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Publication numberUS816106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1906
Filing dateMay 23, 1905
Priority dateMay 23, 1905
Publication numberUS 816106 A, US 816106A, US-A-816106, US816106 A, US816106A
InventorsClarence A Lindsay
Original AssigneeClarence A Lindsay
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Inflatable toy.
US 816106 A
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PATENTED MAR. 25, 1906.


iwentoz To all whom it may concern:


Be it known that I, CLARENCE A. LINDSAY,

a citizen of the United. States, residin at- My invention .relates .to toys, has especial reference to" inflatable to s, preferably made of rubberandhasforitso 'ecttheproduction the designating c of a toy'in imitation of a bu ble whichin its inflation and disen agement from the inflatingstem resembles.t e blowing of soap-bubbles for the amusement ofchildren.

The invention-consists in'certain features of construction which will be fully disclosed in the following specification and claims.

' In the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification,-Figure 1 represents a side elevation of my invention, and Fig. 2 a longitudinal section on anenlarged sca e.

, Reference beinglhad to the drawin s and aracters thereon, t e numeral 1 indicates an inflatable body, preferabl spherical in form and. made of rubber, an is provided with a tubular neck 2 and a tube 3, also made of rubber, having a semispherical inner end provided with a valve 4, formed by makin a longitudinal incision 5 in the tube, and t e outer end of'the tube is provided with a bead or enlargement 6. On the tube is a band 7 of fabric ooatedwith adhesive material and resembles tire-tape-'to cause the band to adhere to the tube 3 and the neck 2 to adhere to the outer surface of the band to prevent the tube 3 from being accidentally disengaged from the neck 2 of the body 1.v I

8 indlcates a tubular inflating-stem made to resemble .a pipe enerally used by children for blowing soapubbles and is provided at its large end with an encircling band 9, preferably of rubber, having an inwardlyprojecting annular flexible flange 10 to slip over the bead 6 on the tube 3 and secure the body 1 to the-tube 8 while the body is being inflated.

On the outer endof the tube 8, which is preferably made ofpaper, is an annular piece of sheet metal 11 to stlflt'en the tube and over which the band 9 is drawn.

Specification of Letters Patent. Application and Iay23,1905. s iral No.'261,840.


nection for engaging said tube. 5. A toy, comprlsin .an i


. Patented March 97,1906.

body 1 been mama;

tossing motion is given the stem.8,whic rebody floats away, resembling a soa -.bubble released from a bubble-pipe or ot er ipe. The air glradually leaks out ofthe' ody through t -leases the flange 10 from thebead 6, when the e valve 4, or its release may be" expedited by compressing the inner end of E the tube ,3, thus opening. the valve, or the small end ofthe tube 8 maybe inserted in the open end of the tube 3 and the .valve 4' opened. The body may bereinflated succes- I sively and maybe madeof a. varietylof colors, I

thus adding very materiall to the pleasure and amusement of children y having a numher of different-colored bubbles floating at the same time.

- Having thus fully described myinvention, I 15 5 whatI claim is 1. A toy, com rising an inflatable body providedwith a exible tube having a valve within the body, a bead or enlargement at its outer end and inserted and secured in said body.

2. A toy, com having a neck, a exible tube having a valve rising an inflatable b odywithin the body, a bead at itsouter end, and 1 I a band of fabric treated with adhesive ma-' terial surrounding thetube and engaged by the neck of the body. v

3. A toy, comprising an inflatable body provided with a valved tube having a bead or enlargement at its outerend; in combination with a separate tubular stem provided with means for engaging said tube.

4. A toy, comprising an inflatable body provided with a valved tube having a beaded or enlarged outer end; in combinatlon with a tubular stem provided with a flexible conflatable body rovided with a valve tube havin an enarged or beaded outer end; in com ination with a tubular stem having a flexible flange to engage the tube.

6. A toy, comprising an inflatable body provided with an internalvalve, and a bead or enlargement; in combination with a separate stem provided With'means for engaglng said bead.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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Cooperative ClassificationA63H27/10