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Publication numberUS818891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1906
Filing dateJul 1, 1904
Priority dateJul 1, 1904
Publication numberUS 818891 A, US 818891A, US-A-818891, US818891 A, US818891A
InventorsEdward C Jones, Samuel T Wellman
Original AssigneeEdward C Jones, Samuel T Wellman
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US 818891 A
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No. 8l8,89l. PATENTE'D APR. 24, 1906r E. C. JONES @a S. T. WELLMAN.

steam employed is e negligible `quantity in the gesnnuliing or furnace plant-s in connection with which the mixer is intended to he used.

X'Vhile We prefer to employ the mixer with the parts occupying the relation to eeeh other shown in the drawing, the tank 1 and its gas ard steaun Connections might he reversed top for bottoni, ii desired, the trapped overflow-pipe i3. however, always communicating with thelowor portion of the tenl. In either form oi apparatus the gus -(ind vapor throughout a portion of their'pussegethrough the mixer are caused to flow downwardly or in opposition to their naturel tendency to rise, thisl provision aiding in the nooon'iplishnient of the desired intime-te udinixture of the vapor and gus.

Hoving thus described our invention, we claim and desire to secure by Letters Pott# ent-- Y 1. The combination. in e gas and vapor mixer. ol a. mixing Vessel having si partition dividing it into two chemhers with :t mixingpipe extending therelron'i, gas-supply pipe communicating with the Chamber on one side of Suid partition7 i1. discharge-pipe oomnlunionting with the che'niber on the other Side of' seine, and a. `fapor-pipe discharging into the mouth of the mixer-pipe so es to in-v duce a flow of gas into und through the seine, substantially as specified.

2. The Combination in e gos and Vapor mixer, oi a mixing vessel having et the top en inverted conical partition with mixingpipe extending downwardly therefrom end terminating et the bottom of Seid vessei; e ges inlet communicating with the Vessel above seid partition, Ineens for injecting vepor into said ges, en outlet below the partition for the mixed ges and vapor, and means for obstructing the direct tiow of gas and veeinem outlet for the mixed gus :md vapor from the por through the mixing-pipe, substantially eheinher on the other side'of the partition,

suljstentiuliy es speoified. l

The oomhinzitioili in :t ges and Vapor m` 'eig oi' e mixing vessel having e. partition therein, n. mixing-pipe extending from seid preventing i partition :ind hit-'ving ineens for the dirent flow of git-s :uid Vapor therethrough, menus l'or injecting gais and vapor into the mouth oi seid pipo, .find :in esoepe-pipe for the mixed gus und vapor, sind escupe-pipe heing so disposed that titer the mixture of gus und Vapor leemos the mixing-pipo, it is l cause l to fiow in un opposite direction from pipe, suhthat oi' iis passage through seid stentielly as specifiedA v i' in tes ,irnonyv whereof we have signed our i tonnes to this speoiiioation in the presenro ol' l two subscribing Witnesses.

ViDWAlD C. JNES. SAM UEL T. VELLMAN TWitnossee, to the signature of Edward Jones:

JULnJs CALMANN, A. P. GIANNiNi. l iVitnesses to the signature of Samuel T. fellmenz l D. P. BALLAim,

C. W Cons'roox.

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