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Publication numberUS827258 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1906
Filing dateSep 11, 1905
Priority dateSep 11, 1905
Publication numberUS 827258 A, US 827258A, US-A-827258, US827258 A, US827258A
InventorsWalter John Mccauley
Original AssigneeWalter John Mccauley
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US 827258 A
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A unirnn sTATns PATENT cierren). WALTER Joriiv iiqcAuLrnr,l on TXARKANA, TExAs.

i i -pslAFi-:rY-OCKET. l

-Patented July 31, 1906.

Application filed Sveptember'll, 1905. Serial No. 277,958.

LEY, a citizen of the United States, residin at Texarkana, in the Vcounty of Bowie van State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements inl Safety-Pockets and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to This invention relates to safety-pockets;

Y v and one of the principal objects of said invention is to provide reliable and efficient means for preventing articles from dropping out of the pocket of a garment worn y a person while at work.

Engineers, railroad men, and mechanics generally are often required to carry highgrade and costly watches, and when these watches or other articles are Iplaced in an ordinary pocket in the overal s or shirt they are very liable to drop out while the person is in a s tooping posture while at work.

My invention is'pdesigned to close the pocket-opening in a manner to permit a watch or other article to be withdrawn from the pocket by the owner, but to prevent thev Watch or other article from dropping out or from being surreptitiously withdrawn by another person. s

Another object of my invention is to provide a pocket-closingdevice which may be quickly removed from the garment in order lthat the latter may be washed and which can be readily placed in operative position for use. f

These and other objects are attained by means of the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in whichv Figure 1 is a face view of a pocket made in accordance with my invention and showing` the material partially broken away to better illustrate the spring metal closing strips.

Fig. 2 isf a sectional view of the upper edge of.

4meral 1 desi nates a pocket having at its upper inner e ge a strip 2 of fabric secured thereto and forming an inclosure for one tions 7 in the members 5 o y member Vof theprotector. Secured to the rear. surface of the garment at a point in line with the strip2 is a similar strip 3, forming an inclosure for the other member ofthe protector and having a Arojecting unattached tab 4 for covering said) protector. The strips 2' fand `3 are unattached at their ends, as

, shown.

The protector consists of two flat resilient members 5, kreferably vformed of springmetal, and said) members are secured together at one end by a rivet or other-fastening 6, while the opposite or free ends are provided with perforations 7. f A slit 8 is formed in the garment at a point in line with the upper edge ofthe ocket, and one member 5 is passed through this slit and into the inclosure formed by the strip 2, while the othermem,- ber 5 is passed between the strip 3 and the material to which it is secured. When the protector isin place, the tab 4 covers its inner end and prevents'abrasion ofl the undergarments. An eyelet 9 is formed in the upper edge of the pocket, and a similar eyeletdholel 10 is provided in the garment material, both saideyelet-holes coinciding with the perforan the protector.

A detachable button is utilized for-secur; ing the protector in place, said button cond sisting ofa disk 11, having an integral shank 12 extending therefrom, said shank having a perforation 18 therethrough at one end The shank 12 is passed through the eyelet-holes 9 and 10 and through the'perforations 7 in the members 5, and the detachable head 14 is se= cured to the shank 12 by means of a remov-A able pin 15.

When the protector is secured in place, the two members 5 may be separated sufficiently' to permit a watch or other article to be placed in the pocket or removed therefrom; but the members 5 are normally held in close rela- `tion,and thus revent articles from dropping out of the poc et, even if the wearer is in a stoopiiig position. When it is desired to roo invention is of Simp e construction, can be 105 manufactured at slight cost, can be quickly removed and replaced, and is reliable and efficient in use. l

Various changes in the form, proportion,

and the minor details of construction may be r 1o per edge of the pocket and the garment at the rear thereof, a resilient protector comprising two flat s rings secured together and removably hel under said covering-strips, said sprlngs having apertures formed 1n their ends, and a separable button for connecting the ends of the springs, substantially as described'.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses. a




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