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Publication numberUS823612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1906
Filing dateOct 10, 1904
Priority dateOct 10, 1904
Publication numberUS 823612 A, US 823612A, US-A-823612, US823612 A, US823612A
InventorsDaniel D Mayfield, Ella F Mayfield
Original AssigneeDaniel D Mayfield, Ella F Mayfield
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Combined churn and ice-cream freezer.
US 823612 A
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, No. 82s, 1z. PATENTED JUNE l9, 1906. I 11 3 & E. F. MAYPIELD.



' I nventora .ing is a s ecification.

I the conversion from either form of apparatus U I STATES coMBmEo oHuRN,

- Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed October 10, 1904. Serial No. 227,925..



latented June 19, 1906.

FIELD and ELLA F. MAYFIEiLn, citizens of the United States, residing at Thayer, in the county of Oregon and State of Missouri, have invented a new and useful Combined Churn and Ice-Cream Freezer, ofwhich' the follow- The ject oftthe present invention is to rovide a combined churn and ice-cream eezer, and inthis connection .to facilitate Y to the other without requiring any material change in the device.

A rther object of the invention is to ob tain a rapid rotation of the dasher members when. the device is arranged as a churn and to effect a convenient adjustment of the-ac tuating means so as to obtain a comparatively slow movement of thedashers with correspondingly-increased power when the device isarranged as an ice-cream freezer.

With these and other objects in view the present invention consists in the combination and arrangement of arts, as will be hereinafter more fully descri ed, shown in the accompanying drawings, and particularly pointed out in the a pended claim, it being understood that c anges in the form, proportion,

size, and minor details may be made within thescope of the claim without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any'of the advantages of the invention.

- In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view of the device of the 'presentinven'tion arranged as an ice-cream freezer. Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail sectional view taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a detail plan view illustrating the connection between the scraper-blade and one of the dashers.

Like characters of reference designate corresponding parts in each and every figure of the drawings.

In carrying out the present invention there is provided a body 1, preferably in the nature of a metallic can which has an open top and is provided upon its bottom with a step-bearing 2. A removable cover 3 normally closes the top of the body and is provided at diametrically opposite points with pendent ears or brackets 41, pierced by set-screws 5, which en age the body of, the device, so as to detach ably hold the cover in place. Upon the top centigal openin 8 in the cover, said extension bein ierced y an opening which is. registeredwith the opening in the cover and hav mg an integral upstanding boss or bearing sleeve!) arising from the walls of the opening inthe base extension. At the to zontal arm 10, ierced by a bearing-opening 1 1, alined with t e boss or sleeve '9 and termi nating at 1ts outer end in a cylindrical spindle or uogeon 12.

of""'the" standard or bracket is a substantia ly hori- C upstanding drive-shaft 13 has its lower 7 end supported in the step-bearing 2, while'its upper P01171011 rises through the cover, the

boss or sleeve 9, and the bearing-opening 11 in the arm 10. A tubular shaft 14 embraces the shaft 13 and extends downwardly from the arm 10 into the interior of the body. This sleeve or tubular shaft is mounted to rotate loosely upon the inner shaft and carries at its lower end a substantially rectangular dasher member 15, having its lower end provided with a. tubular bearing 16, loosely embracing the shaft 13. Within the dasher member 15 is .a similar and smaller dasher member 17, connected ri idly at opposite ends to the shaft 13, whi e an outer dasher member 18 has its lower end rigidly connected to the shaft 13 and its upper'end provided with a tubular bearing 19, loose] embracing the tubular shaft. It will herel ie noted that the inner and outer dasher members 17 and 18 are carried and rotated with the main .or inner shaft, and it :is roposed to simultaneously rotate these diasher members in a direction opposite that of the intermediate dasher 15. i

The operating mechanismfor the present device consists of an upstanding crown-gear 20, mounted to rotate upon the spindle or gudgeon 12, having an outer set'of teeth 21 and an inner set of teeth 22, formed upon the Y inner face the gear next to the shaft 13.' Upon tlie outer side of this gear is a crankhandle 2.3,"which is capable of radial ad ustment by means of an adjusting-screw 24. A pin-ion. 25 is fast upon the upper portion of the shaft 13 and capable of adjustment longitudinally thereon for alternate engagement with the teeth 21 and 22, while a similar car 26 is adjustably fixed upon the tubular s aft 14 and capable of alternate engagement with the sets of teeth 21 and 2'2.

When the device is used as a churn, the

gears 25 and 26 are adjusted to mesh with the set of teeth 21 upon the crown-gear 20, as indicated in dotted lines, in order that rapid rothese pinions engage the gear at diametrically opposite points they turn simultaneously in opposite directions, therebyrotating the shafts and the dashers carriedthereby in reverse directions to effect a rapid gathering of the butter.

To provide for converting the device into an ice-cream freezer, it is proposed to provide the outermost dasher 18 with a scraperblade, which has been shown at 27 and is located between the of the can or body,

so as to scrape therefrom the accumulations of ice in the manner of ordinary freezers. This scraper is detachably connected to one of the upright dasher-blades bly means of terminal substantially U-shaped c ips 28, which embrace the adjacent upright member of the dasher and also embrace the back ed e of the scra er 27, each clip and the scraper %eing pierced by a detachable fastening 29 to permit removal of the scraper and the clips when the device is to be used as a churn. The scraper projects above and below the dasher, and each upper and lower member of the latter is provided with a terminal notch or seat 30 to receive the back edge of the scraper and thereby hold the latter against loose movements and also form a rigid part of the dasher. When using the device as anice-cream freezer, the pinions 25 and 26 are adjustable to mesh with the inner set of teeth 22 of the gear 20, thereby to re duce the rate of rotation of the dashers and at .the same time to increase the power of the o crating means, which is of course desirable w hen the cream begins to freeze and offers greater resistance to the dashers.

From the foregoing description it will be understood that the present device is made up of comparatively few parts which may be convenience in readily assembled and also taken apart for cleansing and repairing the device. Moreover, the device may be read ily converted from a churn to an ice-cream eezer, and vice versa, without materially altering the device beyond the application and dasher and the inner wall removal of the scraper-blade and the adjustment of the pinions 25 and 26 to engage the res ective sets of teeth of the drive-gear.

n some instances it may be desirable to have the dasher members rotate at different ratesof speed, and this may be accomplished by engaging one of the pinions with. the outer set of teeth of the gear 20 and the other pinion with. the inner set of teeth, from which it will be understood. that either dasher member may be run at a greater rate of speed than the other.

Having fully described the invention, what is claimed is A convertible churn and ice-cream freezer comprising a receptacle, 'a top therefor, a bracket upon the to and provided with a horizontally-dispose arm, a dasher-shaft rotatably piercin the top and the arm and rising above the latter, a dasher carried by the shaft, a tubular shaft embracing the dasher-shaft and rotatably piercin the top with its upper end engaging the under side of the arm, a dasher carried by the tubular shaft, a drive-gear mounted upon the outer end of the arm and provided with two concentric sets of teeth, a pinion carried by the dasher-shaft above the arm and adjustable into engagement with the respective sets of teeth of the drive-gear, another pinion carried by the tubular shaft between the arm and thetop of the churn and adjustable into engagement with the two sets of teeth of the drive-gear independently of the first-mentioned pinion, a sleeve carried by the top and embracing the tubular'shaft with its upper end disposed to form a stop for limiting the downward adjustment of the pinion upon the tubular shaft and to. support the same in engagement with the outer set of the teeth.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing as our own we have hereto afl ixed our signatures in the presence of two witnesses.


ELLA F. MAYFIELD. Witnesses:

E. J. Loor, JNo. PARHAM.

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