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Publication numberUS829050 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1906
Filing dateSep 16, 1905
Priority dateSep 16, 1905
Publication numberUS 829050 A, US 829050A, US-A-829050, US829050 A, US829050A
InventorsChristopher Anderson
Original AssigneeChristopher Anderson
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US 829050 A
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@i. 43mw PATENTED AUG. 21, 1906. c. ANDERSON.


we humus @uuentoz UllRlS'lOPlll llt ANDERSON, OF MANITLNVOU, WlSC(.)l\'SlN SNOW-SKATE.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 21, 1906.

Application filed September 16 1906. Sarial No 275,720.

i i l l l l l i l i l art to which it appcrtains to make and use 1 the same, reference hcing llllll to the accompanying drawings, and to the figures oi rcfcr once marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

My invention relates to skntes, hut more part1cularly,to snow-skates, and has for its ll l object to provide a novel fastening means or stra i for securing the skate to the shoe.

ith this object in view myinvcntion eonsists in the novel arran ement of the strap, as will he hereinafter in ly described and atterward specifically pointed out in the oppendcd claims.

Referrin" to the accom )ltll 'in drawin s D P F Figure 1. is a per. cctivc view oi skate in position on shoe. i 2 is a similar View with shoe removed, SUN Fig. 3 is a perspective View of Skate with portion of strap removed.

Like numerals of reference indicate the same parts throughout the several figures, in which- 1, indicates the skate, which is formed as shown, being referahly of wood and having the bottom e1 ge covered with sheet-steel 2, as shown.

3 indicates the ing the shoe, an 4 indicates a slot in the skate under the toe of the portion 3, while a similar slot 5 is located under the 'heel. Sccured at the toe of the portion 3 is a small strap 6, having two slots 7 cut near the upper end thereof through which the strap 8 posses.

9 indicates a strap passing through the rear slot 5, said strap hem connected to two ortion of the skate rcocivrings 10, to which rings t e heel-strap l] is also connected.

As shown in F1 s. l and 2, the strap H is passed through t 0 forward slot 4, then through the strap 6, and again through the heel of the shoe, sahl strnp slot. 4. Both ends are then passed hack through the rings it], then carried forward, ovcr the ankle and buckled at 12 The advantage of this construction is that it entiri-l ohvintcs the use oi two or more hucl |es,onc for the toe and one for the ankle, as is usual. while with this arrangement there is no undue pressure on the foot at an'v'point, the pressure of the strap living equa izcd at every point. By taking up at the buckle the entire strap, hoth heel and toe, istightcoed, while letting out at the buckle cssenthc strap at every point on the foot.

.liaving thus lolly descrihed my invention, 1 do not wish to he understood n-i limiting; myself to the exact construction herein sot forth, as vnrioos slight changes may he na e therein which would fall within the limo and. scope of my inventi n, and I consider Ill'jlself clearly entitlcd to all such changes and lnodllicntilms.

What I claim as my invention, and desi e to secure h Letters Patent of the United States, is-

l. The comhinntion with a skate, of a strap at the toe thereof, it strap at thc'heel thereof, rings to which said latter strap is secured, a strap nrrnn cd to was around the luring; connected to said rings, and a strap passing over the tot. of the shoe, through said strap at the toe of the skate, through said rings and over the. ankle, and means lot securing the ends of said strap together, substantially as lli scribed.

The combination with a skate, of a strap at the too thereof, a strap at the heel thereof, and a strap engaging said strap at the toe to encircle the toe of the skater and eonnectitw with said strap at the heel to tighten said strap at the too and said strap at the heel, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I allix my signaturo in preswncc of two witnesses.

(llltlS'lOPllElt AND it ON.

\Nil ncsses:

lft'lll/k lnlzss, llILUA Jonnson.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63C17/02