in the main in a clarified state, While the drainpipes Will successively draw off the slime or other cloudy impurities from the bottom.

I claim as my inventionl. Means for clarifying the Water of running streams and the like, comprising one or more supplemental dams obliquely disposed across the stream, and drain-pipes arranged beyond each of said supplemental dams, said drain-pipes being provided in their upper sides With apertures and being arranged to discharge at a point some distance from the stream in a lateral direction.




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Cooperative ClassificationB01D21/02, E02B8/026