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Publication numberUS815893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1906
Filing dateMay 1, 1905
Priority dateMay 1, 1905
Publication numberUS 815893 A, US 815893A, US-A-815893, US815893 A, US815893A
InventorsCharles Isaac Adams
Original AssigneeCharles Oliver Clark
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US 815893 A
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PATENTED MAR. 20, 1906. c. I. ADAMS & 0. 0. CLARK.






To 0b whom it may concern.-

Be it known that we, CHARLES IsAAo AD- in the county of Middlesex, England, subjects of the King of England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hat- Holders; and we do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to a hat-holder by means of which a hat of any size is held firmly in position and from which'it may be withdrawn with extreme facility.

The holder consists, essentially, of two portions so fitted and arranged that they are drawn normally toward one another by means of a spring or springs. The two portions are furnished with suitable grips, so bent or formed that they will receive hats of various sizes by pressing the hat between the said grips, where it is held by the tension of the spring pressing-the grips toward one another. A hook may be attached, if desired, for holding a coat or other article.

In order that our invention may be better understood, we will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the drawings ac com anying this specification, which show one orm of holder constructed according to our invention. 1

In the drawings, Figure 1 is an elevation of a holder constructed according to our invention. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of same,

I showing a hat dotted in position.

The same letters of reference are employed to denote the same parts in both views.

a b show a metal rod bent at 1) into the c d e represent a second rod bent into the form ofa clip at d and having the portions 0 and-e parallel to one another. The portions 0. and e are passed through holes in a plate f and are retained therein by means of nuts, riveting, or by other suitable means. Inthe drawings they are shown retained in position by means of nuts. g is another plate through which the portions 0 and e slide and to which the ortion a of the first-mentioned rod is fixed by means of a nut h. 1' is a helical spring Specification of Letters Patent. I fippliqation filedlllay 1,1905. Serial No. 258,259.

Patented March 20, 1906.

. placed on the rod a between the plates f and g, the plate 9' acting as an abutment for the end of the spring. In the form of the device shown on the drawings the rod a is extended downward to form a hook la is another plate through which the parallel ortions of the dpiece c d e pass and to whic they are fixe Through a hole in this plate 7c the'extension of the rod a, carrying the hook passes.

'm is a plate suitably formed to take the rod a and provided with screw-holes for the purpose of attaching the device to the wall or in any required position.

It will be seen-that when the device is fixed in position it is simply necessary to catch the brim of the hat on the lower clip, press the clips tending to come together under the influence of the spring 1'. hold the hat firmly in position. The hat can be withdrawn instantly by a slight pressure on the lower clip. It will also be observed that a coat or other article may be suspended from the hook j githout affecting the spring or disturbing the It is obvious that the device may be made in various forms while retaining the essential principle of cli s or the like mounted on sections normal y drawn toward one another by the action of a spring or springs.

Clips constructed according to this invention will be found far more useful than the ordinary form of hook or holder for hats. They can be adjusted so as to accommodate any-sized hat, and they are much more sanitary and far cleaner in use than the ordinary peg, since the device does not touch the inside of the hat or lining.

What we claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States of America, 1s a 1. An article of the character described comprising a rod provided with a fixed hatclip, in combination with a second hat-clip composed of a single piece of wire bent to form a loop and terminating in elongated in order to keep them in position;

same down, and slip the brim under the u per clip, when. on releasing the pressure the ICO parallel arms, cross-pieces, connecting said to normally draw the latter inwardly, and 1 clip member toward said first clip member, means for securing said rod to a wall or simil and means for securing said rod to a wall or lar support, substantially as described. similar support, substantially as described.

2. An article of the character described, In testimony whereof we ai'lix our signa- I5 comprisinga supporting-rod terminating in tures in presence of two witnesses.

inwardly bent hooks one of said hooks adapted to form a clip member of a hat-sup- CHARLES ISAAC ADAMS port and the other hook to form a hanger f r V CHARLES OLIVER CLARK a garment, in combination with a second list Witnesses:

1o clip member interposed between said hooks, A. E. VIDAL,

means normally tending to draw said second H. D. J AMESON.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/10