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Publication numberUS821781 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1906
Filing dateDec 22, 1904
Priority dateDec 22, 1904
Publication numberUS 821781 A, US 821781A, US-A-821781, US821781 A, US821781A
InventorsBassett Cadwallader
Original AssigneeBassett Cadwallader
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US 821781 A
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No. 821,781. PATENTED MAY 29, 1906.




,Bdsselt allad er;

jizfy. I





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 29, 1906.

Applicatioa filed December 22.1904 Serial No. 237,885-

l a resident of La Gran e, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements Playing-Cards, of which the following is a speci-' fication.

This invention relates to playing-cards,

and has for its object the production of a pack or set of cards in which the number of combinations desired in playing a game may be materially. increased without increasing the number of cards in an ordinary pack.

The invention consists in providing each card in the pack'with doubleor multiple al.- ternative card values,- which values may com rise diiferent denominations of one suit tion.

or t ey may com rise the same or difieren't denominations 9 different suits, and from whiclrvalues one card value maybe selected, as desired by the player.

It also consists in providing each card with a character designating a master-card value 7 thereof as its playing value if nospecial selection is made y the player".

It further consists certain novel'ar,

rangements of characters, which will be fully understood by reference to the descri tionof the drawings and to the claims to be eremafter given.

' Of the drawings, Figurelrepresents a spotdc the drawings, 20 represents a playingcard having two alternat ve card values, as indicated by the pips 2'1 22 of different suits thereon. The pips 21 22 are preferably 7 made in outline and intertwined, forming a ably red and the club and s character '23, as indicated .in Figs. 1 and 5, while the heart anddiamond pi s are prefera e ips black, as in ordinary playing-car s. T

' 22 -may, however, be printed in any co or or colors and may be SOlld, one overlapping the other, or even side-b side, without altering the principles of this invention.

e pi s 21-.

One of the values of each card is designated for convenience injthe descri tion the master and the other the su ordinate, and preferably they are represented by i s of different suits. This is not 'essentia, owever, as cards may be provided with ips of the same suit and still have the two esired values.

. The left of each card is provided with two indexes 24 25, each of which is similar to the index usually used in ordinary playing-cards,-

the ur ose of these indexes beln to indicate to t e p ayer at a glance the num er and suit of the pi s 21 22 upon the card 20.

' To in icate the master suit, an arrow or similar character 26 is'provided on one mar- I gin of each card which points to the index 24 of the master suit, all as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, or the 'eharacter26 may consist of a border ,surroundin said index 24, as shown in Figs. .3' and 4'. Elly other character may be used in lieu of the arrow or character 26, provided it clearly indicates to the pllla er which suit or value is the master and w 'c is the subordie nate. I

When the characters 23 are used, the op po-' site margin of each .card is left blank, as shown in Fig. 1, whileat the same time the master suit 1s further indicated without reference to the indexes by arranging the fpip 21 of the character 23 on that side thereo near- ;e'st the arrow or other character 26. e

' The character 23 on the card 20 indicates a 'diamond master suit and a club subordinate suit,-whi1e in Fig.5 are shown the other characters-which are used in this invention, these characters representing, respectively, a clubmaster suit with a heart subordinate, a spade master suit with a diamond subordinate, and a heart master suit with a spade subordinate. By these combinations,therefore, it is obvious that a pack of playing-cards may be arranged with each denomination, of each suit combined with both suits of the opposite color, as master suit in one combination and as subordinate suit inthe other.

The face cards 2 7'that is, the king, ueen, and knave-as shown in- Fig. 2, are similar to thosein the'ordinary pack,-except that they are provided with two pips 21 22 of different suits in diagonally opposite corners, indexes for 24 25 for the two suits, and-a char-' acter 26 to designate the master.

The respective denominations of the master and subordinate suits are indicated in the drawings in accordance with. two regular and subordinate-suits of the several cards,

forms of arrangement for all the card values in the pack-namely, the master and subordinate suits may have the same denominations as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, or the highest of the master suit may be combined with the lowest of the subordinate, the next highest of the master suit with the next lowest of the subordinate suit, and so on progressively throughout all card values of the two suits ,as

shownin Figs. 3 and 4.

. Bythisinventioneach suitisprovided with r twenty-six different values, each denomination of each suit being duplicated once as a master and onceas a subordinate, the

former havin a greater value than the latter.

Without a termg the principles of m in- .vention the combinations might be st' fur-- ther complicated by combining the ace of the master suit with a two of one subordinate suit, the master kin with a subordinate trey of another suit, an the master queen combined with a four of still another suit, and so on throughout the entire thirteen cards of the master suit. 7

All card games may be played as heretofore with ordinary playing cards without change in any respect by using the master suits of the multip e cards described herein,

-' and when the subordinate suits are brought claim 1. Aplayingilpfardhaving its face rovided I with erent' suits in com ination into action, by granting the layer the privile e of selecting either suit 0? e1? interest will be given to many, if not most of such card games, b extending the rules thereof to permit the p aying of duplicate denominations oi the same sui By means of this invention the old games heretofore played with ordinary pla 'ngcards may bespecially adapted in accor ance with the great increase in the combinations which may be formed between the {master while at the same time new games ma' bearranged to embody scientific princip es and combinations which could not be obtained with ordinary layingecards.

It is believed that the invention and its advantages will be thoroughly understood without any further description.

- Having thus described my invention,

pips of with c aracters distinct from said pips to in-. dicate that one other.

2. A playing-card having two selective de nominations on its face in combination with othercharacters to indicate that one denomi:

nation is subordinate to the other.

'3. A playing-card having two suits of ferent denominations 'on its face. in combination with other charaetersindicating that one I suit is amaster suit.


each card, add

. suit.


suit is subordinate to the 4. playing-card two selective suits on' 1ts face, and an arrow arranged to point'at and thereby designate the master 5. A playing-card having selective its face, indicators therefor, and a character so arrangedin connection with one of said indicators as to designate the master suit.

6. A playing-card selective suits on its face, and means associated with one ofsaid suits to designate it the master suit.

- 7. A pack of laying-cards each card of which is provid .with two card valuesiand smtson characters to indicate that one value is a master and theother a subordinate, the number and variety of the former equaling that of an ordinary pack.

8. A pack of ciated with one of said indicators todesignate it to be the master suit with the other laying-cards each card of which is provide with two card values, indicators for each card value, a character assosubordinate thereto, the number and variety of the former equaling that of an ordinary pack. I

9. A pack of playing-cards consisting of four master suits each suit having ten spotcards, one to ten, and three face-cards, namel the lmave, queen and k ng, each card of'sai pack being provided with another card value subordinate to said master suit,

and characters distinct from the other char acters on said' card todndicate the master 10.- A pack of playing-cards consisting of four master suits each suit having thirteen card values, each card of said pack also having distinct from the other characters on said card to indicate the master suit.-

roe a subordinate card value, and characters 11. A pack. of playing-cards consisting of j four suits-each suit of which has onehali as many card values asthere are cards in the with one of said denomjnationsftoindicate 7 that it outranks the other.

, Signed by this 2 0thgday of December, 1904 CADWALLADER.

"Witnesses: I WAI :1;EB E. Lonnmn,

me at Boston, Massachusetts, i

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