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Publication numberUS823534 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1906
Filing dateOct 25, 1905
Priority dateOct 25, 1905
Publication numberUS 823534 A, US 823534A, US-A-823534, US823534 A, US823534A
InventorsCharles W Hutchinson
Original AssigneeCharles W Hutchinson
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US 823534 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)


- APPLIATION FILED 001225! 1905.

TNESSES.' Mmmm-LVL To all whom it may concern:

` dent of Allendale, in the county of Bergenand Stateof New Jersey, Ihave made and in.

" the fit-an may be properly adJusted, w 'ch meansshall an active and reliable part of a garment as Y lon as the sameis'weara'ble; and with these pointedoutint eclam:

vadjustin thele th of `be sirnp andnheap meansfor adjustingthelength-there UNITED STATES;

l`PA'.rmrr- OFFICE,


SLEEVE-'A N c. 823,534. y

I' Specication of LettersPatent; j


Application-flied Octelm 25. 1906. .Berlal 10:284379.

Be it knownthat I, CHARLES W. HU'rc'n'rN- soN, a citizeniof the United States, and a resivented certain new and luseful Improvementsl in Sleeve-Adjusters, of which, the following is!V a specification. f v

My invention relates to anw-improvement in V;v devices 1-foradjust` the lengthaof sleeves ,of

shirts,v shirt-Waists, oys{.;wa1sts,""and similar. l

garments, the object bexngto` rovidemeans Vp effsneevegmaybefa .1 shortened at will;A andin '.f'such ,way- :'th'at the' i whereby thev length;V- of at be attache or applied L tothe sleeve of the garment on the linner side thereof, so that it will in no way detract from the neat appearance thereof. f

A further object is toprovide means for the sleeve which shall to manufacture and which will not materially add tothe expensey of the garment and oncey attached thereto be' practicable and', durable, always remaining an other endslfinzview;itwconsists incertain novel features ofi construction as w`ill beV hereinafter full described, andv specifically' v In the accompanying ldrawingaFig'ure l1 is a view .in elevation.offaisleeve, a portion of which isf broken -awayto showY myrim roved 2 `is a sectional viewrtliere'of.- Fig. 3 is. a sim1-v lar view showingfthesl'eeve shortened. Fig; v 4Iis a sectionall view` taken on--the line y4 .4 'ofl Fig'.'-3. Fig.- 5 is a. sectionalview taken on'.N theline55.ofFig.-2..'

Referringto th dra 6 represents the sleeve -of a shirt, yshirt-waist, or other 'similar-- arment, .to thevinner side of r`whichis sewed, stitched, or. otherwise secured a pocket 7 the vice, .consisting ofatubeor Yonel-fside-or ortionz'ofiwhic wis 'longerrthan part or ortion 9 andfthe front or outer' strip 10, the ormerapreferably extending down toy lthe cuff. 11 an `the ,latter-that is, the strip l-terminat' justing-,ta c uredln t e lower or under part of-,thearme '.slze'and-tothetop part ofthesleeve 4VIV being securedltogthez tapo; 12 ,l any desired 'number"offastenerslbeingemployed; `rInithl dra I have illustrated six off the'socket pieces y13A and three b'allfmembe'rsfM,the-latex. separated by-twicethe distance .bek .-ter be tweenet e' socket-pieces 13 onthe vstrip, 9 so that when the tape is ulled downwardly-in order to shorten the s eeve, as illustrated in Fig. 3,. each ball member will re ister with a socket-piece 13, the lowermost gall member 14 bein hidden or -concealed .within vthe pocket w en the sleeve is stretched to its nor-v mal len th, as illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2.

In o er to adjust 'the length of the sleeve, it is sim ly necessa to ive a slight down- Patented Jan@V 19, 1906;?

upper end of which-is secured in the shoulder-il seam 8,. said pocket consisting ofthe rear;

ward p l to the en of t e ta e 12, causing the sleeve of the garment to fo d or ucker at f the upper-end, Where the same. be conceale or hidden from -si ht, and then to insert one. or all of the bal members 14 in the r y ortenjng the sleeveto the'desired len th. It will of course beunderstood thatdo not limit the application of the invention to the :sleeve off-a. shirt, tol boys or ladies waists, or'othersimilar armentsfr-in fact,'to,.`

opler socket membjer or members13, thereanyrarticleioficlot `t elengthof which it is'de'siredto adjustvv om y'time' to mtime." It

v will also .beu-nderstoodthat ymy improved deff`r ocket offabric,` Y

'the'."other, t "er longery side having secured thereto one member of ametallic fastener,

the"N said-'tube -ora pocket conta `made fand soldl entirely separatexfromL-any garment whateveig'it being possible toat any time apply. the pocket by stltchin'gH or sewing 71105 *f 7. l aftape, 'the freei endf-thereof havin applie 'thereto the othermember of the astener, may be no I rheuma to` the garment; either-when thef 95 any;particular'garmentfasit is applicable rto latter is being made or after being completed or. finished.

I am aware that it is not new to construct a pocketl containing an adjustin strap or cord, and hence I make no broa such; but, Y Having `ully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, s-

A device of the character described, comprising 'a pocket made offabric and stitched Yat its edges to the inner side of a garment, the .f fabric forming the rear side or Ortion of said, j v,pocket being extended at its oWer end bex 5.4 y Y tape contained Within said'pocket having its yond that forming the front of said pocket, a

claim to` l tan, 1n the county of New Yor upper end stitched to the u perl end of said pocket, the lower end of sai tape being free, and coperatin metal fastening devices, one member thereo beinsecured to the lfree end ofthe tapeand the ot er member to the elongated fabric orming the rear lside of the pocket, substantially as described.

Signed at NewYork, borou h of Manhatand State of New York, this 23d day of October, A. D. 1905.





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