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Publication numberUS819055 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1906
Filing dateMay 11, 1905
Publication numberUS 819055 A, US 819055A, US-A-819055, US819055 A, US819055A
InventorsWillis H Fisher
Original AssigneeWillis H Fisher
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US 819055 A
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lio. 819,055. PATENTED MAY'l, 1906.





ATTORNEYS No. 819,055. PATENTBD MAYl, 190.6..







Speceattn of Letters Patent.

Patented May 1. 1906.

Application filed c 11.1.1,1905. Serial No. 260,012.

in connection with power-presses and whichis adapted to forni a plurality of blocks of artificial stone at a single operation.

it is to be noted that this box may be used in other connections, and, if desired, the Inaterial to forni the artificial stone or block may be taingped by, hand or otherwise.

lith these objects in view rny invention consists in novel details of construction and operation, the preferred form of which'will be first described in connection with the accompanying drawings.

Referring to the drawings, wherein the saine reference-numeral is used to designate the saine part wherever it occursT Figure 1 is l a side elevation of a rnoldbox made in accordance with rny invention. Fig. 2 is a plan view. Fig. 3 is an end elevation. Fig. e is a longitudinal sect-ion teken on line a; fr of Fig. 2. Fig. 5 is a transverse section taken on line y Ay of Fig. 2. Fig. 6 is a face View of one of the ornamenting plates or dies which are used to forni an ornamental-faced block.

other suitable means ifthe box is to be used in connection with a press.

2 designates the bottom of the mold-box proper and rests upon the top of the base l.

3 designates hinge-lugs which project from the sidesand ends of the bottom, to which .are hinged the end doors 4 and side doors or wingplates of the box. Secured upon the outside of the end and side doors are the members 6 of the hinges, which are connected to the hinge-lugs 3 by suitable pintles 7. Preferably and as shown the hinged meinbers 6 are in the forni of long strap-hinges and serve to reinforce and stiften the sides and ends of the mold-box. Between these strap-hinges I preferably place additional strengthening-straps Preferably this box is formed of metal, such as steel, and the straps 8 and 6 are riveted to the side and end doors. The end doors 4 are provided with i designates the base of the box, which, ifA desired, may be niounted upon a truck or the projections 9, which are adapted to extend over the ends of the side doors or wingplates 5 when the doors are closed for the purpose of holding said side doors in position. I also provide some In .ns for holding the end doors in` position doh, for instance, as the latches l0, pivoted on the projections 9 and adapted to engage the pins 11, secured to the outer `face of the side doors 12 designates end plates which are secured to the inner sides of the end doors 4, the plates being separated at their adjacent ends,

and into the slots thus formed extends the ,f 4longitudinal division-plate 13, the plate extending the full length of the box to divlde.

the saine into two longitudinal compartment-s.

Extending laterally from each side of the cen# tral portion of the divisionepla-te i3 are partitions 14. Preferably and as shown these partitions extend on each side of the divisionplate, at the center thereof. these partitions are formed of a pair of plates 1'5, which are connected together at the top by a plate 16.

17 represents screws which pass through the top plates 16 of each partition and down through the bottoni 2 and into a nut 18, by which the partitions are iirrnly held in place and yet so that they may be readily removed, if desired.

WVhen it is desired to form ornamental surfaces on the stone, I secure to the divisionpllate 13 the ornamental plates 20. (Shown'in ug. 6.) These plates are arranged 1n pairs on opposite sides of the division- )late'and preferably are connected together by ineans of the screwebolts 21. Y are formed with a plain face-22, extending from the top of the face a short distance down the face, as clearly shown in Fig. 6, for a pur# pose to be hereinafter described.

In the bottom of each compartment formed b the division-plate 13 and the partitionpilates 14 l preferably place a pallet 23. Preferably each of these pallets is provided with two rectangular openings 24, adapted to receive the lower ends of downwardly-tapering cores 25. The cores lit loosely in the openings 24 and rest upon the bottom 2 of the mold box. For each compartment I preferably rovide a compression-plate 26, which is paced upon the plastic'inaterial around the cores and prevents the material fronrsticking to the head of the press when a press is used. The cores 25 are preferably made hollow, as shown, in order to These facing-plates Preferably roo IIO

tirely omitted, if desired.

"compress the material into lighten them, and tliey\preferably .are provided in their upperl surfaces with a depression 27, across which extends a pin or-'bar 28 in order to facilitate the removal ofthe cores by taking hold of tlie bar. '1

It is of course understood that various styles of cores may be used or the cores en- As the facingplates are removably secured, they may be clan ed and, if. desired, plain 'faces-substif'tiute for 'the form herein ShOWn; 01 the Philtres thereof, leaving enough space remaining to receive the compression-plates 26, which are placed about the cores 25, if the cores are used, and the mold is to be laced in the press. It will be understood that 'dl'ie terp of the com-Y pressicnQpla'te now lies flush with the top of the `molli-box. When tlie mold-box is inserted in the press andthe v ress operated to blocks, the plates 26 will be forced downward, and it is to allow of this downward movement of plates 26 that.

the ii per port-ion of they ornamental blocks 'is necessary, asby the use of this plain surface the compression-plates may be. accurately guided and lateral'movement of the plates 'prevent-ed. It is to be noted'that the compression-plates 26 not only guide the cores when they are being withdrawn; but prevent them .from being when removing or loosening the saine by the upward movement. The end doors 4 and side doors are now lowered, the latches being d iirst disengaged, and the blocks are free to be removed by removing the pallets 23.

TWhile I have-described what l believe to .be the preferred form of my invention, i desire to have it understood that many changes may be made in the form, construction, and arrangement of the parts Without departing from my invention.

Having thus described my invention, what l claim as new, and desire to secure byLetters Patent, is#- i clipped off at the corners f 1. A mold-box comprising a bottom, side plates and end plateshinged to the bottom, a partition dividing the box into compartments, and afacing-plate mounted upon the partition. i

2. A mold-box comprising a bottom, side plates and end lates hinged to the bottom, a partition dividing the box into compartments and a facing-plate removably mounted upon the partition.

3. Al mold-box comprising a bottom, side plates and end plates hinged to the bottom, a removable pallet provided withcore-receiving openings adapted to be placed upon the bottom, dolwnwardly-taperin0 cores detachably fitting in the openings o the pallet and resting upon the bottom of the box. y

4. mold-box for forming artificial stone and the like provided on one of its sides 'with a facing-plate, said facing-plate being provided with a plain surface and an ornamental surface below the plain surface whereby a compression-plate may be 5 laced on top of the material to form the bloc r. and iit the mold.

5. A mold-box rovided with'fa partition adapted to dividet eboX into compartments,

a facing-plate mounted upon the partition,y

said facing-plate being provided with a plain surface and an ornamental surface below the vplain surface, whereby a com"ressienpiate may be placed upon the top of t ie material to form the block and iit the compartment.

. A mold-'box rovided with a partition adaptedto divide the box into compartments,

a facing-plate removablyV secured to the partition, said facing plate being` provided with a plain surface and an ornamental surface below the plain surface, wherebyv a compression-plate may be placed upon the top of -tlie material -to form the block and fit the compartment.

7; In a niold -boX, the combination with hinged doors, means for dividing the moldboxinto compartments, pallets having corereceiving openings arranged in the compart- IOO ments, removable and detachable cores iitting in the openings of the pallets, and compression-plates having openings adapted to receive the cores.

Signedbv ine at Trlaltiiiiore, Maryland, this.

ith (lay 0f May, i905.


V\.Titnesses z GEO. W. HAULENBEEK, JN0. l?. BULLiNo'roN.

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