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Publication numberUS826978 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1906
Filing dateMar 3, 1906
Priority dateMar 3, 1906
Publication numberUS 826978 A, US 826978A, US-A-826978, US826978 A, US826978A
InventorsVirginia Whittington
Original AssigneeVirginia Whittington
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Combined invalid and surgical couch.
US 826978 A
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A z' Zz' n I v f WMI/ganze.)

A#Uhr-.17.1311) srnrns PATENT OFFICE.

Specication of Letters Patenti Patented July 24, 1906 l Application and umh s, iene. sein ro. 304 11a'.

Tov all whom it 'may concern/.-

Be it known that I, VIRGiNIA W H1TT1NG- TON, a citizen of the United States, residin at Valdosta, in thel county of Lowndes an State of Georgia, have inventeda new and useful Combined Invalid and Surgical Couch, of which the following is' a specification.

This invention relates to certain improvey ments in portable beds or couches of that general class designed for use in hospitals, sick-rooms, and similar places for supporting mvahds and other persons While'being operated upon or when receiving treatment for dierent kinds of diseases.

.The ob`ect of the invention is to provide en invali bed or couch in `which the side and end rails may be adjusted vertically with respect' to the corner-posts and which may also be knockedV down and compactly assembled for transportation or shi ment.

Aurther. object 1s to provide a ed having a detachable sheet for lifting and supportinI thev invalid in elevated position while t e bedfcovering is being changed and,

further, to provide a removable rubber sheet or dam to protect the bedclothing while the u patientis being bathed or operated upon.

A. still further object ofthe invention is to generallyimprove. this class `of devices so as to add to their utility and durability, as well as to'reduce the cost of manufacture.

With these and other 'objects in view the invention consists `in the constructionand novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, it being underl stood that variouschanges in form, proporportion 'of one of the corner-posts.

tion, and minordetails of'construction may be resorted to withinl the scopeof the ap pended claims.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specicatiomigure 1 is a perspective view of an invalid bed or couch constructed inv accordance with my invention. Eig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of a lig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of a portion of the main sup orting sheet orcover'mg and waste-pipe; ig. y4 is( a perspective view of a portion of the elevating-sheet', showing the covering for thev wastepipe. Fig. 5 'is a transverse sectional view showin the manner of clamping vthe side rails in a 'usted position. Fig. 6 is a side elevation oli of a bed, illustrating a modified form of construction.

a portion' Similar numerals of reference indicate corresponding partsin all of. the i'igureslcf the drawings.

The improved bed or couch comprises the head-section and foot-section 6, connected Y by the side rails 7, the latter being hinged intermediate their ends, as indicated' at 8,

to permit the same to be` compactly folded i for trans ortation or shipment. Slidably mounted or vertical movement on the cor- 'ner-posts 9 are supporting members 10, provided with angular extensions ada ted to; receive and support the rails 11, sai members being secure in adjusted position by means of clamping-screws l2.

The members 10 are provided with serrated or corrugated faces 13,'adapted to en gage the correspondinglyfserrated lends 14 of the side rails 7, the end rails Yand saupportu ing members being secured together bv means of bolts 15, carried by the ends ci the rails 7 and engaging the vertical slots or o enings 16, formed in the serrated .faces of tliie members 13, as shown. Rigidly secured to the post 9 and spaced from the members IOaresimilar sup orting members 17, whereby either end of t .e rails 7 ma be adjusted into engagement with the mem ers 17, as indicated cby dotted lines in; Fig. 1 of the drawings, so as to vary the inclination of the invalid or other occupant of the bed.

1 The side rails 7 are formed with a series oi" spaced hooks 18, adapted to engage and sup,-

port a sheet or covering 19, the latter being A preferabl formed of strips of canvas or other non-yiel able material and provided with a central opening 20 for the reception of a waste-pipe 21.

The waste-pipe 21 is provided with a pneu-- matic rim or cushion 22', which reste on the adjacent surface of the supporting-sheet and is retained in position vthereon by a :flexible band 23, detachably' secured to the bottom of the supporting-sheet by spring-clasps 241. Detachably secured to the main supporting sheet 19 is a rubber damor cover 25, providedwith a marginal flange or cushion 26, ada ted to be inflated through the medium oi t e valve 27, so as toprevent the water from ilowing over the sides of the sheet and wetting or ,otherwise soiling the bed-cover. ing. The rubber sheet 25 is retained in po sition on the main supportingsheet by suitable spring-clasps 28,.s1milar in construction to the clasp 24.

.a plurality of spaced supporting members secured to said sections and each provided With' a clamping-face, side rails having similar clamping-faces adapted to engage ione of the members. on each of said sections and -movable into engagement with adjacent members, anda fastening means engaging thei clamping-faces of the members and side rai s. 3. I n a bed, a foot-section, and l? head-section connected by side rails, a c vering en gaging the side rails,and an overhanging bracket detachably. secured to one of said sections and provided with spaced depressions for the reception of lifting-straps.

4. In a bed, a head-section and foot-section connected by side rails, anoVerhanging bracket secured to one of said sections and provided with a horizontally-disposed bar having depressions formed therein for the reception of lifting-straps, a covering engag ing the side rails, a rubber sheet detachably secured to the covering, and a waste-pipe supported by said covering. y

5. In a bed, a head-section and a footsec tion detachably connected by hinged side rails and provided with spaced recesses, a covering engaging the side rails, detachable supporting-hooks seated in the recess of the head and foot sections, and a lifting-sheet adapted to engage said hooks.

6. In a bed, a head-'section and a foot-section, provided With lcorner-posts having spaced recesses formed therein, side rails detachably secured to said posts and having their intermediate portions hinged, hooks detachably engaging the recesses in said posts, and a lifting-head adapted to engage the supporting-hooks.

7. In a bed, a head-section and a foot-section connected by side rails, a covering detachably secured to the side rails and formed with a circular opening, a Wastepipe extending through said opening and provided With an inflatable rim adapted to engage the upper face of the covering, and flexible stri s secured to the waste-pipe and detachaby engaging the lower face of said covering.

8. In a bed, a head-section and a foot-sec tion connected by detachable side rails, a

lcovering engaging the side rails and provided tvith a central opening, a rubber sheet detachably secured to the covering and rovided with a central opening dispose( in alinement with the opening in the ,support ing-sheet, a lifting-sheet provided with a similar opening, and a Waste-pipe adapted to engage said opening and provided with an inflatable rim.

9.4 In a bed, a head-section, a foot-section, supporting members slidabl'y mounted for vertical movement on said sections, side rails engaging'one of the members on each section and movable vertically into engage ment with the adjacent member, a covering engaging the side rails, a sheet of im pervious material detachably secured to the covering and having a marginal inflatable rim, means for locking the supporting members in adjusted position and vmeans for locking the side rais in engagementwith the supporting members.4

10. In a bed, a head-section and afoot-section connected by side rails, a covering engaging'the side` rails and provided with an opening, a rubber sheet detachably secured to the covering and having an inflatable marginal rim, said sheet being provided with an. lopening disposed in alinement with the opening in the covering, and a Waste-npe having an iniiatable rim interposed between thefrubber sheet and covering and engaging said openings.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto allixed my signature in the presence ol' two witnesses Vl RG INIA IVHITTINGTON.


y C. Wnrr'rINe'roN,


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