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Publication numberUS827124 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1906
Filing dateMar 28, 1905
Priority dateMar 28, 1905
Publication numberUS 827124 A, US 827124A, US-A-827124, US827124 A, US827124A
InventorsArthur R Speer
Original AssigneeArthur R Speer
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US 827124 A
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' 1 N 82' ,124.- PATENTBD-JULY 31, 190


APPLICATION 311.111) MAR. 28. 1905.

j To all whom it mayconoe'rn:

-No;:.s2,7,124. I



' PAC ING-miss.

"Be it known that I, ARTHUR R. SPEER, a

citizen of the United States, residing at Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements infPacking Cases,

' of which the following-is a specificatiom'refv I Fig. 3, right 'anglesto 3, F i 3 is a top plan view'of the case, all of said res in ie gu ating bottles located in the interior and in-enga 'ement with the top and bottom portions. ig. 4 "is a perspective view of a portion of the case with the top re moved. Fig. 5 is a similar view of a portion of the top. Fig. 6 is a sectional detail view' showing the manner of securing the topin place. h, x

My invention refers to improvements in acking boxes or cases for bottles; andit has or its object to provide a case in which the bottles may be compactly packed for shipmentor storage, whereby each bottle issecurely held within the case independent ofthe others. The entire case is preferably made of thin sheet metal consisting of a bottom, sides, and ends connected together and constructedin any suitable or preferred manner so as to provide strength, the corners beingpreferably rounded, as clearly shown in he particular object of the invention is to provide a case in which the'tops and bottoms of the bottles may be engaged by inwardly projecting lugs or abutments entering corresponding recesses in the bottles and also to- I provide a'constructionhavin the necessary and lig tness with an, easily attachable and detachable cover or top cheapness, strength -Referringinow to the drawings, 2 re resents thesides and ends of the case, w ich may be made of one continuous sheet of metal vbent intovrectangular form and provided, if desired, with reinforcing surroundin ribs ,3.

4-. is the bottom incorporated with t e sides andends in any suitable manner, asby the construction shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the bottom havin series of upwardly-projecting lugs,'or;projections 5, formed by pressing the metal in a suitable die, while an annular ridge "Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed March 28,1905." an no. 252,445.

. the 'bott Patented July 31,1906

6 of less height is also preferably forced slightly above the main level of the bottom, so as to provide a good bearing for the base of e While still holding it away from the lower level. The case is providedaround-the inner top portion with a lid-supporting flange 7 and an upwardly-extendingterminal edge 8, withinflwhich the lid 9 is placed, resting. on the flanges preferably provided with a series of laterallyarranged bracin'g ribs 10, formed by-doublingi the metal uponitself, thus providingstifiness,

7. The lid, also of sheet metal, is 6,5 I

while its under portion is also provided with.

a series of downwardly-extending projections 11, corres onding in location to the'bottom lugs 5 an adapted to enter within 'the upper neck ofthe bottle when the lid is in place, as

cut out at intervals, as indicated at 1 2, at'positionsalongthe sides corresponding with the preferably bein two' or more (p the segregate cut in a similar manner at aces. By this construction as indicated in dotted lines in Fi 4, .at various ositions, thereby tightly c amping the lid own into place and securelyholding it against removal p When filled with bottles and thelid is located in position as justdescribed, the bottles. will be securely heldagainst movement in an each other. 4 I p The case may be stored, shipped, or'hanlearly shown. The surrounding flange 8 is sections 13 of the upper rim' may be bent over the top between the ribs 10, 8e

direction. and independent of contact with dledwithout danger of breakage,while the lid'may be readily removed b merely bend.- ing up the sections 13 and, if esired, may be used several times. The advanta es of my invention will be appreciated by al users of bottle acking or ship ing'cases, and it insures sa e economica andling while utilizing the greatest proportion of the interior space, while being easily cleaned and kept in order.


' Changes or'variations may be made by the skilled mechanic in the various details or con struction or other features of the invention but'all such changes are to be considered as within the scope of the following claims.

' What I claim is.

. 1. A sheet-metal bottle-case having a series of inwardly-pressed pier-like; centering projections extending at substantially-right angles to the general plane of the sheet-metal ends of the ribs 10, while the end flanges are pro ecting rim divided at bottom portion, and provided With a to having corresponding holding portions, su stantially as set forth.

2. A sheet-metal bottle-case having a series of inwardly-pressed pier-like centering projections extending at substantially right angles to the general plane of the sheet-metal bottom' portion, with surrounding inwardlypressed bearing-ridges, and provided with a top havin corresponding holding portions, substantia ly as set forth. v

3. "A sheet-metal bottle-case having a series of inwardly-pressed centering projections upon its bottom portion and provided with a removable top ving'a corresponding series of, centering devices, substantially as set forth. 4. A sheet-metal-bottle-case having a series f inwardlyepressed projections and surrounding bearing-rid es in .its bottom, and provide with a top aving a corresponding series of centering projections, substantially as set forth.

5. A packing-case composed of sheet metal provided with an inwardly-extending flat top flange at-its upper portion and an upwardlyintervals by cuts saidflange, with a top adapted to.,fit upon the flange and to be. seecured thereonby bending down sections of said rim, substantially-as set forth.

6. A packing-case composed of 'sheet metal rovided with inwardly-extending flan es ormed b doubling the metal to form flat horizonta ledges. at right angles to the sides and end walls, with inte ral terminal top edges constituting upwar y-extendin rims of the c'ase,-said top, edges being divide at intervals by vertical cuts extending down- Wardly to said flange, with alid formed of sheet metal closely doubled upon itself to provide a. series of: transverse vertical strengthenin --ribs, said lid being ada ted to rest upon sai flanges and to be secure thereextending down to on b of thz divided rims upon the upperflat edges ghelfieof between said ribs, substantially as set ort 7. In a packing-case the combination of a sheet-metal box provided with a series of upwardly-exten g centering progections on the bottom and having an lnwar. ly-extending lid-supporting flange with an upwardlyprojecting sectional rim; of a lid provided 'with corresponding downwardly-extendin centering projections and a series of latera bracing-ribs, adapted to be supported upon the lid-supporting flange and to be secured thereon by bending down the sectional rims, substantially as set forth. I

8. In a packing-case, the combination of a sheetrmetal box provided with a series of upwardly-extendin circular bottle-supporting projections on t tending lid-supporting flange, and a lid provided with corresponding downward .-ex tending centering neck projections, sai projections being pressed inwardly beyond the normal plane of the sheet metal, substantially as setforth.

9. In a packing-case the combination of a sheet-metal box provided with a series oi upwardly-extending circular bottle-supporting prejections on the bottom, an inwardly-extending lid-supporting flange having an up wardly-pmjecting sectional rib, and a lid pmvided with corresponding downwardly-extending centering neck projections, said projections being pressed inwardly beyond the normal plane of the sheet metal, substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof I aflixmy signature in presence of two witnesses.

ARTHUR R. SPEER Witnesses:


e bottom, an inwardly-exnding down the separated portions 5

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