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Publication numberUS823823 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1906
Filing dateAug 4, 1905
Priority dateAug 4, 1905
Publication numberUS 823823 A, US 823823A, US-A-823823, US823823 A, US823823A
InventorsJohn Sutherland
Original AssigneeJohn Sutherland
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US 823823 A
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No. 823,823. n PATENTBD JUNE 19, 1906.`




w/rA/ssesl- /NyENTo l f, N. l i

y l I l v- B we.

l A l ATTORNEYS @To all hom it may concern: I I





l Specification of JIietterxs Patent. I Application filed August 4, 1,905. Serial No. 272,691.

Patented June 19, 1906. f

. Be it known that I, JOHN SUTHERLAND, a citizen ofthe United States, and a resident of Springer, in the county 'of Colfax` and Territo of New Mexico,- have invented anew an Improved Box, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates particularly to improvements in boxesofor olding granulatedtobacco, -the object bein to provide abox' approximating the size o the original package or bag, so that the tobacco ma be transferred from the bag to the box an maintain practically its original shape without danger of being pulverized as it does when carrie 'n Figure 1. is la perspective view of the box -I embodying my invention,`` Fig. 2 is a longi-` tud-inal section-thereof. Fig.- 3 is an inside view .of the main cover, and Fig. 4 showsin perspective the inner `side ofthe sliding clo- Sure.

,Referring to' thevdrawings, represents a boxof 'any suitablematerialfsuch, for in-v stance, as' light metal-and approximating ,the size of ,-a tobacco-bag. The box is lprol videdJwith a 'main removable cover 2, pro'- I .'#vided with an opening 3 for the discharge of tobacco., Mounted to slide on the cover 2 is a closure 4, having an opening v5, whichis nor` mally out of alinement With'the opening 3,

" but isto be placed in alinement. therewith when the ltobacco is to be discharged. In the underside theclosure L-hasl s 6, whichpass throu h slots-7 inth'et'o of t e cover 2,

andthese ugs areconnectl by across-bar 8. The sliding closurefis also ,provided with I llugs 9, which pass through slots 10 in thev top 'of the cover 2, and these lugs 9- are connected by a loop-shaped barl 11, from which a spring 4o 12 passes to a connection with an end wall of 4the cover, as clearly indicated in the draw- 4in s.

p fn operation whenitl is desired to discharge tobacco the closure 4 is to be slid lengthwise, 45 so that the openings' 3 -and 5 will register,as clearly indicated in Fig. 1.- Upon releasing the closureit -will be 4drawn back to its normal osition by means of the spring '12.-

'le I describe thebox as desi ned par- 5o ticularly fortobacco, itis obvious t at a condiment-box may be made on a similar planthat is, instead of a single perforation in the vupper closure a plurality'oy perforations may be formed. l j 55 I-Iaving thus described the 'preferred form of my invention, I claim as newan'd desire to secure by Letters Patent- L o A box, a cover therefor, havin an openin in its top, a closure slidable oIr t e cover an having anopeningadapted to re ister with the rst-na'medopening, the top cig said cover being provided with slots, lugs extended from the c osure through said slots, cross-bars connecting with opposite lu s, and aspring connection'between one of t e crossbars andan end wall of the'cover. v

In testimony lwhereof I havefsign'ed my nameto this specification in' the presence ofv two-subscribing witnesses. .JOHNSUTHERLAND v -Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/286