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Publication numberUS824172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1906
Filing dateOct 20, 1905
Priority dateOct 20, 1905
Publication numberUS 824172 A, US 824172A, US-A-824172, US824172 A, US824172A
InventorsWilfrid Chausse
Original AssigneeWilfrid Chausse
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US 824172 A
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APPLICATION FILED 0.0T.420, 1905.`

I. myn/70H @ausse' Vl B 'nNiTEDySTeES *Cutters of whichthefollowing'is specificaf tion, Vsuch as will; enable those 'skilledffih the A -art towhich l xo flow/[5L whom, tima- State'qoff-'Ncw York,x have -inr cated certain new and `useful `lmj ir'ofveinents 1n Insulation- 4it apperta'ins tovinake #and use the saine. llhisfinvention relates to "devices forilse in cutting off and removing `the".insulation of electric cables in thefoperaftion'(if-repairing said cables or making connections therewith;

and the object of the invention is to providean improved device f this classlby means of which short sections of the insulation of electric cables may be cut oli' or separated: from the mainw boly thereof and. said sections split longitudinally sov as to' facilitate their removal from the cableunder certain conditions.

T heinvention is fully disclosed in the following speciijicatlon, of which the accompanying drawings form a part, in which the separate parts of iny improvement are designated by suitablelreference characters in eachof the views, and inwhich" y,

Figure 1 is a side-view of a device embodying my invention; Fig. 2, a similar view and showing a method. of the operation of the devicein cutting off a part of the insulation of an electric cable; Fig. 3, a transverse section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1, and Fig. 4 a similar section on the line 4 4 of Fig. 1. A

My improved-device for cutting' oil or removing a part of the insulation of an electric cable is made of the general form of a )air of shears or pliers and comprises two handle members a, having curved shanks a2, crossed and pivoted together at a3 in the manner of a V)air of shears, and the said shanks` are pro' a4 are pressed to ether and the blades b also forced together t ere is an elliptical opening c between said blades.

By reason of the formation of the blades b,

PATENT v onirica r` rg, t

pplictiii iild October Serial. N0.

ffasabovex ecting ftoe, port' bladeis in frontI andyitstobcl lit shown in Fig. l, and one of said yprovidedl =at-,1ts r,toe end Fior 9 "blades b .are soshapedA spending I portions@ of; the dthe de fas described,4 s i i y out ofpo,sit1o n yf an electric cable and twisting it off of the cable, and said blades may be made to interlock, as described, without beveling the edges thereof on the opposite sidfs.

"The operation of cuttingloff a part of the insulation of an electric cable is shown in D., in which the cable is indicated at d and the insulation thereof by the circular dotted lines d. This operation of cutting oii' a part of the insulation of an electric cable is similar to the operation of a pair of shears for a similar purpose; but when the blades b are forced inwardly so as to cut off apart or a, section of the insulation, the device is also turned or rotated on the cable. In. this operation the heeland toe portions of the blades l) interlock, as shown in Fig. 1 and by wrenching or twisting the cutter or shears lon itudinallyof the cablethesevered portion o the insulation may be moved longitudinally of the cable and slipped off of the end thereof if the cutting is done at the end of the cable. If itis desired to split the section or ortionof insulation cut off longitudinally, tlie projected end member b4 of one 'of the blades is placed against the end of the cable and the end of the toc portion of the other bladeis placed against theuend of the section or portion of the insulation which has been cut oii', and then bypressing the handles @together the section or portion of the insulation cut ofi' will be longitudinally spt, so' that it may be unfolded from the cable, andv this is the oper- -ation followed when the insulation 1s connected with the cable in such manner that the cut-ofi portion or section cannot be slipped off of ltheA cable member and also when. it 1s desired to remove or cut out or cut away IOO I)lish the result for v. hieh it is intended, and while l have deseribed my improvement as designed for 'use for the purpose oll eulin,"r oli' or r,=.movin apart of the insulation ol an eleetrie eable il will be apparenl that they same may also be. employed by plumbers and others l'or dill'erent purposes. lt will also be apparent from the foregoing description that my improvement eomprises simply a pair of shears havingy elongated jaws and blades of particular shape and onstrueled and operatingr in a pa-itieular manner,

llaving full)v deseribed m \Y inve|uio1i,\vliat l elaim as neu', and desire lo seeure by lietters Patent. isv

l. A device ol' the elass. described, c0111- prising' a pair ol' handle members having erossed and pivotally-eonneeted shanks, Said shanks beingl provided with elongated jaws, and bladessecured in said jaws, the cutting edges ol' said blades being longitudinally eoncave so to vform heel and toe portions together, one oll said blades being provided at its toe end wil li a projecting,r mem ier, substantially as shown and deserlbed.

.ln testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention l have signed myin'lime, in presenee oli the subscribing witnesseshthis 19th day of October, 1905.


whieh inlerloek when said blades are forced

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Cooperative ClassificationH02G1/1214