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Publication numberUS816870 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1906
Filing dateJan 29, 1906
Priority dateJan 29, 1906
Publication numberUS 816870 A, US 816870A, US-A-816870, US816870 A, US816870A
InventorsSamuel A Markoff
Original AssigneeSamuel A Markoff
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Photographic mailing-card.
US 816870 A
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No. 816,870. PATBN'SED APR. 3, 1.906.

s; A. Mmmm.



- o1 fase of the oord and for this of o suitobieedhesive et those portions of the portions of the sheet e, which are una-ttoelled en edi'iesiyeexteiiding' over the entire fece L7 .l. 'Y l me! eoi, Wille-li slheswe is prefoiaely show ed Y in to the poetion of v l to the ies-r theosofie shall. be

body o.

toolied to 'elle boy et of the Garci to oveilie f tile elitie surfe-.oe 'thereof and to form the l pui'pose may lie provided Wi tothe usuel posteei'd heading-eetl dieetions, together' with propeily-indieeted piece for the attachment of the "postage-stomp. VThe sheet c is permanently attached to the body aoy 'meses body poetico which are not provided with oefoi-stioosfwiiie theportioos of the sheet desigoefllto oyoi'lie the 'peijorstions' are left 'reeio order that they may oe separated from the-"body poitoo by rolling or folding the uiiattsolied portioii oz' poitions of said sheet c. The inner susee of tile portion or to the body o, me peferaloly poyided Yith to secure tlie to dry? so as to pleyent it accidentally stick# Thert it Ls @es elfi to attach s hotovrsoh l P o i oi'otlier 'the oord, solo photogiepl; or other 'picture 1s sttsolieo l sioo .oitbe. sheet c by moistenmg I the edilesiye-orl soi-slleet and popeirly sdl brought into substantial registry with the opening in the card when the' sp-like sheet' c is piessed down upon the In ,orer to secure said sheet c 'ilmly to the body a, the adhesive on the rear ieee 'of seid. sheet 'is moistened the unatte'ohed portions and pressed against the body la.. When this has been ooeoml l justngtlle photogipll o1* the 4like' so that throughout sies'syo ieoeive the photographs loose with espeot to the body of the oord, but proyideel with the necessary adhesive, which shall serve, first, pllotogrsploY in position, and, second/to seal the flap-likefslieet firmly to .the body portion o of the osrcl, so that the photograph or photographs Wili be exhibited through the ooirespoodiog openings.

v'hs-tl.claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, 1s-

A mailing-oord, comprising a body portlon having e displayopemnv, a flap or sheet of `thin materiel os-psble o being rolied back upon itself and of having the position of the display-'opening defined '1;l1e1eon, said flap beingattaoll'ed in and loosely overlying the display-opening, and on adhesive on seid flap serving to et tach the back of o photogeph or the like to said flap so that the photograph will registel with the flispisympening, and to seal the flap to the body portion.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




pot to said body portion y

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/08