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Publication numberUS816553 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1906
Filing dateJun 13, 1904
Priority dateJun 13, 1904
Publication numberUS 816553 A, US 816553A, US-A-816553, US816553 A, US816553A
InventorsPhilip Becker
Original AssigneeGeneva Toy & Game Company
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Game apparatus.
US 816553 A
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1- :0. 816,558. PATENTED APR. 3, 1906.




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l tilt It )3. to F SEXY YOl'lKi GAP-HE APPARATUS.

Specification of Letters Patent :a'sented April 3, 1906.

Application filed ilune 13.1904- Serial Ne. 212,292.

ite it lmown that .t, .lnuar BECKER, a eiti- Zen of the l'nited States, residin at Anderson, Madison eoumv, .lndiana, have invented eertain new and useful improvements in (lame Apparatus, of which the tollowing is a fall, elear, and eoneise speeitieation.

This invention relates to new and improved game apparatus adapted for use in different w a vs to prodtn'e a varietv o'f amusing and instruetivegames and entertainments.

The invention cons sts, in brief, of a number of eards or seetions of sheet material seenrelv but removabtv held upon a suitable mount and having; various inseriptions or marks on the haelts thereof indieating predetermined values, sneh as advances and forteits in the tjillllt. in operation the eards or sections are intended to be seleetivelv removed from the mount and their respeetive values seored b v the several pla vers aeeordin to preserihtal rules of the game for which the apparatus is used and as will hereinafter be tall explained.

The invention also involves certain other important features in the respect of t he general eonslrnetion of the apparatus and the disposition of the eards or seetions, which will be hereinafter deserxbed, and particularly pointed om in the appended elaims.

in the aeeompanving drawings, Figure l is a plan view of the apparatus, and Fig. '2 is an enlarged fragmentary portion of the same e.mhod 'in g a moditieation, and Fig. 3 is a view ofa section reversed.

'lhe reference eharaeter A represents a sheet of paperorother sheet material suitably divided into a plurality of sections ll and seeured upon a mount t, which may be an ordinary boa rd of paper or the like and is preferahl v somewhat larger than the sheet. A, so as to provide adequate spaee for a score-card on the margin thereof, as indieated in the drawings. 'lhe sections B may he provided by printed designations or ruled lines on one side of the sheet or they may he tormed by creases or rows of perforationsdisposed in intersect-- in r eolumns, so that the individual sections thus formed will be more readily separable from the remainderot the sheet. In theform shown in Fig. l of' the drawings the lines of division are formed by double rows of perfora t ions, and the strips 1) between the rows are utilized for attaehing the sheet to the mounts, which may he mniveniently done by gluing, metallic tastenin gs, or otherwise, thus leaving the sect ions or cards between the double division-lines unsecured to the mounts savebythe impcrforated parts of their margins. in this manner the sm'eral sections are held with the fares of the same,whieh bea r the inscriptions,

adjacent the card and etl'eetively eoneealed from view: but the said sections may he readil' removed by the. players in an obvious manner.

in the preferred form (shown enlarged in Fig. 2) the double rows of perforations which subdivide the sheet appear only at sir'h points or portions as bound the sections, thereby lea ing an imperforate grid-like portion D of shectA, which can be more etl'eetivclv glued to the mount than the strips 1) of Fig". l. 'lhis eonstruetion reduces the ehanee of an inadvertent removal of more than a single section at each draw or play and at the same time lessens the possibilities of cheating by turning baek unremoved seetions to expose their under sides.

The apparatus is shown. t'or illustration, in the drawings as adapted for a game analogous to the well-known and conventional game of base-ball, and to this end the sheet A is shown as divided into two hundred and titty-six sections, of which two hundred and two are marked on their reverse sides with inscriptions representing the various points of advance in the game. For example, some are marked 'lhree-hase hits, 'lw'o-base hits, Home run," Base on balls, Passed hall, &c., and the remaining sections are left blank or may be marked with suitable scores representing"l lrror," Foul, "Out,'' Out on fly, &e., there being'titty-tour sections of this kind eorrespomling to the twmity-sevcn outs necessary t be sustained by each side in the actual game of base-ball during nine innings, so that when all of the two hundred and fiftysix have been chosen and removed it will follow that nine innings have been-played and the game completed.

In playing the game the. party playing first by agreement or the toss of a coin proceeds to choose and remove. certain of the sections B, counting the plays indi atted 0n the back thereof in the usual manner until he has drawn or removed three sections, equaling

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Cooperative ClassificationA63F3/0665