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Publication numberUS82290 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1868
Publication numberUS 82290 A, US 82290A, US-A-82290, US82290 A, US82290A
InventorsLawrence Campbell
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Lawrence campbell
US 82290 A
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L wm Z Prim/by fflfi/emem". I /7 0 2,2 90. Pafen/ea/ 52 122, ma.

. q) I garish Ignites gaunt @ffwe. R I V LAWRENOEGAMPBELL, OF MARENGO, MICHIGAN,

Letters Potent No. 82,290, dated September 22, 1868 IMPROVEMENT IN PRUNING AND HEDGE-SHEARS.

El}: gtigehnle rtizmh in in ihtfit ictters 33mm nit mating gn'rt at the sums.


Be it known that I, Lswnnncn CAMPBELL, of Marengo, in}tb e county of Calhoun and State oi -Michigan. have invented a new and useful Improvement in Pruning and Hed e-Shears; and I do declare that the following is a true and accurate description thereof, reference being hadto the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, and being a. part of this specification.

The drawing represents my invention'opened and ready for operation.

I The nature of my invention consists in the peculiar construction of the cutting-blades of prnning shears,

whereby their efliciency is considerably increased. 1

In order to accomplish this end, I construct a shear-blade, A,-which may be secured in any suitable manher to any proper handle,-B, and provided with avcurved cutter, C. Upon the blade A is pivoted, at D, the other handle, E, to which is pivoted the conuectin -arm,-F, attached at its opposite end by a proper pivot, to the other cutting-blade H, which is also pivoted to the blade A by means of the fulcrum I. This blade, H, is also provided with curved cutter J, and hook K','wh1ch is furnished with e. cntting edge at L; and is designed What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure byiLetters P atent, is-

The cutting-blades C and J, the latter providedwi'th cutting-hook K, when constructed as described, and operating in combination with the handles B and E and connecting-arm F, substantially as and for the purposes set forth. I




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US5469625 *Aug 11, 1994Nov 28, 1995Fiskars Inc.Compound action hand pruner
Cooperative ClassificationA01G3/025