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Publication numberUS828973 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1906
Filing dateOct 10, 1905
Priority dateOct 10, 1905
Publication numberUS 828973 A, US 828973A, US-A-828973, US828973 A, US828973A
InventorsWilliam W Sanford
Original AssigneeFrederic D Bennett, William W Sanford
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US 828973 A
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PATENTED AUG. 21, 1906.




lmi tmcoacs 9%m4m MM 11mm sleeve sulllcien'tly to allow it to pass to place on Fig-uc section at a position corresponding with the "fl lLLlAM W.


HALF re raannaic n. BENNETT, or FaEnHo n, NEW JERSEY.

routers Specification of Applicaticn'filcd omit: 10.

no. seams.

Be it known that 1, WILLIAM W. SANFORD, a citizen of the United States of American and a resident oi -Newark, county of Essex, State. l olflhlev; Jersey, have invented certain new i and useful improvements in Fountain-Pens, of which the followi'ng'is a specification. ,This invention relates to improvements in fountain-pens, especially of that class which contain an expansible ink-sack.

The invention relates particularly to such i a pen provided with a guard-sleeve to protect the sack from accidental compression. iThe-object of the invention is to provide a cheap, reliable, and durable sack fountainpen in which the parts can be readily assembled and which will remain properly tight and ell'ective for a long time.

To this end my invention consists in the combination of a conical-ended penholden' body or reservoir and an elastic split revoluble Qr eed guardsleeve, so that the' said conical end acts as an expander to dilate the the holder and then snap securely to place between shoulders on the'saiil body or reservoir.

Referring the drawings, which accom the specification to aid the description,

1 is an elevation of a pen with my invention, showing the sleeve partly. open;

' Fi 2 a longitudinal section thereof, showmg the sleeve fully open. Fig. is a crossline 3 3 of Fig.2, but enlarged and showing the sleeve closed. Fig l is a broken elevatron, Sl'iQWHlg the sleeve expanded by the comcalend of the penholder-body.

1 is the reservoir or penho'lder-body, pro-J, ado-d with conical endlS, pen-section 2,.pen' E and cap Field body is reduced in di amcter adjacent to said orifice, forming shoulders e; 9. When the pen is not in use, said l need as'a guard for the pen.

T is the rubber ink-seck, and 6 the compres- I sion-bnr thereon, as described in my application, Serial No. 260,085, filed May 9, 190 5.

guard-sleeve 10, of any'suita'blc elastic metal, has athroi1ghandthrongh slit 12 to re d'r-r it cxpansible' and opposite to said slit l. providedwith an orifice 1], adapted to register in full open position with said orilice finid sleeve 10 is smaller than the reduced lion of body l between the shoulders 8 9,

Si) renmin tight thereon for a long time.

"said shoulders 8 9.

to contract as said portion- Wearsand Letters Patent.

Patented Au 23., race. 1905. Serial No. 282.099.

The parts are assembled as follows: The

sleeve 10 is forced on over the conical end 13 ofthe penholdcr-bod-y, whereby the sleeve is gradually expanded. sufficiently to pass overv said body and clear of shoulder 9 when said sleeve immediately snaps to place between In use when it is desired to fill the each 7 the sleeve 10 is turned-to uncover the orifice Sand the sack 7 is collapsed by inserting the finger in said orifice and pressing bar 6.

5 Then on Withdrawing-the finger sack 'Z eX- pands, sucking in ink. Finally, by revolving sleeve 10 to the position'o'f Fig. 3 the orifice 5 is covered by the sleeve and the sack protected from acci dental'collapse.

Now, having described my improvements,

I claim as-my invention'- 1.,Tl1e con'rbination of an orificed' pen-- holder-body provided With-a conical end, an

ink-sack in said body, and a s lit guardsleeve for said orifice adapted to efirst errpanded by said conical end, and then to'snap to place over said orifice, substantially as described. 1

2. The combination 'Of an orificed a holder-body provided with a conical en 13,

and with a shouldered reduced portion adjacent to said orifice, an elastic lnk-sack 7 in' S sleeve 10'ada pted to be expanded by said said body, and a split elastic orificed guardconical end 13, and to snap to place between {the shoulders of said reduced portion. of the body, substantially asdescribed.

3. In a fountain-pen, the combination with the holder having a finger-opening, a collapsible ink-retainer and a compressor therefor, of a shield cover'for said opening rotatably mounted upon the holder and having a frictional spring engagement therewith.

4. In a fountain-pen the combination with;

the holder having a finger opening, a collapsible reservoir, and a compressor therefor, of a shield-cover '-f01" said opening rotatably mounted on the holder and-also having a finger-opening, said shield-cover consistingof a longitudinally-split sleeve having a frictional spring engagement with the holder;

Signedv at Albany this 5th day ol October, 1.00.5. f

.Wlli'lilAltl VV. SANFORD.

\Vitncss'csz' p i 1 Abram: l'i. RENNIE.


Cooperative ClassificationB43K5/04