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Publication numberUS828262 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1906
Filing dateNov 30, 1903
Priority dateMay 23, 1902
Publication numberUS 828262 A, US 828262A, US-A-828262, US828262 A, US828262A
InventorsDaniel B Adams
Original AssigneeDaniel B Adams
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Automatic stopping device and alarm.
US 828262 A
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No. 828,262. PATENTED AUG. 7, 1906.




1 UNITED M ME OF -1 DANIEL B. ADAMS, or SUMMITVILLE, NEW YORK- tion with re drawings, in which one form of my improved No. 828,262. Original application filed May 23,1902, Serial No. 108,630.

.To all whom. it may concern.-

Be it known that I, DANIEL B. AnAMs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Summitville, in the county of Sullivan and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Automatic Stoption of water through the jacket of the cylinder ceases or decreases materially for any reason and for indicating by an alarm when the engine is so stopped.

My invention consists in automatic means 0 erated by diminution of water-pressure in t e engine-jacket for operating an alarm; in means operated by diminution of Waterpressure in the engine-j acket for interrupting an igniter-circuit of the engine and completing an electric alarm-circuit in a dia hragr'ncontact device for operating the a arm-circuit, and generally in the features of invention hereinafter more fully described, and particularly pointed out in the claims.

The objects of my invention are to stop the operation of an engine or other machine or a paratus to which my invention may be app ied when the circulation of cooling water fails or becomes deficient; to operate an alarm whensuch circulation ceases or becomes deficient, and to make the device simple, compact, reliable, and relatively inexpensive.

I will now iproceed to describe my invenerence to the accompanying automatic stopping device and alarm-operating device is illustrated, and will then point out the novel features in claims.

In the said drawings, Figure 1 is a dia-' grammatic' view showing a portion of a cyl-, inder of a gas or oil engine w1th my invention applied thereto, the automatic switch for interrupting the igniter-circuit and completing .the alarm-circuit being shown in section.

Fig. 2 shows a front view of a portion of this automatic switch. 7 r i In the said drawings, 1 designates the engine-cylinder, and 2 and 3 pipes of. the circulating system of theengine by which water is conveyed to and .from the cooling-j acket Specification of Letters Patent.


Patented Aug. 7, 1906.

Divided and this application filed November 30, 1903. Serial No. 188,112,-

thereof. I have shown thee'ngine as provided with a conventional form of electric igniting applajatus comprising an igniter-plug 4, a spar g coil 5, a battery 6, a circuitbreaker 7, (which maybe operated by some moving part of the engine not shown,) and suitable conductors. V

For automatically stopping the engine and for operating thealarm I provide an automatic switch connected .to pipe 3 and comprising a chamber 2 1,- inclosed by the diaphragm-casing 9 and by a pipe 9. This chamber is in open communication with the pipe 3, so that water-pressure therein is the same as in said pipe. The chamber 24 dis charges through ano'zzle 13 formed as a termination of pipe 9, and in front thereof suspended a plate 12 of electrically-conductive material arranged to swing freely .irom its point of support. For convenience in sup porting this plate and to prevent splashing of water the plate is inclosed within another casing 8, supported by pipe 9,and provided at its upper end with a plug '11, of insulating material, from which plate 12 is suspended.

At the other end of the casing 8 there is a discharge-orifice to which any suitable pipe 1 1 forcarrying ofi the Water may be con nected. In the side of the casing is a plug- 15, of insulating material, carrying two con- So long as water is flowing in suf screws, but will swing back by gravity,

breaking the igniter-circuit, and

so stopping the engine.


The diaphragm '10 is arranged when pressed outward by pressure of Water in pipe 3 to hold a contact-lever 18 out of contact with a contact-point 19, these contact-points being in'an electric circuit 20, including a bell 21 or other indicating device. These parts are so arranged that when through diminution in water-pressure in the jacket the plate 12 swings backward and interrupts the igniter-circuit diaphragm-lever 18 also drops sufficiently to bring together contact-points stoppin 18 and. 19, thereby completing the circuit through the bell.

For convenience in starting the engine a switch 22 is provided for completing the igniter-circuit around the contacts 12 and 16.

There may be a contraction 23 in the pipe 9 at a point beyond the point of connection of the chamber 24 thereto, so as to insure sufficient pressure in said chamber to lift the diaphragm 10 so long as water continues to circulate in sufficient quantity.

It is obvious that various other coolin fluids may be used besides water, and where water is named in the foregoing description and following claims I wish it to be understood that any other cooling fiuid may be substituted as an equivalent.

It is obvious that the automatic stopping and alarm-operating device herein illustrated and described is susceptible of many modifications and changes in construction and ar rangement of the parts without departing from the principles hereinb efore set forth.

I do not limit myself to any particular construction of the device. Neither do I limit myself to the use of the invention with any particular type or system of electrical ignition.

The device may be arranged to break the ignition-circuit at any suitable point, and when, as illustrated in the drawings, the system employed comprises both primary and secondary circuits the switch may be placed in either of these circuits, as preferred.

In another application for Letters Patent, filed May 23, 1902, Serial No. 108,630, (of which this is a division,) I have claimed specifically casing 8 and the parts contained in or associated therewith, also the use in connection with a water-cooled machine having an electric ignition-circuit of means operated by diminution of flow of cooling-water for v the operation of the engine. There fore such inventions are not claimed herein.

2. The'combination with a water-cooledexplosive or internal-combustion engine having an electric igniter, and a water-passage for said engine, of an alarm, and automatic stopping and alarm-operating means operated by variation in the flow of the coolingwater and controlling the operation of said electric igniter and said alarm.

3. The combination with a water-cooled explosive or internal-combustion engine having an electric igniter, and a water-passage for said engine, of an alarm, and automatic stopping and alarm-operating means operated by variation in the flow of the coolingwater and controlling the operation of said electric igniter and said alarm, the alarm-operating means comprising a diaphragmchamber connected to said passage, and a diaphragm closing said chamber but responsive to variations of pressure therein, and contacts operated by the diaphragm.

4. In an alarm-operating device for engines, the combination with a diaphragmchamber, a diaphragm therefor, and a waterpassage connected with said chamber, having a contraction beyond the point of connection of said chamber thereto in the direction of flow of the Water, of means operated by said diaphragm controlling the operation of an alarm.

In testimony whereof I affiX my signature in the presence of two witnesses.




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