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Publication numberUS816899 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1906
Filing dateOct 2, 1905
Priority dateOct 2, 1905
Publication numberUS 816899 A, US 816899A, US-A-816899, US816899 A, US816899A
InventorsJoseph E Chase, John S Mccreary
Original AssigneeJoseph E Chase, John S Mccreary
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US 816899 A
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Nm 816,899. PATENTED APR. 3, 1906.




iirr srafrs rnNr oFFIoE.

JOSEPH lli. CHASE AND J'HN S. MCCREAY, OF UANALrDOVER, OHI; i "tenerse-oriana no. erases.

Jiinproveniente in Theater Chairs, of which the following is a specification, reference being l had therein to the accompanying drawings;

This invention relates 'to certain new and useful improvements in theater-chairs; and the invention has for its primary object to provide a novel form oi chair which can be folded and placed in the iloor ol` a theater, where by a smooth vand uninterrupted surface Will be provided upon the floor of a theater when the chairs are not being used.

Our invention aims to provide a chair which is particularly adapted for use in halls and rooms that may be used for theater or concert purposes, and to this end we have devised a chair that can be easily and quickly folded and lowered into the iloorof a theater or hall, whereby when the chair is not being used it will not obstruct or occupy any space not being used in a theater or hall.

Our improved chair, which may be termed a disappearing chair, can be readily used in aisles and such places where it is desired to temporarily place a seat in case a hall is crowded with s iectators.

By the use oi our improved chair it is ossible to maintain considerable` space in at eater when all the chairs are not in use, thus creating passage-ways and considerable space for persons to Walk when taking their seats and leaving them. Also should i'ire occur in a building equipped with our improved chairs an easy exit can be made.

@ur improved chair can be readil used upon street-cars, railway-cars, and suc vehicles Where it is oftentimes desired and even necessary to dispense with a seat when the same is not being used, at the same time havin r it convenient .in case it is to be occupied.

ith the above and other objects inwiew the invention consists in the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts Speciication of Letters Patent.

ippnaaon ena october 2.1905. serai Nu. 230,973.

' by screws or the like fastenin means.

the chair when not in use. Fig. 2 is a. plan Q I the chair-supporting le Fig. isasidelee; vation of the same. lfi 4 isa plenfa socket which receivesthe eg of a chair. 6o 5 is a side elevation of the same. Fig 6is plan of a pin employed'in connection-'with'` the chair. Fig. 7 is a side elevation 'offo'ur improved chairas mounted in a 'floor and Fig. 8 is a detail sectional View of a portlonpof. 6 5 the chair when folded. 1

To put our invention into practice,we conf struct the floor of a theater or buildin with a recess or oountersunk portion 1, Which'inf `plan conforms to the seat 2 of our improved 7o chair. The recess in depth corres ends to the thickness ofothe seat 2of the e air, and

. the back 3 is adapted to fold upon the seat and when the backend seat are folded an lowered into the recess a sinoothand 15 terrupted surface is established, Which' c llf" be readily walked over b persons`without` endangering their lives. he ooi centrally@ of the recess is provided with a verticall t disposed opening 4, and the bottom oft e 8o floor is rovided with a depending socket 5,

this societ being held in engagement with z i the floor by its flared annular end 6, which is pierced, as at 7, and screws' or the like fastenf` ing means are employed for securing the 85 socket to the floor. The socket is also braced and retained in alinement with the 'opening 4 b a stirru 8, which embraces the lower end oiY the soc'et and is secured to a Hoor, as at 9 9.

The seat 2 of the chair is provided with a' centrally-depending leg 10, said leg having its one end provided with a pierced disk 11, which is secured to 4the bottom of the seat The 95 depending leg is provided Wit a plurality of transversely disposed apertures 12, and a pin 14 is employed for holding the chair at any desired eight above therecess 1, said in being adapted to be inserted through the eg and bear upon the flared annular end 6 of the socket 5. The floor of the recess 2 adjacent to the socket 5 is provided with a recess l5 to accommodate the pin 14 when itis not beingused.

The back of the chair 3 is hinged to theseet, as at 16, these hinges being eountersunk to provide a. smooth surface "for the back Whe n' resting upon the seat. The hinged =edge of i the back of the chair is bevele asivnt"17,fvro whereb when itis in osition to be "ledf the buck o tlicfchair be slightlylineld" Patented tra e,1eo.


il ustreted in Fig. 8 o

thereby making s eomfortsbie seat For the person 'whe occupies the seme. The rem edge of the seat adjacent to the hinged edge of the baci; is provided with a trsnsverseiyrranged strip 18, which is hinged, es et i9, to the seat 2. This strip is provided with s. beveled edge 20; and when Sabe beek is folded u on the seat the striyis folded immrdiy, as

filling the groove or siot which woxiid occur inl the Hoor when ehe eheirie folded if strip were not used.

he u perredge of the beck oiv he simil" v is provi ed with e eountersunk pivoteiiymounted ring 21, und the top of the seat 2 is irevided with e simiia ein@ 22,'tiiese rings Keeing em' loyed to eievste ttiie imc-k 3 of the @hair en a then ehe seat 2 Wiles itis desired 3o use the seme.

vWe do not care to confine ourselves to e metaio chair o'r o. wooden or u bolstered ehairgbut in ease the chair is mer e of wood We preferably line the edges thereof with metaihe strips 231m protect the eher `and add rigidity to the same.

It Wii be'observed that We have resided a ohsir i@het een be easily and quie. y placed in position by the usher of a theater 1n esse 'i theerie is io be occupied end when not in useV will leave s smooth surfeee, which will ferm, e passe e-'Wey for persone entering .eed v leevmg i; e i; eeeif. A

"the drawings, therebyU gege seid bedr,- eouniersunk rms seidseai., end adapted to feld thereon and enpivotsiiy connected to seid beek and, ser seat, end rfieens to hold seid leg in en elevated posision in said soekesubstentieiy es described.

2. In a. chair, the combination with s. Boor heyin s recess formed therein, of e socket carrie by seid fiooreentrally of said recess, e, chair-seat mounted in said recess, a, oem

emily-depending leg carried b said seat end extending into seid socket;v a ack hinged to seid seat, a strip hinged to said seat, means to support seid chair, above said reoess, sub stentlally as described.

Inestimony whereof we 'aix our signetures in the presence of two Witnesses.





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