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Publication numberUS8214 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1851
Publication numberUS 8214 A, US 8214A, US-A-8214, US8214 A, US8214A
InventorsJames St
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James st
US 8214 A
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` y, speication of Lettersratent No. 8,214, dated July s, 1851.

To all whhomz'tndy concern.' Be it known that I, JAMES the city, county,`and State of New York, have invented anew and Improved Elevating and Depressing Jack; and I do hereby declare that the following isa full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying"drawings, and to theletters of reference marked thereon.

The natureof my invention consists in combining a double armed catch, with an index bar, or lever, invsuch a manner as to `render the instrument capable of a triple adjustment, by meansofwhich the Weight, or material operated upon, may beeither elevated, depressed, or remainstationary, at the pleasure of the operator, andsirnply by `changing the position of the indeX lever.

\ To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention I will proceed to de scribe its construction, and operation.

The letters indicate the same parts in all the figures.

I purposeto make `the frustum, or supportingcolumn of the instrument, as shown at G, of cast iron, and the other parts of wrought iron, other materials may however be used, if found advantageous in pract-ice. The main vertical screw E, works, and lits into an internal screw, cut on the inside of the frustiun Gr, which rests on the pedestal H, and is strengthened by the collar F. The handle, or lever I I, turns freely on the bolt or pvot N, andbi'anches `into the form of V, toward the spur wheel C, into which either of the claws J J, work in accordance with the position of the index` lever, K, which governs the catch or but-ton S, the

ST. JoiN, of`

oflice of which is toprevent one claw J, from touching, or acting upon the spur Wheel C,

by throwing the corner of the button into the notch T, or U, according to the position of the` point L, in the hole P, or m, and` also to` prevent either of the claws, J J, from catching in the spur wheel when the point L, is in the hole n.

A, represents a cap, which presses against the resisting body.

B and D, are two horizontal side plates which support t-he lever, I, J, and turn freely on the screw E, guided by the spur wheel C, they may also be made to turn freely on the cylinders,`P, `and Q, which are connected with the spur wheel, C, the whole P, C, Q, moving together around the main Screw E. The friction roller ,V, attached to the foot,

O, materially assists in the application of the instrument. The pin L, which regulates the movement of the spur wheel C, is fixed firmly to the indeX bar, K, which turns the bolt, or pin `M, the central part of which bolt M, constitutes the button S. The index bar, K, passes over the head of the bolt N, which combinesV the plaines B, and D,l with the lever of handle What I claim, as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-` a The catch, or button, S, operated by the index bar K, for the purpose of directing the action of the lever, I, J, substantially in the manner herein set forth. f

JAMESIST. JOHN. [1.. s] i Witnesses E. S. McPHERsoN,


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Cooperative ClassificationB61H13/02