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Publication numberUS823559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1906
Filing dateJun 10, 1904
Priority dateJun 10, 1904
Publication numberUS 823559 A, US 823559A, US-A-823559, US823559 A, US823559A
InventorsHarry W Stone
Original AssigneeHarry W Stone
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Directory attachment.
US 823559 A
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. PATENTED JUNE 19, 1906.



. Invenibr Harm Stone. 1

. o nien for o which maybe readily attached to and re- 'telerhol e etru e -x 9'.

t as, ver the extrem y may be e p y j nrianrwqsronn, or BRGOKLYN, New YORK.

; e t knownthat I, HA RY W. STONE, a citi I ,-zen .ofthe United States, residing at'Brooklyn, the county of Kin s and Stateof New I 5. York, have invented an mprovement in Directory Attachments, of which-the following description, connection with the accompa- ;-ny i ng drawings, is a vspecification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

object of this invention is, to provide a directory for telephones moved from a telephone instrument.

- The character-and scope .ofthe'invention he lclearly, apparent from. a description of .o rer i f m accompanying drawinggin' whiclfe Figure '1 represents a telephone desk'inth reto? igis a ment. Fig. '3 is a etail view-of thedired,

tory s ppor-ting {Tamdand Fig. l-is a detail p -the irectory ho ii g means the particular embodiment of the inven tion herein selected for illustration the at- --t achrnent comprises ,a suitable body a, "hay point thereof means,;

insets-1 y eon en n such as a clamp b; for attaching the same to a The clamp'may be of any desired construction, but ashre shown comprises ahooked' member Z2, formed upon a laterally-e tended p n a? of the o a and eur vedyto fit the ta dar of a l ph desk L instrn nent. Upon the threaded extrernity b of the cnrvedportion bis mounted nedms ebb empmg mem r consist; ingrpre c eb y, of cu v pla p id at one extremity with an aperture, as c, Fig. 1, to fit'loosely over the extremity b, and at its Opposite endwith. locking-lugs 0 adapted to engage suitable lockingsrece'sses b in the. lat:

. eral extension c of the body a. A suitable nut 6 serves. to e fe t e emp s act-ion of he plat I des d, a uita Washer or guard member 2, preferably the form of a ofleather pe'rforated'at one extremity .tQ- Serve a a Pr te ion fibr T 1 f the i rin m mbe The supporting frame'or table upon which or guard against v tory element rests may be formed in any-deslredmanner, but as here shown c0m' prises the rectangular frame (1 formed by 5 suitably bending the metal rod of which the body a is composed, the extremity of the rod Specification of Letters Patent. I Application filed-Tune 10,1904. srialno. 211.922

thereof'illnstrated in the 'struin'ent having the invention" attachedlari view of the attach stand ard g,

leph ne s rume t y omEoTonY ATTACHMENT.

P tented. June 19,11eoe being secured to the body thereohas at w'fiby The is preferably slightly insoldering or 'other -suitable gme'an s. frameor table a clined from the horizontal to facilitate inspection of the directory. At one side of the, A supporting-frame,near the top or above the pivotpoint, is provided a suitable stop or pin .e which forms an abutment for the indexed elements of the directory, proper and against The directory proper preferably comprises aseries of car upon the support or table a with a thumb-index, preferably at the right side thereof and upon. each of these cards are the names of fre- The directory:

arranged alphabeticall quent users of the telep one;-

sf ofconvenient'size to rest 1 and provlded' cards may be mounted uponthesupporting frame a? in any desired manner, but prefer ably they are pivoted at a convenient point, as upon an upright pin or standard g,- whichprojects from the frame andlpas'ses through per .forations in the. cards.

washer g serve to retain the cardsupon the their turning from normahposition of their own weight.- While the pivot-pointof the directory elements is here shown at the lower' right-hand" corner thereof; it is obvious that" be located at "any other conthe same-may clamp-nut-g and 8o and by tightening 'thenut: the '--cards' may be clamped sufficiently to prevent venient point, and the abutment pin or stop I :einay then be located correspondingly at a suitable point relative thereto.

The body portion of the attachment here shownlsj 4 composed of a metal rod bent to. suitable shape; but it'is obvious that the'sarne maybe formed of anyother suitable material and in 1 any desired manner. V

In placing the attachment inpo'sition the clamp-plate s removed from the threaded end of the clamping-member b; and said member is then placed around the standard I of the telephone instrument, the protector or guard (I having been first interposed between the part b and instrument.- "The plate 0 1s then replaced upon the threaded end I) and is forced to clamping position by means of the nut b wishing to fin er upon an pressing .down thereon holds the card and all below it against movement and with the; other fingers of the same or other" hand swings the cards above it around to the left,

Any one using the telephone and ascertain a number places the 1 the proper alphabetical letter I'IO as shown in Fig. 2 about the pivot 9, thus ex- 6 5 which they mayr'est when in normalpositi'on. I


swwig toward the instrument posing the alphabetical list containing the several names and numbers. Having ascerteined the desired number, a single inovement of the fingers returns all the'cards to original position. 7

Many changes may be made in the construction and relative arrangement of parts without d parting from the spirit and scope ofthe inve lion.

I claim- 1. A directory attachment for a telephone instrument comprising a supporting-arm provided with means for removable attachment toseid instrument, :1 supporting-framecarrie'd by said arm, n plurality of superposed directory elements pivoted at the bottom of their outer edges to the outer edge of said frame, and a stop also on the outer edge of said frame above the pivotal point of said elements whereby said elements may be in consulting tion a *einst said stop.

2. directory instrument comprising a support adopted to be attached to said instrument, a plurality of tion against said stop.

In testimony whereof. I have 'nacne to this specification in the two subscribing Witnesses.


signed rnv Witnesses JAMES E CASTILO, FRANK R. FOWLER.

l the directory, and returned to normzilposiattachment for a telephone" superposed directory elements pivoted at presence of.

the directory and returned to normal posi-

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