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Publication numberUS817508 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1906
Filing dateNov 4, 1905
Priority dateNov 4, 1905
Publication numberUS 817508 A, US 817508A, US-A-817508, US817508 A, US817508A
InventorsValentine J Niele
Original AssigneeValentine J Niele
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Metallic structure.
US 817508 A
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-to hold the different NITED sTATEs c PATENT oEEioE.



No. rs1'7,5oa.

specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented April 10, 1906.

Application filed November 4,1905. Serial No. 285.929.

This invention relates to certain new andvuseful improvements in inetallic structures;

and the invention relatesinore particularly to buildings constructed ofnietal.

The primary object of this invention is` to provide metallic sheeting and frames which can be easily and quickly assembled to provide a strong, durable, and comparatively inexpensive structure. In building the structure I dispense with the use of nails, screws, and the likefastening means and `employ novel forms of flanges and interlocking edges parts of my improved structure together.` l The detail construction 4entering into my invention will be presently described and claimed, and reference is had to the drawings accompanying this application`,-wherein like numerals of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, in whicli- Figure 1 is a fragmentary7 perspective view vof a structure formed of sheet metal. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a longitudinal girder. Fig. 3 is afragmentaryT perspective view of one of' the side walls of the structure. Fig. 4 is a similar view of a modied forni of construction. Fig. 5 is a detail perspective View of a portion of the roof of the structure. Fig.

. 6 is a vertical sectional view of a portion of one of the side walls. Fig. 7 is a perspective view of a lintel .used in connection with t-he struc-ture.

The entire structure, as illustrated in Fig.

i 1 of the drawings, is constructed of sheets and -A buildings that may be built from sheetmetal strips of metal, which are bent, flanged, grooved, and rovided with interlocking edges in order t at the different parts of thestiuc'ture may be easily and quicklyasseinbled'. The structure illustrated 1n Fig. 1 of the drawings isfone oi the various designs of constructed in accordance with my invention. Therefore I do not care to conne myself-to this type of structure, having simply employed the same to illustrate the inannrin Which the sheet metal may be assembled.

The side walls l and 2 of the structuie are identical in construction, and each side wall consists of' a plurality of sheets of-metal 3 and 4, said sheets bein `of a length corresponding to the height of t e side walls 1 and 2, and the sheet-s 3 are preferably of a greater width than the sheets 4, the object-of which Will be presently described. The sheets 4" 4-i`ipon their vertical edges are provided with rightangular hook-shaped flanges 5 5, said flanges l extending from the bottoni of the sheets 4 to within close proximity to the upper ends of said sheets.- Thesheets 3 3 are provided with vertically-disposed flanges 6 6,\ which are substantially'hook-shaped in cross-section, said flanges being adapted to engage in the hookeshaped flanges 5 of the sheets 4 4, as clearly illustrated in Fig. 3 of the drawings. This construction provides sets of verticallydisposed ribs upon the outer sides ofthe walls 1 and 2, and said ribs are adapted to add rigidity to the walls and aid in supporting the roof oi' the structure.

In lieti of the flanges 5 and 6 just described flanges 5 5 andi 6 may be employed, the flanges 5 5 of the sheet 4 being adapted to interlock in the flanges 6 nof the sheets 3, said flanges providing vertically-disposed ribs `which are tubular in form and substantially circular in cross-section.

The sheets of metal 3, forming the ends of the structure are ilanged, asiat 7 7, to permit of lintels 8 8 being mounted between the side walls 1 and 2, said lintels being flanged, as at 9, upon their horizontal edge and, as at 10 10 upon their vertical edge to engage the flanges 7 7 of the sheetsof metal 3. The lintels 8 are ada ted to forni a doorway, the flanges 9 of sai lintels shielding said doorway.

To the bottom edges of the side walls 1 and 2 are secured T-irons l1 '11, said irons form'- .ing a base for the side walls and assisting to TheA lOO

support the saine in a vertical position. top edges of the side Walls 1 and 2 are providedwith longitudinally-disposed irders 12 12, said girders being constructs from a strip of metal which is bent uponitself a number of times to form. grooves 14 and 15, the grooves`14 being adapted to receive the upiperedges of the side walls, While the grooves 15 receive the eaves or edges of a roof 16.

The roof 16 consists of a plurality of sheets or plates 17 and 18, the sheets'l being similar to `thesheets 3' of the side walls 1 and 2 and the sheets 18 similar to the sheets 4 of the IOS side walls. The edges of the sheets 17 and J 18are` flangedsimilarly to the sheets 3 and 4 and locke together tov form tWo slanting sides of the roof. yThe upper edges of the sheets 17 and 18 forming the apeX of the roof are flanged outwardly, as at 19 19, and retaining the sides of the roof together is an in@ verted-T-shaped cleat 20,` said cleat being bent upon itself to form tWo grooves 21 21 to receive the flanges 19 19 ofthe sheets 17 and 18, To close the space above the lintels 8 and between the sides of the roof, I employ triangular plates 22, said plates being flanged, as at 23 23, to engage the edges of the roof 16, the lower edge of the plates 22 extending be- -hind the upper flanged edges 24 ofthe lintels 8. I do not care to conne'myself specifically to metal, as terra-cotta or the like building material may be constructed similar to the myrin/vention' I desire it to be understoodI vthat such changesin the construction aslarek permissible bythe appended claims may be e of metal having their edges interlocked tO.- l

sheet metal described,or the terra-cotta may be provided With metallic interlocking edges.

It Will be observedfrom the novel form of sheets which I employcand the manner of'interlocking` them together thatit is an eX- tremely easy matter to build a structure such as illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawings, and

Wbile\I have herein set forth the principle of resorted to Without departing from the spirit and scope of the. invention.

What I claim, andy desire xto secure by Let-V ters Patent, is`

1.- A structure built of sheets of, metaland consisting of side walls, lintels, plates, a roof,-`

said Walls and roof being composed of sheets i gether tofrm ribs, girderscarriedby the upper edges of ,said Walls and ,supporting said e erases roof, said. lintels being formed' of sheet metal 4o and flanged to engage saidl Walls, said plates together, Vplates Asupported, by saidroof, a ,Y

cleat mounted upon thel apeX `of said roof, substantially as described.

3. A structure built of.. sheet metal and consisting of side-Walls, aloof, said Wallsand roof being composed of a. pluralityy of sheets of metal having interlo'ckin (g edges. forming' vertically-disposed ribs, saiA lribs extending from the'edger of the roof to'v thebottoms of theWalls, and means tof support said roof upon said side Walls, substantially as de-y scribed., f. l,

4. A structure of the characterl described consisting of Walls of sheet metalhaving interlocking edges, said interlocking edgesforming ribs which Aare disposed vertically and which extend from the topl to thebottom edges of the Walls/a roof Q Y havinginterlocking edges, lintels. engagin' sheets of metal said Walls, plates supported by said'reof, [an resting upon said lintels, substantially as de.- scribed.

of tWQ Witnesses.

A I VALENTINE. J, v NIELE. Witnesses: Y 1

HENRY C. Evitar, l


inthe presence In testimony whereof I signature

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