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Publication numberUS819339 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1906
Filing dateNov 11, 1905
Priority dateNov 11, 1905
Publication numberUS 819339 A, US 819339A, US-A-819339, US819339 A, US819339A
InventorsJohn W Cleland
Original AssigneeJohn W Cleland
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US 819339 A
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1o ture hereinafter describe ment.



No. 819,339. v

I ,I Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented may .1., 1%?06; y

Application filed November l1, 1905. Serial No. 286,957.

.To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that-I, JOHN W. CLELAND, a resident of the city of Decatur', county of Macon, and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful 'Inclinometen of which the following is a specification.

This invention provides means for accurately determining the inclination or slope of surfaces, and it is exem lied in the strucin the drawings forming part of this specication, Figure 1 is a longitudinal vertical section through an inclinometer embodying my invention, the movement-casing being out on line X in Fig. 8. Fig. 2 is a lan of the up er @ige ofthe inclinometer, s owing the sig 11s-aperture in said edge. Fig. 3 is a central vertical section crosswise of the casing and gearing of the inclinometer-move- Fig. '4 is a side elevation cfa face or side of the inclinometer-stock, showing a gradated dial and a pointer therein.

The movement or operative mechanism of the inclinometer is4 sustained in a casing composed of plates 1 and 2 and strut-rods 3. The

plates are held. parallel some distance apart y means of thestrut-rods, and the pivotshatt 4 is journaled at its ends in the plates. A d1sk 5 and a pinion 6 are fastened onto the ivot-shaft adjacent to late 2, the disk be.

mg nearer the ilate, an( a ointer'20 is also fastened onto the pivot-shaiit outside plate 1. A cylindrical rim 7 is formed on or attached to the circunlference of disk 5, and the external surface of the rim is suitabl gradated, as will be hereinafter explainedb.7 'I he outer face of plate 1 is gradated to correspond with the gradations of rim?, as shown in Fig. 4.

A plumb-bob, comprising plates 8 and 9 O and the interposed weight 10, is provided with an adjusting set-screw 18 and is swung on the pivotshaft 4, with extensions of the plates projecting above the pivot-shaft. The plates and the weight are 4secured together by suitable means as, for instance, the set-screws 19. A. shaft 11 is carried in the upper extensions of thc pli1111l)bob`plates, and a gearwheel 12 is fastened ontowan endof Shaft 11, protruding beyond the inner plate 9 of the A cvlindripal flange 13 is secured to casing-plate 1. textends toward casing-plate 2 inside the gradated rim 7, and it is internally toothed at its 'inner edge, as shown at 14. The gear-wheel 12 meshes i with pinion 6 and with the teeth 14 in the flange 13.

The stock 15, which may be of any desired size and proportion, is recessed to receive the inclinometer movement. The sight apar ture in the edge of the stock is provided with a glass 16, and the sight-aperture in the side of the stock is also provided `with a glass, as shown at 21 in Fig. 4. The sight-a erture in the edge of the stock has a cross-line 17 in Fig. 2 from which readings on the gradated cylinder 7 are made. The cross-line may oc drawn on the glass or may be otherwise produced.

As shown' in the drawings, the scale is divided into twelve principal divisions, which may be subdivided to any desiree. extent, and

the inclinometer is adapted to measure inches l tion when the stock is moved forty-live de grecs from either the vertical or the horizontal and the scale is divided into six principal divisions or the 'gearing may be roporvtioned to give a complete rotation to t e indicator through the movement of the stock through any other equal division of a circle and-the main divisions of the seele be made to aggregate twelve in a swing of the stoet: from the vert-ical to the horizontal. if, i'o'r instance, the indicator should be gea-red to ro tate three times while the stock is swinging from the vertical to the horizontal, the scale' 'will have four main divisions.

that thelscale may be marked according roo n' the degrees of a circle or according to any f others stein of measuring. i

As t e stock is swung with relation to in`v clination, the toothed flange moves with the stock, while the plumb-bob is held in position ,I

by gravity. The motion of the toothed tissage imparts rotary motion to the gearwheei 12," -the gear-wheel transmits the motion te the pinion 6, and the rotation of the pinion in f shared by the disk 5, the rim. 7, andthe pointer 20. The inion is so much smaller than the toothed ange that a'srnall motion of the flange will transmit an extensive movement to the run :md the pointer through the pinion.' :md so 1t is possible to make gradutionx of the scale large enough to be easily.

eznl and sufficiently numerous togive deli- '.-ntely precise indications or u'ieasircments.

,1n the larger instrun'ients the movement of in' turning the screw one way or the other,

shifting it bodily to one side. or the other of the plumb-bob weight, and thus changingr the oenter of gravity of the eight i The grzldnted rim providesfor edgewise reading of the iin'alinomeler, while the frudated plate provides for sidewise reading. In the cai-se of the rim the grndated seele moves with relation io the line' i7, while in the ense of the side plate the pointer moves with 'relation to the grndated scale; but the mecininicatl means wherebythe mot ion is'produce/.l is the sinne in each case, und the result is the Sante. @ne scale is the reverse of the other in the arrzingernent of movable, nnd stetionary-pnrts. ABoth may be used an oncel either may be used without t'he other, ortho pointer and grndnted .side plate maybe reproduced on the opposite side of the stock.

'l claim es new and desire to Secure by Letters Patenti l. In :in inelinomcter, the combination of :L

stock, a pivot-shalt journaled in the stoek crosswise thereof, :in internelly-toothed flange fixed in the stock concentric with the pivotshaft, a` pinion fastened onto the pivot-shaft.,-

:i plumb-bob swungr on the pivot-shaft, a gear-wheel carried on the plumb-bob in mesh withv the pinion and with the internallytootlnnl lnnge, :md i: movable memberof an indicator attachedlto the pivot-shaft, substantially is described.

ln :m inclinometer, the combination with :1 stock, ol' :t pail" of plates placed in the stoel'. :ind held separate one from the other, a pivot-shaft journaled .in the plates, :tn internflly-tootbed [lange fastened to one of--the described.

plates ecme'entrie with the pivot-Shaft, n pinion fastened onto the I'iivot-shaft, n plumbbob swung on the pivot-shaft, e geur-wheel carried by the' pluiib-boh in mesh with the pinion and with the internullY-toot hed flange, and a movable member for un indicator he tened onto the pivot-slnift,.nulstnntiullY :is

3. ln anlinclinometer, the combination of a, stoek, :L pivot-shaft jourimled in the stoel( crosswise thereof, :in internnllytoothed flange lixed in the stock concentric with the pivot-shaft, si pinion fastened onto the pivotslmft, a. pair of plumb-bob plates swungr on the piVot-sluift and extended ebove und below the sume, a Weight between the plumb` bob plates below the pivot-shaft, across-shaft carried by the plumb-bob plates above the piVot-slgtft, n gear-wheel on the eross-slnift lin mesh with the pinion und with the interynally-toothed (lungo and a'movable member oflnn indientor :tttaiched to the suhStant-inllyas` described.

4. in :in lnelinometer, the eonibn'nltion of pi vot-shaft,

'e stock, n pivi'it-shaftjournaled in the stock internally -toothed erosswise thereof, en lhinge fixed in the .stock ooncent'riewith the piVot-shnltv :t pinion fastened onto the pivotshnl't, n pair ofplulilb-bob plates swung' on the pivot-shaft, und extended above und below the sume, e weight Secured between the lower extensions of the plumb-bob plate-sham adjusti11g-screw in the weight, e gear-wheel carried by the upper extension of the plumb- Vbob in mesh Wit-h the pinion und with the internally-toothed flange', and" a. In'iovable inember of an indicator attehed to the pivot- Shaft, substantially as described.

5. ln an inelinometer, the coinhinatilm of L stock, u. pi\ ot-shaft journeledin thesock crosswise thereof, 1n internally toothed [hinge lixed in the stock eoneentrie with the 'pivot-sl'nift, n. pinion fastened onto the pivotshaft, a plumb-bob swung` on the pivot-shaft, a gear-wheel vcarried on the plumb-bob in mesh with the pinion and with the interntdlytoothed llungmnnd u-cylindrioztl indicatorrirn secured to the pivot-shaft `cfmeentric IOO

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