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Publication numberUS824124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1906
Filing dateSep 20, 1905
Priority dateSep 20, 1905
Publication numberUS 824124 A, US 824124A, US-A-824124, US824124 A, US824124A
InventorsPatrick M Kilroy
Original AssigneeThomas e adams, Brown John E, Patrick M Kilroy
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Combination cast-steel transom, draft-sill, and dead-wood.
US 824124 A
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' EAEENTED JUNE 26, 190s. l.


. APPLIoAEIoN FILED sEPT.'2o.19o5. y


' wood.

. casting, lwhich cast the transom or rAfrRIQK M.- IrILRoY,;oF PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS, AsSIGNoR; oF ONF- rIIIIRD To THOMAS F.1- ADAMS AND ONF-THIRD To JOHN. BROWN,



Be it known that I, PATRICK M. KILROY, a' citizen of the United States, residing at Pine Bluif, Arkansas, have inventeda certain new and useful Improvement in a Combination Cast-Steel Transom, Draft-Sill, and Dead- Wood, of which the following isa jrfull, clear, and yexact' description, such as will. enable others skilled in the art to whichitj appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, ornn.y ing part of this speci cation, 1n which- Figure 1 is -a view in elevationbf my inpartlyintop plan and partly in section; and Fig is a longitudinal sectional view throngh the same.v

This invention relates to4 a combination cast-steel transom, r'draft-sills, and dead- One lof the objects of the y invention. isv to body-bolster and the draft-sill in a single piece, might properly be termed the dead-wood? casting takes the place' of the dead-wood on the end-of the car.

ordinary drawings the transom or body-bol- In the -ster consists of a cast-metal structure having l acentral web 1, connecting the upper chord Y 2 and the lower chord 3, which comprise h orI zontal flanges.' In the centerof the transom is a tubular portion 4, surrounding the kingbolt opening, such as is common in all classes of bolsters. Projecting-'forwardly iromthe web 1 are ltwo parallel draIt-sillsl 5 andv 6, havin bottom langes 7 and top flanges 8,- so that t e structure-in cross-section is approximately I-shaped. the draft-sills are vinwardly-projecting lugs 9 and10. These lugs might pro ,springconning lugs, in t abutments against which the Jfollowers 11 and 12 may rest -whenrthe'v spring 13 is'expanded. vAyoke 14 passes aroundthefol- Specification of Letters Patent Applicants mea'sepambf 20,1905. seriairarzv'az/a web described.' Intermediate the ends of.

erly be termed l 'at they form 'Patented J unev 26,'- 19'96,

lowers and is .securedto the. draw-bin* 15 of the followers. The forward ends ofl the the coupler, anda plate f`17 is connected to f the bottom flanges of the draft-sills below draft-sills are connected by' the .'U-shaped v block18,. leaving an lopening 19, throu h which the drawbar may project. T e

block extends upwardly to forni a'butfen which .is in front ofcthe'end sill 2O and is' adapted to receive the shocks and relieve the strainson the endsill ofthe car. The -entire structure may be cast of a single piece. and

.may easily be applied to and detached'from the car in any convenient manner.

l21 designates p'erforations or openings in the web 1, whichopenings are vprovidedto" permit the passage of truss-rods through the to the dead-wood casting.

'1, so that said truss-rods may besecured 22 designates-lugs-whicharevprovidedon the yupper edges of the draft-sills for engage-l ment with theadjacent recesses inthe center. sill members. V v

Having thus described the invention, what is yclaimed as new, and desired-tobe :secured by Letters Patent, s-.

A single castmg'eomprising a body-bolster and dead-wood blocks 'carried by opening,

said draft-'sllls and extending above said sills,

in combination with. an' end'sill resting on the upper edgesA ofthe draft-sllsin the-rear of the'ideadewood blocks;` substantially as bolster andl on fthe Arespective 'sides of thev '7b oil-beam form having a king-bolt opening, arallel Adraft-sills integral with theA body

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Cooperative ClassificationB61D3/20