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Publication numberUS820371 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 8, 1906
Filing dateMar 2, 1905
Priority dateMar 2, 1905
Publication numberUS 820371 A, US 820371A, US-A-820371, US820371 A, US820371A
InventorsOrson F Skinner
Original AssigneeFrank W Collins, Orson F Skinner
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Safety-bung attachment.
US 820371 A
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PATENTED MAY 8, 1906- ----1fl No. 820,37



OmomllY/Zzkarzer v v Witnesses J5 J2 Attorneys women: a canal w. m u-umoqnnm. wwmoavom n c.




No. 820,371. I Specification of Letters Patent. Eatented. May 8, 1906.

' Application filed March 2, 1905. Serial No. 248,090. I

To all whom it may concern: The tapering or reduced end of the bung is 5 Be it known that I, ORSON F. SKINNER, a interiorly threaded, as indicated at 9, for encitizen of the United States, residing at Hasgagement with the corresponding threads tings, in the county of Barry and State of of a removable plug or stopper 11, the latter 5 Michigan, have invented a new and useful being provided with an enlarged head 12, the

Safety-Bung Attachment, of which the folannular flange 13 of which is adapted to enlowing is a specification. gage the threaded end of the bung, and there- This invention relates to improvements in y prevent the escape of liquid from the keg bungs for drawin beer or other liquids under during transportation or shipment. The :0 pressure from cas s, kegs, and similar recepplug or stopper 11 is PIOVidGdWltll a reduced tacles. threaded extension 14,adapted to engage the The object of the invention is to provide a terminal threads of a removable draft-tube simple, inexpensive, and efiicient device of 15, which passes through a packing or bushthis character in which the usual removable ing 16 and is preferably provided with a'cock 15 cork or stopper for closingthe reduced end of or faucet 17.

the bun is dispensed with, said bung being Extending transversely of the plug' 11 is a 7o provide with a threaded perforate plug, slot or opening 18, which intersects avertical the removal of whichis effected by the inseropening 19, formed in the threaded extension I tion of the draft-tube. and through which the beer or otherliquid 2? A further object of the invention is to proflows to the draft-tube when the several arts 7 i I I vide means whereby the plug may be withare in the position shown in Fig. 3c the drawn from the keg'jor cask upon the withdrawings. j

v drawal of the draft-tube. The threads on the plug and its extension With these and other objects in, view the are preferably inclined in the same direction, invention consists in the construction and so that when the threaded end of the draft- I novel combination and arrangement of parts tube engages the shoulder 20 a further movehereinafter fully described, il u'strated in the ment or continued rotation of said tube will accompanying drawings, and pointed out in unscrew the plu and permit-the latter to be i the claim hereto appended, it being underlowered within t e barrel or keg, in which po- ,stood that various changes in form, propor sition the liquid is free to ass through the tions, and minor details of construction may openings 18 and 19 to the aft-tube, as bebe resorted to without departing from the fore stated. When it is desired to remove principle or sacrificing any of the advantages the lug, it is simply necessary to withdraw of this invention. the ung carryin the draft-tube, when the I In the accompanying drawings, forming a plug may bereadily unscrewed from the latpart of this specification, Figure 1 is a longiter anda ain'placed in position on the threadtudinal sectional view of a safety-bung con ed end 0 the bung to be used fora second .structed'in accordance with my invention. tap ing. Fig. 218 a similarview showing the draft-tube 'l he threaded plug may be provided with in position to remove the plug. Fig. 3 is a as many openings as may be found necessary similar view showing the plug threaded on to ermit the properescapeof the liquid, and, 5 the end of the draft-tube and the latter disif desired, a washer or asket may beinterposed within the cask or keg. posed between the annu ar flange of said plug Similar numerals of reference indicate corand the threaded end of the hung in order to 1-f 45 responding parts in all the figures of the insure a tight joint.

awings. From the foregoin description it will be The improved device may be used in conseen that there is pro uced an extremely simnection withany of the preferred forms of lo and efiicient device admirably adapted bungs now in general use and by way of illusor the attainment of the ends in view. 50 tration is shown applied to a hung 5 of the Havin thus described the invention, what ordinary constructlon having a reduced or is claime' isa 10 tapering end 6, adapted to be driven into the I In a device of the class described, a hollow bung-hole 7 of a barrel, keg, or other receptabung adapJted to be driven into a receptacle, cle 8. H p I a detacha le perforated plug threaded in the driving end of the bung and having its upper end provided with a reduced threaded extension defining an annular shoulder and its lower end formed with a laterally-extendin 5 flange for engagement with the adjacent en of the bung, and a draft-tube spaced from the interior walls of the bung and provided with terminal threads adapted to engage the threaded extension and annular shoulder for 10 releasing the plug when the draft-tube is rotated, said plug being provided with a plurality of openings extending transversely of I the plug at the laterally-extending flange and having a longitudinal passage communicating with said openings andwith the draft- '15 tube to thereby permit the discharge of the contents of the receptacle through said drafttube when the plug is released by rotating the latter.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as 20 my own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



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