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Publication numberUS820438 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1906
Filing dateJul 8, 1905
Priority dateJul 8, 1905
Publication numberUS 820438 A, US 820438A, US-A-820438, US820438 A, US820438A
InventorsFrancis J Plym
Original AssigneeFrancis J Plym
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Store-front construction.
US 820438 A
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No. 820,438 PATBNTED MAY 15, 1906.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented. May 15, eoe.

Application filed July 8,1905 Serial No. 268.833.

T whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANCIS J. PLYM, -a citizen of the United States,residing at Kansas City, in thecounty of Jackson and State ofMissouri, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Store-Front Constructions,

' of which the following is a specification.

- -This invention relates to store-front construction, and more especially to the so-called all-glass type employing a sash-bar or.

, mullion between lights of glass, and has forits v object to produce a constructionof the type, outlined in which the sash-bar or mullion will engage the glass with a vfirm but yielding pressure, so as to insure a tight fit at all times and'also automatically accommodate variation in the proportion of the parts due to variable expansion and contraction thereofor to other causes 1 Afurther object is to produce an effective and reliable sash-bar or mullion of the. typeoutlined which is of small size, neat and un obtrusive of configuration, and of simple,

strong, and durable construction.

To these ends the invention consists in certain novel and peculiar features of construction and organization, as hereinafter described and claimed, and in order that it may bar or mullioni be fully understood reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a horizontal section at an intermediate point of the sash-bar or mullion and the lights engaging the same. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section of the stiffening rib or bar '35 forming a part of the sash-bar or mullion.. Fig. 3'is a horizontal section of the face-piece of the sash-bar or mullion. Fig; 4 is a horizontal section of the back-piece of thesash Fig. .5 is'a sectional'perspective, view of the "complete sash-bar or m'ullion. I r

In the production of a sash-bar or mullion embodying my invention 'I employ two essential elementsnamely, a face-piece and a back-pieceancl a third'element, which is desirable though not absolutely indispensable. The face-piece is preferably made'of metal ressed to Iprovide a rearwardly projecting ongitudina flanges 2, the latter, in conjunction with the rib, forming recesses 3at the rear side of the. flan es and at opposite sides offther'ib.

T. e back-piece of the sash-barformullion is preferably constructed of a'strip of'resilient metal bent to form a central longitudi nal forwardly-projecting rib 4, said rib being rib 1 and laterally-projecting flange consisting, by preference, 0 the arms 6, diverg ng forwardlyfrom the rib 4', and the preferably substantially "U shape The strip is also bent to form substantiallyV shaped laterally-projecting flan es 5, each arms 7, convergin forwardly from the outer ends of arms 6 an disposed rearward ofand contiguous-to the flanges 2 ofthe face-piece.

The face-piece is secured in operative p0- sition'in the store-front in any well-known or suitable manner, and the glass lights are placed in position with their lnner edges fite ting against the rear side of the face-p ece flanges and a ainst or near the opposite sides of the rib oft e face-piece The back-piece has it's rib fitted against the rear face of the rib of the facepiece and 1s s e. cured in such osition by one or more screws or equivalent astening devices 8, said fastening devices by preferencebein also utilized to secure in the groove or'hol ow portion-9 of the back-piece the stiiieningrib or bar 10,

said stiifenlng-bar 'being preferably conmetal cover 12.

' With the parts assembled in operat ve relation, as shown in Fig. 1, 'it will beapparent structed of wood, as at 11, having a sheetthat the lights are yieldin' 1y pressed by the resilient flanges on the bac 'iece against the flanges of the face-piece, sai resilientflanges adapting themselvesto the thickness of the lights and holding them firmly in position, it being also apparent that the sash-bar or mullion vaccommodates the expansion and contraction of the glass because the resilient flanges are capable of 'movement, not only along the lines of junction ofarms 6 and 7, I

but also along. the lines ,of junction of the formerwith the rib 4, the stiffening rib or bar maintaining the sides of ward movement.

'95 the rib against 1n- From the'above descri tion itwill be ap course applicable'in the construction of show.-

c'ases and-analo ous'structures.

Having thus escribed the invention, what parent that I have pro need a store-front I-claim as new, and desireto secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A sash-bar or mullion, comprisin gl-a" face-piece, a back-piece having a forwar projectin rib secured centrally to the .facepiece an provided at opposite sides and inward :of the face-piece with'resilientflanges,


its sides from moving inwardly or toward .each other. v 2. -A sash-bar or rnullion, comprising aface-piece, aback-piece secured to the rear side ofthefatepiece and provided a't'oppo site sides-with resilient flanges substantially;

I ,wjerd of'the face-piecej and means for stiffenvro ing the beck-piece to prevent said resilient :flengesother.

moving inwardly "or toward each er or 'rnullion," comprising a fsrceqbiece, er back pifece.-s'ecnred vto the rear side of the'facepiece ,iendflanges projectingoutwardly from said'beck-piece and co nsist'- ing of arms projecting outwardly from thev f backpiece, and a ferrns pro'ecting- 1 inwardly from the outeriedg'es o'f the rst namederrns."

"4:; A sash-bar or 'Inullion; compris ng a v face-piece provided with a longitudinal rib-at its rear side,. a, back: iece-se'cured to the rear.

erally or outwardly side of said rib, and a resiliejnt fiengeprojectoutwardly .o'rlaterally from the backpiece and disposed reerwerd 'of "and contigu mu'lli'orn comprising" a I back piece comprising tr holow forwardly-projecting rib secured to the rear side of the 'face:-piece,' a flangeprojecting'latmeans to stiffen Said-hollow ribjto prevent its sides from movi g l y r ard ewh -oth'er,.} a

GL A- sash-b er coniprisin'g a projecting of therib of the face piece and a laterallyrecess of the face-piece,

recess of the face-piece,

from 'seidhbn rib, and I -Witnesse s':

facepiece, a backpiece comprising a hollow forwardly-projecting rib secured to the rear side of the face-piece, a flange projecting laterally or outwardly from said hollow rib, and a stiffening bar, or rib fittingin thev hollow rib of the back piece to prevent its sides from v p U -moving' inwardly or towardjeachother. V shape 1n cross-section anddisposed rear Y 7. A sash-bar or mullion," comprising a, fece piece rovided with' alongitudinal rib at its rear si e, and airecqesset one side ofthe same, a back piece coihprising a forwardlyhollow rib secured to'the rear sid'e projecting flange disposed rearwardly of such and a stiffening bar orrib' engaging said hollow rib to prevent'i'ts "sides'fro'rn moving inwardly or towerd'eech eth *8; A sash berf orn'rnnllionf comprising e v farce-piece;rovided with a longitudinal rib at its rearfsi e, and a recess at 10116 sideof the 'seme, a back-piece comprising a forwardlyprojecting hollow rib? securedto the rear side v i of the rib of the facepiece and a l'aterallyprojecting-flange disposed rearwardly of suchand a stiflening ber engaging s aid hollow rib to prevent its sides FRANCIS J. PLYM;


' EDwiN WILKrNs.

y from moving-inwardly ortowerd each other;

serid stifieningebar comprising a wood 'strip provided a sheet-metal cover.

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